Most recently in his administration’s attempts to radically change US immigration, Donald Trump has been targeting legal immigrants who are low income or on food stamps. New rules for becoming a green card holder discriminate against immigrants based on what many are arguing are unfair requirements; the Trump administration has said that they will now be able to deny green cards to immigrants who use public help such as food stamps or Medicaid, things that people who are in tough positions have no choice but to use and can’t really get out of using. This means low income, struggling people will have it harder while richer people have it easier. Yes, it is totally and utterly discriminatory, because these requirements could mean that immigrants who are not as highly educated, wealthy, or healthy will have a harder time becoming US citizens.

Of course, governments must be cautious about who they let in; taking measures to assess who we let into the country is important for any government and its people, but this is not Donald Trump being cautious or caring about the safety of the American people (if he did care about safety, he would ban assault rifles). This isn’t even about letting people in – this is about who becomes a legal American. Trump seems to not want lower-income individuals to become green cardholders. This is about rich people having it easier. This is about elitism and racism and our President, who is disgusting.

America is known for being the place to transform yourself and manifest your destiny. The American dream quite literally means you can go from nothing to anything – so long as that initial person or government or college accepts you first. If immigrants are doing the work to be a green card holder, it seems so callous and un-American to completely deny them the opportunity of being an American based on education level or some other factor.

Keep in mind this is typical, legal immigration – so why must we only let wealthy, highly educated people become United States citizens? Why is the Trump administration trying so hard to change America when we all know America as the melting pot that succeeds not despite but because it is the melting pot?

When Trump does things like this, like supporting the recent ICE raids and like spouting disgusting “invasion” and “infestation” rhetoric, I wonder whether he actually knows America – whether he knows or cares that immigrants dominate the Forbes 100 list or that they pay millions of dollars worth of taxes every year. He says he wants to get back to something – it’s very vague what exactly, but we can only assume it’s when white men had it best. However, the white-washed world he wants to get back to was never really there. America is and will always be a land of immigrants. We strengthen America and what it stands for. What he wants to get back to simply doesn’t exist – quite literally, Donald Trump is fighting for nothing.


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