Esports in the modern day is a form of organized video game competition, which can consist of individual players or teams of varying sizes competing. The esports industry coined its name in the late 2000s when competitions became much less amateur and much more professional. The surge in viewership of live stream gaming events was an accurate measure of the shifting popularity of esports. Day by day esports is growing, turning teenagers into millionaires and catapulting players into the temporary light of fame, only to be determined by the impact they make while relevant. We give you the 3 wealthiest esports organizations in the world:

3. Team OG

Prize Money Earned: $17,788,770
Tournaments played: 61 Tournaments
Main Titles: Dota 2, Super Smash Bros

Originally branded as ‘Monkey Business’, Team OG hit the ground running by winning 5 of the first 10 tournaments they entered. With a mere 61 tournaments in their portfolio, Team OG is a relatively young team with the 3rd highest earnings in the world. Team OG adopted their name in 2015, breaking through after outplaying big names in the 2015 Frankfurt Major to earn a total of $1 million. After winning the Manila Major just a year later in 2016, they became the first team ever to win two Dota 2 Majors. Their biggest win yet was at The International 2018. After a late comeback against PSG.LGD they netted a whopping $11 million.

2. Evil Geniuses

Prize Money Earned: $21,601,390
Tournaments played: 787 Tournaments
Main titles: Dota 2, Starcraft, Call Of Duty

Evil Geniuses was originally founded as a Canadian Quake clan in British Colombia 1997. They played in the very first cyber cafe in Victoria, British Colombia that went by the name the ‘Underground Onramp’. Their highest-earning player Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan started playing Dota in Pakistan and moved to the USA after his father accepted a job offer. In 2015 Sumail joined the Evil Geniuses who eventually won the Dota Asia Championships a month later. Evil Geniuses was previously owned by Amazon through its Twitch division, although it was recently acquired by PEAK6 Investments LLC in May 2019.

1. Team Liquid

Prize Money Earned: $29,048,780
Tournaments played: 1573 Tournaments
Main titles: Dota, Counter-strike, StarCraft

The wealthiest esports organization in the world is undoubtedly Team Liquid. A fan favorite and absolute dominator, Team liquid has made their name appearing in well over 1500 tournaments over the years with many grand prizes in their pocket. Their biggest prize pool yet was at The International 2017 raking in just under $11 million in prize money.

Team Liquid was founded in 2000 starting out as a gaming community website. They started competitive gaming in 2010 by sponsoring a Dutch StarCraft team, eventually signing their first professional players for StarCraft II in the same year, and finally their first Dota 2 player in 2010.

With its extensive history comes an extensive roster, and overtime Team Liquid has accumulated rosters for at least 15 different titles. The perfect equation for a top-earning esports organization.


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