Malachi-Phree Jasiah is a 23-year-old rising talent from Dayton, Ohio. Since starting his rap career in 2014 he’s been known by a few stage names including Phreethakid, Phreetherapper, and most commonly ‘Ja$iah’. Jasiah is a multi-talented individual who graduated from Silver School for the Arts, a middle and high school focused on visual and performing arts, as well as Marrieta college that helped shape his incredible music ability. Being a rapper, songwriter and music producer, many of Jasiah’s songs are fully self-produced showing his creativity and expansive skill set.

Jasiah started drawing notable attention in the underground alternative rap scene in 2017 with tracks such as “Crisis” and “Hahahahaha”, which featured mainly violent, screaming vocals. This style was extremely different from the music he released using his previous stage names and was heavily influenced by artists such as XXXTENTACION, for whom he also released a tribute track for. Being quite a private individual not much is known about his personal life, even considering his huge following garnered mainly in his past year of activity.

Jasiah has definitely made a mark in the rap scene and has gained a great following in a short space of time. With nearly 120,000 Instagram followers at the time of writing this article, it’s clear that Jasiah has no intention of slowing his momentum any time soon. While slowly evolving his skill set, Jasiah has made several notable collaborations, such as Ronny J, Yung Bans and most recently charts topping, Brooklyn born rapper, 6ix9ine. Starting with his first major collab Shenanigans, released on November 29th, 2018 featuring Yung Bans. Shenanigans were first released on Elevator’s YouTube channel and became his biggest song at the time, stabilizing his place in Hip-Hop’s incredibly competitive rap scene. It featured a cheerful, yet hard instrumental made in collaboration with one of Soundcloud’s most sought after producer’s Ronny J.

His most notable music-related achievement to date is his collaboration with the currently incarcerated rapper 6ix9ine, on his track “Case 19”. The track is a remix of the original Case 19, which originally featured Floridian rapper ‘$not’, and was the first song either of them released to reach 1 million plays on any platform. Whether 6ix9ine’s verse on Case 19 was recorded before or after his incarceration remains a mystery and is a topic many fans are actively questioning. Either way, the track is an absolute banger not failing to deliver Jasiah’s sick rhyme style and hard delivery, not to mention 6ix9ine’s signature aggressive feature verse.

It’s not hard to see why Jasiah’s relevance is increasing by the day, and with prominent collaborations as before mentioned he is bound to reach the level in hip-hop that he has been working towards for the past few years without much that can stand in his way. With his rapidly growing fan base, we can only hope that he succeeds in his pursuit to mimic his role models, and prove himself to be a powerful force of our era.


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