This past weekend in Atlanta, Colin Kaepernick held his workout for interested NFL teams after disagreeing with a location that was given due to Kap wanting transparency about the workout. From the jump, the NFL’s planned workout seemed like a publicity stunt to make it seems like teams were interested as the workout by the NFL came out of nowhere and usually workout’s for free agents are done individually by teams interested, usually held on Tuesdays not Saturdays, and not at a disclosed location as if he’s a rookie preparing for a draft.

Even though his workout wasn’t an official NFL workout, Kap hosted his workout and threw for a total of six teams at a field outside of Atlanta. No shock too many, Kap showed that he can still be a starter or at least be a back-up in this league where there have been about 8 changes due to poor play or injury already at the position. A league exec told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Kap’s arm strength was still “elite.” Videos posted via social media outlets, Kap could be seen throwing pinpoint deep balls to receivers which indicate he can still play.

We’ll wait to see if a team in Kaps words “will stop being scared” step up to the mound and sign Kap. There’s a lot of mediocre QBs in the league now, but we picked 6 potential teams as the 2019 NFL Season currently stands that could use Kap’s services as a starter or back-up.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Before the so call brawl Mason Rudolph didn’t exactly have a good game which was below average. The Steelers nonetheless are still in the playoff hunt and could use a spark at QB as Rudolph doesn’t look like the long-term answer. Kap can give them a chance and a future under the center with the uncertainty of when Ben Roethlisberger’s last season could be and him being injury-prone over the last few years is becoming a liability for the Steeler’s.

LA Chargers

Seems like the Chargers haven’t quite recovered from that divisional round blowout loss to the Patriots last season. Philip Rivers has been awful this season and last night’s 4 int game loss to the Chiefs which the last one came on a potential game-winning drive doesn’t help his resume. Philip is now at a 15-14 TD-Int ratio with a QBR of 46.0 for the season so far. Quite frankly time might be running out for Rivers run with the Chargers as he’s making bone-head interceptions that a veteran of his caliber shouldn’t make. Kap wouldn’t be a liability as he’s proved while in the league he was an efficient passer currently holding a 72-30 TD-Int ratio with a QBR of 88.9. Why not give Kap a chance if Rivers continues to struggle.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are still the only winless team in the NFL currently and things aren’t looking up for them in the future. Andy Dalton’s career with the Bengals seems to be pretty much over as he currently sits with an 8-9 TD-Int ratio with a QBR of 38.3 and is currently being benched for rookie Ryan Finley who doesn’t look like the long-term goal as well. Kap can spark this offense with his mobility and with the current pieces Bengals still have in A.J. Green, John Ross, and Joe Mixon on offense could potentially be great.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins season started disastrously and isn’t in great shape still even after winning two games. Hopeful that Josh Rosen might’ve been the answer at QB only for him to get benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Dolphins will be looking to draft a QB high in next year’s draft, but why not give Kap a look for the rest of this season. You’re already tanking for the first pick in the draft let him prove himself and who knows you could have your QB for the future if he plays well.

Chicago Bears

Mitch Trubisky has been nothing short of underwhelming this season compared to last year’s playoff berth for the Bears which they won the division title. With speculation that they’re looking for a new QB and trading for Cam Newton could be an option. It wouldn’t hurt the Bears take a look at Kap right now. Mitch isn’t looking like the guy in Chicago especially after leaving the game with “hip” injury that the media is questioning. Kap possibly can be the spark they need

Denver Broncos

Denver hasn’t found the answer at QB ever since Peyton Manning won them a Super Bowl. John Elway continues to fail in finding someone through the draft, free agency, and trades. The team continues to struggle without an elite player under center. There’s no reason why Kap shouldn’t get a shot in Denver based on that QB room right now. Elway wanted to sign him three years ago why not sign him now and draft a QB in 2020 as a security blanket because Joe Flacco isn’t the answer.


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