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Earth Day is an extremely wholesome movement and should garner the attention of every human being on the planet. Earth Day 2019 may even be the most important in the almost 50 years since it’s been a holiday. In October 2018, the United Nations climate science team presented a report stating we have only 12 years to make extreme overhauling changes to our global energy industries before climate change becomes uncontrollable. The anticipated 2.7 Degree Fahrenheit increase will change everything. So this Earth Day, and every day after, we can’t afford to be distracted.

Here are 3 things every living person should focus on this Earth Day: 


Enlightening yourself and the people around you on climate change is one of the most powerful things you can do. Climate Change is not a myth, it is a real phenomenon that is already disrupting ecosystems, and displacing tens of thousands of people. It just hasn’t affected most of us YET, but it will. Despite these facts, there are still huge groups of people even here in America, that believe Climate Change is some kind of Hoax. This is a huge problem and will continue to stall the nation’s progress when it comes to transitioning to more renewable sources of energy. Including the report released by the United Nations, there are hundreds of science back sources out there that prove humans are largely contributing to climate change. A book I recommend is “Biocidal:Confronting the Poisonous Legacy of PCBs” by Ted Dracos.


Earth Day should be about 50% Awareness and 50% Appreciation. While the holiday should bring to the attention the immediate threat climate change continues to bring humans, appreciation is the other side of the climate change coin. Too often we take our beautiful earth for granted. The perfect conditions in which Earth exists, that facilitates life for us humans. We repay the earth by polluting its air and oceans, destroying its atmosphere, digging deep into the ground pumping in water subsequently causing earthquakes. We need to show more love for Earth because it belongs to each and every one of us, and we only have one of it! The more we appreciate our Planet, the more love we hold in it our hearts for it, I do believe the faster our planet will heal. There are tons of little things we each can do to show our appreciation to the earth, click here for a few.


Action should be the most important focus for everyone on Earth Day 2019. We saw last week with the burning of France’s legendary Cathedral Notre Dame, that we can only rely on the Worlds wealthy to do the right thing when it benefits them. The current President of the United States has made comments leading many to assume that he does not believe in Climate Change. This should be viewed as absurd and unacceptable. In light of the report released by the United Nations denying science, and facts should be grounds for impeachment. Are you be fit to be the leader of the free world if you won’t even acknowledge one of it’s greatest threats. Meanwhile, scientist tell us we’re dramatically running out of time to reverse things.

We need to take action as a people, demanding changes from our politicians, and people of influence, without taking no for an answer. If we continue to do nothing, we can be sure that conditions will get worse, record-breaking storms will become normal, droughts will get exceedingly worse, and waters will rise in several places throughout the world, transforming landscapes. We need to support legislation that promotes action on climate change like “The Green New Deal”. As well as follow the lead of our youth who seems more than anyone else to understand the importance of sustaining the world they are due to inherit.

There are many things we can do to assist in this battle. First, continue to Challenge your close friends and family to adopt practices and procedures that help promote a cleaner earth. Recycle, and don’t use as much plastic. Anyone can be a leader in the fight against climate change.



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