5. LyndonFPS Passes Out While Streaming Apex Legends

Starting off the list we have Apex Legends player LyndonFPS, Spacetation Gaming’s very own. Earlier this year, while playing Apex Legends he passed out on stream while intoxicated, and received an indefinite ban from Twitch. With a glass of alcohol in open view on his desk, and around 500 viewers actively watching, Twitch ended the stream and immediately suspended the pro player. Unsurprisingly Youtube is filled with many communities. made compilations of Lyndon raging, smashing keyboards and… you guessed it, drinking! The wildly popular stream of Lyndon passing out has since been removed from Twitch altogether.

4. KiD x Streams Overwatch While Aim Botting

(There are currently no available photos of KiD x)

The extremely competitive game of Overwatch has attracted millions of players since release. Due to its level of competition, newer players tend to opt for using hacks to get head despite Blizzards repeated ban warnings. Unfortunately for KiD x, a Korean player ranked in the top 200 globally, was caught 3 minutes into his live stream. During the stream, KiD x can be seen indiscreetly using an aimbot in-game, and soon enough gets permanently kicked to the sign-in page. Although many argue Blizzard has been harsh in the way they handle cheaters, in this case, KiD x carelessly ended his own career.

3. FaZe’s Youngest Pro Gets Suspended From Twitch

FaZe Clan’s youngest pro H1ghSky1, received a suspension from Twitch upon the discovery of his age. Being currently 12 years old, the requirement to stream on Twitch is 13. Twitch found out only after Turner “Tfue” Tenney, also a Twitch streamer filed a lawsuit against FaZe Clan stating that H1ghSky1 had been signed at the age of 11. In the very same week, H1ghSky1 moved his stream to YouTube and admitted his age and the fact that he lied originally in order to fulfill his dream. His YouTube channel has since reached over 1.1 million subscribers while having majority prior to his Twitch suspension. Unfortunately for FaZe, it is now known that they also lied about the player’s age, allowing him to enter tournaments while being under 13. This allowed him entry in into official tournaments such as Winter Royale and this year’s Blackheart Cup, where he won around 5000$ in prize money.

2. Dr Disrespect Breaks Privacy Laws

Popular Twitch and YouTube streamer lives up to his name after breaking privacy invasion laws while on stream. During an E3 convention in Los Angeles, June 2019, Dr Disrespect filmed himself while in a public restroom. His 3 million subscriber Twitch account received a 2 week ban due to the violation of Twitch’s terms of service, and Californian state law. To the surprise of the gaming community, Dr Disrespect is set to compete in ESPN’s Apex Legends tournament, under their own esports series EXP. He has since publicly apologized for his mishap.

1. xQc Suspended From Overwatch For Toxic Behavior

Felix “xQc” Lengyel received a temporary suspension while live-streaming Overwatch. Customer support informed xQc after receiving multiple reports accusing him of toxic behavior and abusive language in-game. A video can be found on YouTube of xQc being kicked while on stream. He has since apologized for his toxic behavior and has made multiple tweets apologizing, and defending himself. xQc has previously had to apologize for similar offenses, receiving a 2000$ fine along with a suspension by the Overwatch League for toxic behavior. Not to mention racially using emoticons on the league’s stream and even social media. With his multitude of offenses and repeated suspensions, we hope this will be xQc’s last misstep, otherwise, we might see him playing his last game.


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