From A College Dropout To Jesus Is King The Evolution Of Kanye West

Kanye West is one of the most controversial rappers alive industry in the industry today. Since his debut in 2004 with his album ‘The College Dropout’, Kanye’s streak of global successes never seemed to end, and even today 15 years later, he’s far from finished. With 21 Grammies (and 69 nominations), tieing him in with Jay Z, the level of his success becomes apparent.

Born in Atlanta Georgia June 8, 1977, West grew up in Chicago Illinois with his mother after his parents separated. With a middle-classed background and a strong passion for music, West found himself producing for Roc-a-fella records, for artists such as Jay Z and Ludacris. This gave him the platform he needed to learn from best, and essentially find his voice within a multitude of genres.

After the release of his debut album, Kanye received critical acclaim from both critics and new-found fans alike. He even came as far as winning 3 Grammies and 9 nominations, the third-highest in a single night. It debuted at #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart and was certified double platinum by the RIAA. The debut being as successful as it was, paved the way for Kanye as an International industry giant.

Kanye’s impact created a standard for future artists, with his artistically versatile resume, giving us a completely different Kanye on each project he crafts. Each release is on an entirely different wavelength and in a stable of its own. While experimenting with edgy Rap-rock to alternative hip-hop, and currently even gospel on ‘Jesus is King’, Kanye’s albums have always given us a different flavor. Most notably, his collab EP with Kid Cudi, ‘KIDS SEE GHOSTS’, featured his most varied style with a psychedelic pop element, a remnant of ‘808’s And Heartbreaks’ electro-pop feel. The evolution of Kanye’s sound has given each listener an individual perspective of who Kanye is as an artist, which in itself is talent.

October 25th became the release date of Kanye’s 9th studio album, ‘Jesus Is King’, through GOOD Music in partnership with Def Jam Records. The Gospel themed album featured collaborations with artists such as Ty Dollar Sign and Kenny G and was produced by Benny Blanco, Pierre Bourne, and Ronny J to name a few. Aside from featuring one of the weirdest lineups, and probably the most orthodox production team, the album featured no cussing of any kind, further complimenting Kanye’s message. Kanye considers the album ‘an expression of the gospel’ and decided to alter the name from the original title, ‘Yahndi’, presumably as an ode to his inspiration for its lyrical content. Kanye set out for the project to be his next global success, constantly tweaking the album and altering the tracklist, evidence of his perfectionist work ethic.

Jesus is King reportedly debuted at #1 on the Billboard Chart, making it his 9th consecutive #1 album, tieing him in the Eminem and just one above the Beetles. The soul-filled, spiritually rich album has proved that Kanye is still breaking boundaries 14 years after his debut. Showing that his evolution has yet to come to a halt.

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Does The Future Of The NY Rap Scene Lie Upstate? Meet Griselda Records

With the past few years of notable events in the rap industry, New York has always been of mention although not always in a good light. With the light of New York rapper Tekashi 69’s trial, and backlash from his legal admissions to authorities, many are wondering if the constant highlight of such news is proof that New York Rap scene has died down since the golden era. Independent labels such as Griselda Records, have given us a mountain of hope that the NY Rap scene is far from dead.

Griselda Records is an independent label based in Buffalo, New York. It was founded by rappers Westside Gunn and Conway, two brothers in 2014, although it was originally ‘Street Entertainment’. The label houses talent such as B.E.N.N.Y., El Camino and the Butcher, including hip-hop producer Daringer. The East-coast inspired label also owns a clothing line named ‘Fashion Rebels’.

Co-founder Conway the Machine is a Buffalo Native, most known for his lyrically focused work, and his distinctive slurred voice. His counterpart Westside Gunn is known for work such as his collaboration mixtape with MF DOOM titled ‘WESTSIDE DOOM’. Together with the brother’s form the duo Hall n Nash. What sets them apart and puts on for their city is their rapport with Eminem. After makes waves on Em’s radar, Em eventually decided to sign Griselda Records to Shady Records under a distribution, making the duo the first Buffalo rappers to sign to a major label. They would go on to collab, in addition to being graced by The Alchemist’s production.

Em features on Conway’s debut with Shady Records, ‘God Don’t Make Mistakes’, on the lead single ‘Bang’. The explosive track sets the standard for the album and sends a message to anyone doubting New York as an industry powerhouse. The album is set to be jointly released with Westside Gun and Benny the Butcher, creating more anticipation for the outcome. The third Griselda member Benny The Butcher has been a lot more hush but seems to be focused on making the best of the tenure. After signing, Hall n Nash repped New York alongside native Benny the Butcher, Eminem and A Boogie in the 2017 BET Cypher.

Recently we saw confirmation of Griselda’s Westside Gunn and Benny signing a management deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. The most successful New York Label, with some of the city’s most successful independents. If we need anyone to hold down the New York scene, our money’s on Griselda Records.


J Cole’s Top 10 Greatest Guest Verses

A few weeks ago Gang Starr announced its first single in decades “Family and Loyalty” ft. J. Cole. In a tweet once the track was released J. Cole announced this was his last feature for what has been a legendary run of guest verses.


Although I’m sure J. Cole isn’t done with features he’ll probably be putting it to rest for a while. Hopefully, it’s a break to focus on his own set of projects he’s mentioned in the past.

(Kill Edward, The Offseason, The Fall Off)

For hardcore Cole fans we know he’s been killing features since he hit mainstream even though this latest run has caught the industry by storm. We’ve ranked Cole’s top 10 feature verses over his career.

10. Jermaine’s Interlude

By DJ Khaled feat. J Cole and EarthGang

Jermaine’s Interlude is featured on DJ Khaled’s ninth studio album titled ‘Major Key’. The conscious track features lyrics based on Cole’s feelings toward the music industry’s current state. “Momma sorry, I just stopped tryin’ it, Paid for your house in hopes, there’d be no more reason for cryin’, That shows you how stupid I am ’cause niggas is out here dying, From police that flash the siren and pull up and just start firing”. The verse shows Cole’s true inner thoughts and how social issues, in general, are affecting him. This is Cole at his most vulnerable.

9. A Lot

By 21 Savage feat. J Cole

‘A Lot’ is the opener to 21’s 15-track album ‘i am﹥i was’. J Cole’s verse is a testament to the truth he speaks, generally enlightening his audience with his views on the industry as it currently stands without holding back. Lyrics such as: “Pray for Tekashi, they want him to rot, I picture him inside a cell on a cot, reflecting on how he made it to the top, wondering if it was worth it or not” shows how he always seeks to understand before passing judgment.

8. Tribe

By Bas feat. J Cole

The meditative track for Bas’ ‘Milky Way’ album features one of Cole’s best feature verses. It happens to be the 9th collab between the two, and evidently, they only get better. Bars such as: “They spinning my records so heavy, I’m topping the Forbes, stuck in a rock and a hard place though, Is it true what they say? The higher you go, the longer the fall?” show his concern in his ongoing success, what happens when he makes his decline? Cole’s overall verse has crazy wordplay in addition to the introspective aspect of his lyrics.

7. Boblo Boat

By Royce da 5’9″ feat. J Cole

Boblo Boat is a track where Royce and Cole reminisce on their childhood. The track’s title revolves around two steamships that sailed the Detroit River, which Royce and his family would take on vacation. Cole’s verse talks about growing up in North Carolina, from his first smoke as a kid to bumping tracks in his mother’s Civic. Overall the storytelling nature of Cole’s verse highlights one of his best talents musically.

6. Shea Butter Baby

By Ari Lennox feat. J Cole

Shea Butter Baby is the name of Ari’s debut studio album, as well as the lead single. J Cole blesses the track with a verse defining how he pleases a woman’s desires. The way he compliments Ari’s old-school, soul-filled voice is what makes this track stand out from the rest. Lines like: “Coconut oil, the scent of your body still lingers on sheets” show the portrait Cole is trying to portray.

5. No Sleeep

By Janet Jackson feat. J Cole

No sleeep is the 9th track on Janet Jackson’s album ‘Unbreakable’. The track peaked at #63 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The track’s atmospheric sound is accompanied by J Cole’s smoothly executed verse, detailing a pair who can’t wait to be together again, even if it’s just for the night.

4. Pretty Little Fears

By 6lack feat. J Cole

Pretty Little Fears is the first collaboration between 6lack and J Cole. Cole’s verse encompasses his relationship with his wife, and how having her is a true blessing: “I could take the weight up off your shoulder blades, and try to store the pain inside of me, like why the world do you like that? Like they don’t know you God-sent, but me, I view you like that”.

3. Beautiful Bliss

By Wale feat. J Cole

Beautiful Bliss is a typical rap song in a lyrical aspect. Although the element of a J Cole verse totally shifts the ‘what’s typical’ meta, into a ‘what’s fire’ spectrum. J Cole’s flow in conjunction to his lyricism form a verse that’s infamous among die-hard fans. Cole recalls conversations with Nas himself, along with inspiration from the late 2 Pac.

2. Knock tha’ Hustle

By Cozz feat J Cole

Knock tha’ Hustle is an extremely powerful track, with rhythmic poetry skillfully delivered on jazz instrumental. The track details how it feels being out of touch with reality after achieving success. J Cole features 2 gem-filled verses, particularly reaching out to his incarcerated brother: “Look, I never admit it, tryna get my brother acquitted, Yo’ tell the judge I be happy to pay him off if he’s with it, My flesh and blood, hauled off to the cell, I search for heaven as I see him getting lost in this hell”.

Honorable Mentions

Night Job – Bas ft. J. Cole

My Nigga Just Made Bail – Bas ft. J. Cole

Jodeci Freestyle – Drake ft. J. Cole

Say Na – Moneybagg Yo ft. J. Cole

OSOM – Jay Rock ft. J. Cole

American Dream – Jeezy ft. J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar

Come Through & Chill – Miguel ft. J. Cole

All I Want Is You – Miguel ft. J. Cole

Planez – Jeremih ft. J. Cole

Children of Men – Trae Tha Truth ft. J. Cole

1. Off Deez

By J.I.D feat. J Cole

Off Deez is the second single off of J.I.D’s DiCaprio 2, with a music video filmed by Cole Bennet. The production by infamous producer ChaseTheMoney, creates the perfect set for a lyrical frenzy for both artists. J Cole’s verse is geared towards violently quieting his critics, who at times only seem to want to bother him. The replay ability of their individual verses is what sets this track apart into it’s own playing field.

Tekashi’s Possible Options To Continue Music

Rapper Daniel Hernandez, better known by his stage name Tekashi 6ix9nine, took to the witness stand at the Nine Trey trial last week. The rapper was very cooperative and testified against various members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, as well as laying out the organizational structure of the gang.

The rapper, who expects to be out of jail by next year, also has outed various of his rapper comrades as gang members, including rapper Jim Jones and most recently and to the heavy speculation of fans, Cardi B. With his loaded testimony, Tekashi is expected to be putting himself in a dangerous position to continue his music career after prison.

Tekashi’s trial has been heavily followed, garnering responses from other rappers, and memes from fans and social media alike. It can not be expected that Tekashi continues his career like nothing happened once he’s released from prison, as the rapper has no doubt made a lot of enemies with the gang he’s testifying against. So, fans may ask, does the rapper have any future in music after his trial?

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Possible Options

The chances are pretty slim. If Tekashi goes into a witness protection program, which would be the best thing for his safety, then releasing music is out of the question. If the rapper really wanted to, he could release music secretly while in protection, but this is a breach of the rules in witness protection. Another option would be for the rapper to release music but never make public appearances, and conduct interviews at undisclosed locations. This wouldn’t be much of a music career, however. The third option, and most dangerous, would be for Tekashi to continue his career like nothing happened. By making various public appearances and whatnot, the rapper would no doubt be putting his life in danger by being such a present target.

The rapper denied witness protection this week which was a surprise by many. We’re not sure how the rapper will end his wildly publicized career, but only time will tell us in the foreseeable future. Until then, all fans can do is stay on top of the rapper’s trial, and keep an eye out for any more incriminating testimonies to come.

10 International Artists Trailblazing The Charts In 2019

The origins of Hip-Hop may have started through the concrete jungle but the genre has infected millions across the globe since it came into fruition of the late 70s. Whether it be our upstairs neighbors in Canada, across the Atlantic Ocean in the U.K., Africa, and to the Caribbean Islands the sensual lyrics and head-bopping beats are destined to reach your ears.

Hip-Hop has always been a universal language and the feelings can be understood on every continent. Even if the listeners can’t comprehend the lyrics the mumble rap era has taught us that it doesn’t matter as longs as it bumps, and reaches the soul that’s all that matters. We bring to you 10 International Artist makings waves across the charts

10. Koffee

Notable tracks: Toast, Rapture,

Mikayla Simpson is a 19-year-old artist from Spanish Town, Jamaica. Her musical background started at her church choir, where she would later learn to play the guitar as well. She went viral in 2017 after her Instagram tribute to Usain Bolt ‘Legend’ got reposted by the runner himself. In 2018 she inked a deal with Columbia Records UK and released her debut album ‘Rapture’ on May 14th, 2019.

9. Mahalia

Notable tracks: Sober, I Wish I Missed My Ex

Mahalia Burkmar is an R&B singer-songwriter and actor from Birmingham England. Mahalia cites Lauryn Hill and Eryka Badu as her creative influences and released her first EP ‘Head Space’ in 2012 when she was only 14. She later appeared in the 2016 film Brotherhood but went on to pursue her career in music. Her latest album “Love and Comprmise” recently dropped and is making quite the buzz for the artist.

8. Fka Twigs

Notable tracks: Two Weeks, Water Me

Tahlia Debrett Barnett is a British dancer, producer, and singer-songwriter. She first got recognition for her dancing roles in Pop music videos for artists such as Ed Sheeran and Jessy J among others. Her electronically trippy sound has trailblazed the UK, earning her over 30 nominations in major music awards shows globally. Twigs’ career highlights also include being featured on A$ap Rocky’s ‘Testing’ for the track ‘Fukk Sleep’ in 2018, as well as headlining the ‘Afropunk Festival Atlanta’ 2019 this October.

7. Dave

Notable tracks: Wanna Know, Funky Friday, Location, Streatham

Born David Orobosa Omoregie, Dave’s main occupations include rapping, singing, producing and acting. The multi-talented UK phenomenon has been active since 2015, releasing a string of successful singles until his debut EP ‘Six Paths’ was released in 2016. Dave saw his first entry into the UK chart after Drake featured himself on a remix of ‘Wanna Know’ by Dave, premiering on OVO Sound Radio. Dave’s first #1 single came with his 2018 track ‘Funky Friday’ featuring popular artist Fredo. Miraculously his debut album ‘Psychodrama’ also became his first #1 debuting on the UK Chart, and later being certified Gold.


Notable tracks: Shade, Pause, Urban Jazz

Diana De Brito, better known as IAMDDB is a singer from Manchester, England. Her music is an unlikely fusion between Trap and Jazz, combing elements that form an urban sound. She has thus far released 3 albums and attributes her talent to her musician parents. In 2018 she was nominated for BET’s ‘Best New International Act Award’, becoming a major highlight in her career.

5. Slowthai

Notable tracks: Inglorious, T N Biscuits

Tyron Kaymone Frampton, better known as Slowthai is Northamptonshire born rapper currently signed to Method Records. Slowthai’s style is raw and his lyrics are oftentimes politically focused. His 2018 Debut EP ‘I Wish I Knew’ received praise from outlets such as Pitchfork and Complex, stabilizing his platform in the UK scene.

4. Jorja Smith

Notable tracks: Get It Together, On My Mind, On Your Own

Jorja Alice Smith is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Walsall, England. Jorja first went viral with her Twitter freestyle over Treble Cleffs ‘Ghetto Kyote’ in 2015. In 2016, while working at Starbucks, Jorja recorded and released her single ‘Blue Lights’ skyrocketing her fame. Only a year later Drake himself collaborated with her on the project more life, as well as Kendrick Lamar’s ‘I Am’ for Black Panther soundtrack on 2018. Stormzy featured on her next hit titled ‘Let Me Down’ this year her latest single “Be Honest” she’s hosting Burna Boy. Make sure to check out her latest album effort “Lost & Found”.

3. Skepta

Notable tracks: Shutdown, Praise The Lord, No Sleep

Skepta, Joseph Junior Adenuga is a Grime artist hailing from the UK. The success of his debut album ‘Greatest Hits’ released in 2007 gave him a platform in the genre. Skepta’s fourth album ‘Konnichiwa’ held his global hit ‘Shutdown’, and won the album a Mercury Award after debuting at #2 on the UK Album Chart. Skepta’s career highlights include being featured on Drake’s ‘Skepta Interlude’ as well as featuring alongside drake on Wizkid’s ‘Ojuelegba’ remix in 2015.

2. Burna Boy

Notable tracks: Ye, On The Low, Pull Up

Domini Ogulu is a Nigerian singer, widely popular for his Afro-inspired sound. His massive success is partially attributed to his first major-label album ‘Outside’ released in 2018, featuring artists like J Hus, Lily Allen, and Mabel. Burna Boy went on to win a BET for ‘Best International Act’ in 2019, earning him his spot in the industry and setting him up nicely for his album release “African Giant”.

1. Stormzy

Notable Tracks: Shut Up, Big For Your Boots, VOSSI BOP

Hailing out of Croydon, South London Michael Omari is a global Grime artist, with musical influences such as Skepta and Lauryn Hill. After the release of his ‘Dreamers Disease’ EP Stormzy won MOBO Awards for ‘Best Grime Act’ in 2014 and 2015. His 2017 album ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’ went platinum opening doors for his career in the process. Stormzy’s ‘Vossi Bop’ became his highest-charting track after topping the UK Chart in 2019.

You like the list? Any Artist We’re Missing?

Let us know in the comments!

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Ben Shapiro is far from a fan of rap.

Ben Shapiro a well known political commentator who hasn’t steered away from his dislike of Rap Music decided to voice his opinion during his “The Ben Shapiro Show” Sunday special. During a lengthy discussion with indie rapper, Zuby made it known he isn’t a fan and voiced his unpopular opinion on rap music as a whole during his show that aired Sunday (Sept.15) on his youtube channel.

“In my view, and in the view of my music theorist father who went to music school, there are three elements to music. There is harmony, there is melody and there is rhythm,” Shapiro said. “Rap only fulfills one of these, the rhythm section. There’s not a lot of melody and there’s not a lot of harmony. And thus, effectively, it is basically spoken rhythm. It’s not actually a form of music. It’s a form of rhythmic speaking. Thus, beyond the objectivity of me just not enjoying rap all that much, what I’ve said before is that rap is not music.”

Shapiro would also add some more context to his opinion as well stating “From the outside, when I listen to hip-hop, I don’t hear a bunch of family-oriented messages. In fact, I hear a lot of messages that are degrading to women, I hear messages that push violence, that are disparaging to the police. I hear messages that treat relationships between men and women as something disposable and glorify mistreatment of women…The art form overall, which not only has an impact on not just Black young people, but is disproportionately listened to by White young people. I don’t particularly like a lot of the messages I hear.”

Now before that comment, Ben did say he didn’t have a firm knowledge regarding the difficulty of mastering the craft of rap but I think that’s where his disconnect of the rap music world lies. There is a truth to his statement that there is a lot of degrading messages within rap which a lot of it is pushed towards the mainstream. I Zuby explained it the best where he voiced it’s just “entertainment” it gets people going whether it be during a workout, working on a project, or simply just party music.

I think Shapiro just needs to be guided towards the enlightenment of Rap music that does push positivity out there like Chance The Rapper just dropped a whole album about loving his wife and family with “The Big Day”. Whether his mind will change about the genre of rap will be up to him picking and choosing what artist he decides to listen just not whats brought to mainstream media.

How do you feel about Ben Shapiro’s comment? Catch the full interview below at the 30:00 minute mark is when they discuss Rap not being real music.

Why Nicki Minaj Isn’t Retiring & Her Step-Back From Music Is A Great Move

Nicki Minaj shocked Twitter this past week with her sudden announcement that she would be retiring from music. The Trinidadian born star took to Twitter to share the news with her global fan-base. Fans and artists alike were stunned at the revelation, seemingly out of nowhere, although not without explanation:

“I’ve decided to retire & have my family,” she Tweeted, “I know you guys are happy now. To my fans, keep reppin me, do it til da death of me, ‘X’ in the box- cuz ain’t nobody checkin me. Love you for LIFE”

Thankfully Nicki’s Tweet gives us some context as she made some replies to her twitter fans. She hasn’t been shy lately to speak on her relationship with Kenneth Petty, whether on social media or in interviews. She even mentioned wanting to get married and maybe have kids.

The response has been overwhelming with many emotionally inclined Tweets in response to Nicki herself. Unfortunately for fans, it’s not the announcement they were hoping for, especially with her statement made in February that her 5th album was already finished. Fans would have anticipated a release date rather a sudden retirement.

Now although her fanbase maybe bittersweet regarding her retirement, we need to look at the bright side of her retiring. Now first we all know when a rapper state’s they’re retiring it’s usually temporary for example when Jay-Z dropped “The Black Album” back in 2003 he stated that it was his last album only to come out with two joint projects (Unfinished Business & Collision Course) a year later and than his own solo project “Kingdom Come” the following year.

So with that said Nicki retiring is bs and me at least in agreement with Queen Latifah believe that “Once you’re a rapper, you’re always a rapper. [Nicki will] be back, let her live first, let her live some life first”  she stated in a quick run-in with TMZ. She’ll be back and we’re probably going to get a more mature Nicki who soon to be wife maybe a mother in the future. So let’s take in that we may see growth in her future projects which I think is what she’s been lacking at this point in her career.

Her supporters are hoping she changes her mind and returns to making music, and she probably will as TMZ reported sources close to Nicki believes she’s just taking a step back due to all the criticism she’s received over the past year due to a few incidents (Joe Budden podcast debacle and Cardi B alleged beef). Most seem to be skeptical regarding her retirement thinking she might just be trying to create hype for a new album.

Whatever the case we will always remember Nicki for her iconic career and her fearless persona. We hope to have a release date for her 5th studio project in the near future and get more details on her next Queen radio segment.

Some Of The Most Under Appreciated MC’s In The Game Right Now




Just the other day while participating in Cassonova’s Social media challenge, Papoose reminded everyone how serious his worldplay is, in what appeared to be a freestyle the rapper spit while driving his car. Since Pap dropped alphabetical slaughter well over a decade ago, he cemented himself as one of the best MC’s. No one wants smoke with Pap, and while he might lack the discography of other artist on this list, Papoose is still making music and his Album “Underrated” that dropped earlier this year shows that he is a Top Tier Lyracist.


Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco is a lyrical genius. Fiasco would bless the Music Industry forever back in 2006 when he dropped “Food and Liquor” one of the greatest Rap Albums ever recorded. Throw in “The Cool” and “Lasers” both of which went gold, Fiasco has an impressive discography. But it’s his raw talent with words and ability to reflect some of the most complex social issues into his music that seperates him from the average rapper, and catapults him into that top 15 all time teir. His Last Album Drogas Wave sold only around 4,100 units its first week, but is a great listen.


Joey Badda$$

I still remember coming across a video on Worldstarhiphop claiming that this 16 year old rapper is bringing that 1999 NYC flow back. That video titled Hardknock Featuring “CJ Fly” was my introduction to joey Bada$$, and that was when I became a fan. He proved with two great mixtapes 1999 and Summer Knights that his rise to popularity wasn’t a fluke. Like almost ever other rapper on this list Joey has his devout following but more respect needs to be put on his name as a top lyracist and artist, Especially following his highly underrated Album “ALL-Amerikkan Bada$$”.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is becoming more popular and garnering more attention both in the US and Internationally. After surprising almost everyone with “SYRE” back in 2017. Jaden returned with his 2nd studio album ERYS in july of 2019. While the ablum sold just short of 24,000 units. Peole are starting to realize that they can no longer brush Jaden off as Will Smith’s son from the Pursuit Of Happiness. Jaden’s actually one of the most creative rappers around at the momnet and continues to produce great music. Apart from making great music and carrying himself like a rockstar Jaden Smith also does so much for the enviornment, and people in need which endears him to his fans ever more. The future is bright for this young artist.



What seperates Fab from most rappers is his longevity. His ability to stay relevant for almost 20 years in the rap game is something only the legends can accomplish. Not only does fabolous have multiple platinum and gold albums, but he has dominated the mixtape era from 2006-2013. Almost every year since 2001 fabolous has given us a hit single/anthem that dominated the airwaves. His consitency puts him at legendary status. Word is that Fab’s 7th studio album “Summertime Shootout 3” should be released this month. We cant wait.

Cyhi Da Prynce

Cyhi is a lyrical artist out of Atlanta who is signed with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music. As far as punchlines he can go head to head with any rapper, which is likely why Kanye had Cyhi write for him several times. Like Lupe Cyhi is adept at conveying history and “reality” in his rhymes, which regardless of what anyone says, that is talent in it’s truest form. Cyhi is often overlooked when it comes to artist comparisons but I wonder who really is the best MC in G.O.O.D?


Jeezy is arguable the most underrated Hip Hop legend of the 21st Century. The Pioneer who helped birth Trap Musik has so many hits. With 2 Platinum, and 2 Gold albums his discography is legendary. It includes classics like “The Recession”, “Thug Motivation 101”,  and “The Inspiration”. Last month Jeezy  released his latest album TM104 The Legend Of The Snowman and it’s been on of the best albums realeased this year, providing a fitting end to the Classic Thug Motivation series. His name deserves to be mentioned when people discuss who the GOAT rappers from the South are.


Curre$y is also a rapper who deserves way more respect than he gets. First nationally bursting onto the scene with Lil wayne back in 2008 with his single “Where the cash at” also ft remy ma. Since then Curre$Y has gone through many phases of his career, all the while staying true to himself, and his sound. Instead of alterning his music he decided to remain underground and start his own lable. It worked and now almost 12 years later Curre$y has a loyal fan base, 12 Studio Albums, and 57 Mixtapes. The amount of music he’s put out alone makes Curren$y a rap legend.


Unfortunately because of many factors including misogony female artist usually don’t recieve the recognition they deserve. However it won’t take long to figure out how skill and talented of an artist Rapsody is, once you hear almost any song she’s ever made. Her previous and 2nd studio album Laila’s Wisdom was classic in my opinion, and while it didn’t sell great, it was nationally recognized and awarded with a Grammy nomination. Rapsody is one of if not the best female rappers in the game right now. She definitely desereves more credit that she gets.


YBN Cordae has definitely exceeded expectations. Everyone should respect that Cordae is not only lyrically gifted, but he knows how to make provacative and impactful music at such a young age. YBN Cordae’s debut album “The Lost Boy” ended up selling about 25,000 units its first week and opened at 13th on the Billboard 200 chart. Cordae showed his lyrical superiorty to not only artist in his age group but many older rappers as well. Between YBN Cordae, Jaden Smith, and Joey Bada$$ the future of HipHop is in great hands. Time to put some respect on this young man’s name.


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