It has been reported that the acclaimed singer is not only releasing a documentary on the streaming giant but also dropping some new music for her adoring fans.

Beyonce is no stranger to dropping news that drives her legions of fans wild. Whether it’s a brand new clothing partnership or a surprise album, the singer is notorious for dropping huge news out of nowhere. And the artist has a multitude of talents as well, not just in music, but in films, business, and songwriting. So when Beyonce drops news, there’s no telling what they can be about.

The news has just been released that Beyonce is dropping a documentary “Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce” with massive streaming service, Netflix. It was only a matter of time before two of the biggest names in the entertainment industry came together, so the buzz around this news is huge. Not only this, but there is also talk that new music may be hitting Queen B’s fans soon. It is rumored she will be releasing music soon, but this won’t exactly be brand new music. It’s said the singer will be releasing a special edition of a previously released album. However, this special edition will contain new music never heard before. There have also been talks that Beyonce is working on a new album with a women’s rights theme.

As for the Netflix documentary, the premise of the special will be on Beyonce’s memorable Coachella performance from last year, which has been rightly dubbed as ‘Beychella’, considering how much popularity and streaming views the performance garnered overnight. The documentary will take a closer look at the iconic performance and all the moments leading up to it. Homecoming will be released on April 17th.

But until then, what has Beyonce been up to now? On July 19th of this year, Beyonce will appear in theaters voicing Nala on a live-action remake of Disney’s The Lion King, alongside Donald Glover as Simba, and accompanied by a star-studded cast. Also, the news has recently broke that the singer has teamed up with cult-favorite brand Adidas to drop some new shoes, as well as some brand new apparel designs in collaboration with her Ivy Park line.

It seems that this year, Beyonce fans will be glad to know the artist has no intentions of slowing down. With various widely acclaimed albums and other triumphs under her belt, Beyonce has no intentions of stopping anytime soon.


Next Up Dreamville!

In the Hip-Hop industry when you develop a name for yourself, it’s only right to start a label of your own and breed artist of your own to become destined stars. J.Cole has done just that with his Dreamville Label which was founded in 2007 they Promise “a pulse on our community while exploring new sounds, new visuals and new ways to authentically and genuinely connect with all people, around the world.”

The talented Dreamville roster consists of artist Omen, Bass, Cozz, Ari Lennox, Lute, J.I.D., Earth Gang, and we can’t forget about there producers as well in Elite, Ron Gilmore, and Cedric Brown. Over the course of Dreamvilles 12-year existence, they have released over numerous mixtapes, albums, EP’s, and videos over the year.

In 2019 the label held a 10-day rap camp for their forthcoming compilation “Revenge of The Dreamers 3” album which they summoned a slew of artist and producers to come to there sessions as well as there own. This generated a huge buzz because well know artists like Rick Ross, Big K.R.I.T., and Ski Mask The Slump God plus more all were present for some of the sessions.

As we wait for the album and J. Cole’s Dreamville Fest happening tomorrow here are some Dreamville essential tracks to get you familiar with the label as they are on the RISE!

Knock Tha Hustle (Remix) a bonus track off Cozz’s first album “Cozz & Effect” features label-mate founder J.Cole. Both gave stellar performances in their respective verses but jokingly Cozz says to Cole “You tryna to end my career before it even starts” after his verse was layed for the track. In the track the two artist reflect on how the road to fame has blinded them for reality and have them feeling out of touch.

“Still Slummin” Coming off the “Revenge of the Dreamers 2” and later landing a spot on his album “West 1996 Pt.2” the tracks also features clear adlibs from Cole as well. Lute tells a story through 3rd-person from peers of his city and how he’s destined for greatness most notable quote “You should be laying songs with J. Cole and who knows maybe he’ll sign yo ass”.

“Off Deez” the second official single off J.I.D.’s DiCaprio 2 album is a shortened version of the ‘Deez Nuts” meme. The song is nothing short of a lyrical onslaught by the 2 MC’s telling their critics to get off their dicks while there at it.

“Caged Bird” a direct reference from Maya Angelou’s 1969 Autobiographical poem, I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings” comes off “Revenge of The Dreamers 2” project. This track features J. Cole and Omen touching on Discrimination, incarceration, and much more involving racism.

This track was first featured as a preview on DJ Khaled’s 2016 Album “Major Key” as “Jermaine’s Interlude”. The full length cut would later be released under Spillage Village featuring J.Cole, Bas, Earthgang, and J.I.D. while the DJ Khaled had a Cole verse this one only has him on the hook but still makes for a great song.

First appearing on Bas mixtape “Quarter Water Raised Me Vol.II” the Cedric Brown produced track samples Miguel’s hit single “Do You”. The song features Cole finishing with some amusing lines with Bas setting the tone in the first two verses.

“Tabs” featuring Bas Hailing off “Revenge of The Dreamers 2” and landing a spot on Cozz’s “Nothin Personal” mixtape. The two in a broader perspective swap bars on how people in general are thirsty for money only seek and desire it to the point that nothing else matters to them.

A cut-off J.Cole’s “The Warm Up” mixtape that dropped in 2009 this features label-mate Omen. The two paint pictures of being attracted to the dark-side. In 2009 Cole would admit that the first verse of the song was one of the best he ever wrote.

“Dopamine” the third song off Bas second album “Too High To Riot”. Another collaboration with Dreamville Label mate Cozz produced by Ron Gilmore. The song gives you a flash into each artist lives as they go further into their career.

Landing on “Revenge of the Dreamers 2” project and having a spot on her debut EP “PHO” “Backseat” featuring Dreamville label-mate Cozz. This track would be the beginning for the First Lady in Charge of Dreamville as her sound resembled that of female R&B artist of the 90’s.

“Meditate” featuring J.I.D. hailing off the groups EP “Rags” serves as the opening track for it. Exploring the difficulties of a black man in the western world both artist incite how it’s hard to keep the peace while commenting on appropriation.

On this Jeremih & Shlomo-sampling track “Night Job” we have J.Cole and Bas trading bars over this hook-less beat. This would land on the “Revenge of The Dreamers 2” and Bas 2nd album “Too High to Riot”.’

If  these weren’t enough here are a few more collaborative tracks from the Dreamville Label.

My Nigga Just Made Bail – Bas ft. J. Cole, Relaxation – J.Cole & Omen

Mama Told Me – Omen ft. J.Cole, Sweat it Out – Omen ft. Ari Lennox

Things Change – Omen ft. J.Cole, I Need That – Cozz ft. Bas

Premonition – Lute ft. Earthgang,

Enchanted – J.Cole ft. Omen, New York Times – J.Cole ft. Bas & 50 Cent

Shea Butter Baby – Ari Lennox ft. J.Cole, Bitches – J.Cole, Bas, & Omen

Tribe – Bas ft. J.Cole, Zendaya – Cozz ft. J.Cole

Icarus – Bas ft. Ari Lennox, D/Vision – J.I.D. ft. Earthgang

Nothing but the Best -Earthgang ft. Ari Lennox, Momma Told Me – Earthgang ft. J.I.D.

Exactly – Earthgang ft. J.I.D., Sunday – Earthgang ft. J.I.D

Woodstock 50th Anniversary

A look at the anniversary event behind one of the most iconic festivals in music history.

Woodstock- you’ve definitely heard that name before. Associated with a weekend way back when all about love, peace, and the power of music, this weekend festival has become a massive part of U.S. history. And, of course, a massive part of music history. This year, on the weekend of August 16th, a massive Woodstock 50th anniversary music festival will take place in Watkins Glen, New York. Some of the most notable artists include Akon, Chance the Rapper, Cage the Elephant, Jay-Z, Janelle Monae, Halsey, and The Black Keys, among many others. This festival has quickly become something many music enthusiasts are excited for, and the buzz for this event is not at all slowing down. The anniversary event was thought up by Michael Lang, co-founder of the original Woodstock festival. In remembrance of the original festival, let’s take a little trip down memory lane in honor of this upcoming event, to a weekend in New York, in 1969.


Held in a dairy farm in the Catskill Mountains in New York, the original Woodstock festival of 1969 attracted an audience of over 400,000. Thirty-two musical acts performed outdoors, and this festival quickly garnered acclaim as one of the most iconic events in music history, as well as the emergence of a counterculture in terms of trying to be more loving and embracing. The festival suffered a lot of obstacles, like rain, which causes a lot of muddiness, as well as an overflow of people, which created massive traffic jams that were reported by the media to discourage other attendees from going to the festival.  

Of course, the festival was a huge success. There was a documentary about the festival released the year after in 1970, Woodstock, that won an Academy Award and went further in depth into the event. Rolling Stone listed Woodstock as number 19 of the “50 Moments That Changed the History of Rock n’ Roll”. Woodstock has been remembered as a massive moment in the culture of country music and receives a critical acknowledgment to this day.

This is why the upcoming 50th-anniversary festival has been receiving so much buzz. This is an iconic tribute to the original, featuring some of today’s most well-known artists. This tribute event will help in reinstating the original message of Woodstock, particularly a reaffirmation in how well the younger generations can come together in music.   

The Death Of Nipsey Hussle goes beyond Rap

Yesterday, Grammy Nominated and beloved rapper Nipsey Hussle was tragically shot multiple times in front of his own Business. The murder of Nipsey Hussle is not only a huge gut-check to Hip Hop and pop culture, but is a devastating blow to African American Culture in general. Nipsey was something different, a hybrid, someone who’s ascension could not be stalled by the boundaries of the system. The 33-year-old father of two was not only extremely intelligent, and spiritually aware, he was someone so street, yet simultaneously eloquent. He was a strong black family man, straight out of a Crip neighborhood in South Central LA, who proved he could accomplish anything he set his mind to. He reached such acclaim by staying true to himself and never selling out which made him a true neighborhood hero. After years of grinding and marketing, around this time last year Nipsey’s Debut album ‘Victory Lap’ grabbed the #4 spot on Billboards 200 Album Chart, securing his Grammy Nomination. Make no mistake, although he didn’t win, his talent with the pen was as sharp and calculated as any of his 2010 XXL Freshman peers.


Nipsey had purchased a store in a small shopping complex in the neighborhood he grew up in. Hussle had a lot of history with this location, specifically the parking lot area in front of it. It was the location he made his hangout growing up, it’s where he spent time with loved ones, fought, laughed, met the love of his life, and later started a T-shirt business, before presently transforming the space into his brand’s flagship Clothing Store “Marathon Clothing.”. Nipsey was doing what smart men do, helping secure the future of his community and culture by investing there. This is one of many things that set Nipsey Hussle apart from other rappers. He felt a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that he was now the owner of that establishment. He understood the problems of his community and that as a member of that community with resources, he had a responsibility to help save it. His friends and almost everyone who claims to have spoken to him corroborate the stories of his genuine soul, and love for others.


There were seemingly no gimmicks to Nipsey Hussle. While watching his many interviews throughout his rap career, whether ones from the very beginning up until the end, what you heard when Nipsey spoke was an enlightened Black Man with a plan and a hunger to build. This is also a common theme all throughout his music. Nipsey Hussle was Pro Black and Pro Community. He often used his platform as an artist to drop profound jewels and his perspective on the state of black culture. For example these lyrics from one of best songs “Blue Laces 2”


I wonder what it comes to in your brain for you run to
Ones that hate us, handcuff us and mace us
Call us dumb n*ggas ’cause our culture is contagious
Third generation, South Central gang bangers
That live long enough to see it changing
Think it’s time we make arrangements
Finally wiggle out they mazes
Find me out in different places
I’m ‘The Spook By The Door’ this the infiltration
Double back, dressed in blue laces

Nipsey also expressed his views on social incidents like the death of Trayvon Martin on his song “50 N*ggas”, on his EP Mailbox Money. Criticizing the jury’s decision to acquit George Zimmerman after the shocking trial played out on television. “It’s Legal to kill unarmed black people” is how the song starts. Ending with Nipsey repeating the phrase “Would you just accept if we murdered your children”. Beyond rap Nipsey Hussle represented a powerful image, one that young black men from any hood in America could look up to. This is what makes the tragic passing of Nipsey Hussle so hard for his fans, and the entire black community. We lost a warrior in the movement for African American Improvement. However, for the black community there are many things we can take away from Nipsey’s life and messages to continue the Marathon he started, and help improve the lives of African Americans across the country.


Take Risk/Invest in Yourself

Nipsey Hussle was the ultimate risk taker. Unlike most rappers he went the independent route, and when things got tough he did not budge, he stayed down and believed in his vision until it paid off. A perfect example of this was back in 2013 when he released his Mixtape Crenshaw, he also made physical copies and sold them for $100. A bold move that could have backfired into bad publicity especially in this social media age. However, Nipsey believed in himself and his vision and sold physical copies of the album for $100 while releasing the digital version for free on streaming platforms. It turned out that Nipsey’s gamble was a success, because on the first day he sold 1,000 copies or 100k worth of mixtapes. The move also got the attention of many people including the GOAT of rap, JAY-Z who bought 100 copies of Nipsey’s Mixtape. Crenshaw is now a certified classic mixtape. Here’s nip discussing the move.


Even though he grew up in what most would consider an extremely dangerous and underprivileged neighborhood, Nipsey was wise beyond his years. He understood the importance of entrepreneurship, creating cash flow with multiple forms of income, and leaving a legacy behind for his children. Nipsey was becoming a real estate mogul. He had purchased and invested in many properties and businesses in the LA area. One of his more ambitious ideas is his business Vector 90 which he built to serve as a cultural hub, where ambitious people can come together and co-create with one another in a creative space built just for that. Nipsey taught us the importance of investing in our communities, and this is another reason why his death is a huge loss for the culture. Although he was only 33 when he died, a library was definitely burned down when he was killed. Here’s one of Nipsey’s most famous and earliest interviews. You can tell that he always had the right mind state and that success for him was only a matter of time.

It’s obvious what Nipsey Hussle meant to the African American community, whether your someone who was inspired by his music like myself, or someone inspired by his moves and the way he carried himself as a black man. Nipsey Hussle had JAY-Z potential and their rise to fame is extremely similar. I hate that his life was cut short, but I know that he inspired so many people including myself, I only hope that Black Men continue to stand up for what they believe in and risk their lives to tell their truth. Right now our prayers go out this his family and the love of his life Actress Lauren London who undoubtedbly needs all the support and love she can get at this time. R.I.P Nipsey you will live forever in Rap’s Hip Hop Hall of Fame.

Rap’s New Age of Rock!

Eye-catching looks, lots of noise, lots of fans, money, drugs, and women, big waves of young people who want to be the next star, just as it was during the 70’s/80’s/90’s era rock n’ roll was the mainstream genre. In this Millennial era, Rap has taken a hold of mainstream music as the sound has evolved over the years and you’re now hearing sub-genres come to form. It seems that not much has happened since rock dominated the radio, mainstream media and filled stadiums as it once did when rock bands like Queen, Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, Nirvana and Led Zepellin, use to set concerts a blaze. Now the horizons are different, young people have new interests, new problems to deal with and have found a refuge in Rap for themselves. The parents hate it, they hate the looks of rappers, they hate that they talk about drugs, sex, depression, and problems like suicide, but that’s what the parents of the ’80s didn’t hate when their children listened to Metallica’s explicit lyrics that talked about drinking and death? the same feeling at different times.

The time has passed where it was believed that Rap and Hip Hop was only for people from the underworld, gangs, and thugs from some hood that liked raw lyrics about reality, guns, and problems of the street, now you can find the blonde catlady in turn who loves to watch series of vampires listening to Migos, Travis Scott and Tyga. This has happened because Rap has continued to evolve through its 45 years of existence. We appreciate the old artists who gave us the bases of rap but the world continues its course and must continue to evolve, under that premise rap has merged with other genres, has adopted new ways to sing, talk about personal issues and create extravagant looks and millionaire expenses that call the attention of everyone, especially the younger audience.

 We have seen how fans chant artist songs at concerts, start moshpits, and go crazy when they hit the stage. Beyond the music, there is an established image of the artist, which we can always find thousands of images or videos that make fans love these artists even more. For example, we can surf the web and find out how young people idolized Lil Peep like young people of Seattle once did with Kurt Cobain. They identify with the depression and anger problems that some of these artists suffered from like XXXTENTACION with his troublesome past, the lack of love lyrics through Juice Wrld’s music or those who want to party their troubles away and listen to Playboi Carti that will get them hyped up. Just as it was for rock there is a cult-like image of the artist strongly established today through drugs, face tattoos, women, expensive jewelry, and loads of cash, Times have changed much different from rock as an artist have much more miscellaneous things to flaunt but nonetheless it’s all for the glory and fame.

The explosion reached everywhere when the rappers of the new school began to dominate the market in 2016 and still very much present now. Artists like Lil Pump, XXXTENTACION, Lil Yachty, Lil Peep, Trippie Redd, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti and Tekashi 69 released during those years their greatest hits, their style, their image and their sound enchanted millions of people who joined to listen to Rap after listening to any of the most famous songs of those artists.

Just as Rock took the power many years ago, so now did Rap, which has the artists with the most reproductions in 2018, where the first three places of reproductions in Spotify were of Drake, Post Malone, and the late XXXTENTACION, putting Rap at the top that has been in a long time.

Karma is Coming Back to Haunt Trippie Redd

Everyone remembers the times when Trippie Redd accused Tekashi 69 of being a pedophile making fun and jokes about his problem with justice, well it seems that karma didn’t take long to knock on his door, because the young rapper Bhad Bhabie who is 15 and will turn 16 in a few days, has exposed him through conversations they had in the past via text. She uploaded in Instagram story some screenshots in which Trippie Redd told her some quite compromising things, in the first message you see a “come over” to which she replies “ok”, some messages are censored but she seemed to follow the game to Trippie to see how far the matter could go, to which Trippie responded with a “come alone”, also she added to the story “oh but 69 the one who like lil girls”.

This caused quite a bit of humor to some people because Trippie Redd previously had beef with Tekashi 69, they both threw shots, mocked each other, messed with their personal and legal issues. This raised a lot of controversies and was one of the most talked about beefs of last year. It should be remembered that a year ago Tekashi 69 accused Trippie Redd of having slept with Bhad Bhabie which Trippie Redd claimed was a lie. Bhad Bhabie was on his side supporting him which causes certain differences between her and Trippie Redd after uploading the screenshot leaving him looking flabbergasted.

This obviously will not bring legal problems of any kind to Trippie Redd unless Bhad Bhabie decides to show evidence and accuse him of lewd acts with a minor. This matter has left him badly standing in the social networks and for the moment Trippie Redd has not pronounced on the topic as of yet.

Rise to Relevancy: Megan Thee Stallion

A Star was born on a Houston rooftop in a video cypher. A lone confident black woman in Daisy Duke’s with gold heels shining amongst ten other rappers. The name of this rapper who’s attitude you can feel through her explicit bars on Drake’s “4PM in Calabasas” instrumental is MEGAN THEE STALLION. At this time she was just beginning her rap career professionally, but her rise is to relevancy would lead her to being the hot commodity in the rap industry right now especially for a female mc.

Born Megan Pete in 1995 hailing out of Houston she has no issue repping her city as she states in a Rolling Stone interview “I feel like I have to put on for my city because we have so many legends and so many greats”. Megan Thee Stallion got her firsthand inspiration to rap as a kid from her Mother’s rap career under the name Holly Wood. Her mother would release music from 2001-2007 one of her biggest hit singles was dedicated to the late Houston legend DJ Screw, which received airplay on local hip hop station 97.9 The Box. Writing her own raps by the age of 14 she was listening to southern rap legends like Three 6 Mafia and the late Pimp C although her sound garners comparison to Female MC Legends like Trina and Lil Kim.

Her Sexually charged lyrics and unapologetic southern flow over sensual trap beats are a stamped signature for her sound which allows her lyricism and delivery to shine. This is evident in her 2017 mixtape release “Make It Hot” especially in standout track “Pull Up Late” and then the later released track “Stalli Freestyle” which has amassed over 1.9 million views on Youtube. These releases would catch the ears of 300 Entertainment and later have her inking a deal with the label in November of 2018 which has helped birth the success of artist like Migos and Young Thug. After she would go on to release her 10 track EP “Tina Snow” which would help her rise to stardom grow quickly gaining more fans and followers.

Although music is her main priority now, Megan Thee Stallion is still enrolled at HBCU Texas Southern University as a Junior and once she graduates hopes to open assisted living facilities around Houston for students who have a hard time finding a job after college. It’s safe to she’s gaining steam as one of the Best Female MC acts out right now unbothered by the backlash of her lyrics being too offensive coming from a lady. Megan Thee Stallion is helping to Redefine what femininity means to her and pushing her sexuality on her own terms in this industry.

Meet Shinobi Ninja

Shinobi Ninja hails from Brooklyn, New York. Made up of members Baby G (Edara Johnson), Alien Lex, Duke Sims, Kid Shreddi, Axis Powers, and Terminator Dave, the band fuses the genres of rock, hip hop, and heavy metal for a truly unique listening experience. Baby G mainly mans the vocals, but the rest of her bandmates follow up with some backing vocals as well. First formed in 2008, the band came together when several of the members met in a recording studio in Manhattan. They are an unsigned independent group which means they are releasing their own work. One of the very unique projects the band released in January 2010 was a Nintendo-style video game album for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.  

Having released their most recent album in 2017, Bless Up, the band now has four albums and two mixtapes under their belts. But what is their sound like? The band has called themselves and their music various names, ranging from ‘rock hood’ to ‘industrial metal’. They border on an eclectic mix of hard rock with a sprinkle of hip hop. It is hard to compare them to a particular artist, but I believe this is what makes their music more intriguing to give a listen to.  

When giving a listen to a couple of songs from their most recent album, it’s obvious the band’s music is made to be headbanged to, but there is also a hint of rap weaved in through the vocals. There are moments where the band’s sound borders on heavy metal, but listeners are brought back with a slight pop edge. Some of the recommended songs off Shinobi Ninja’s recent albums (to get a taste of their sound) include “Bending Spoons” “Bang Bang” and there latest track “Places to Go”. Also, check out a cover of “This is How We Do It” on their website at for another example of their varied sound! 

Stream Shinobi Ninja’s music on Spotify or visit their website for all the news on merch, videos, and any upcoming tour dates!  

This Isn’t Funny Anymore……Kodak

Within the past few days, you may have witnessed that Kodak Black tried shooting his shot with Young MA as of late after he commented on Nick Minaj’s IG after she posted a photo of the two (her and Young MA). Kodak commented with “Both Of Y’all a Get It” as The ShadeRoom posted on there Instagram and this was back in February.

A couple of weeks later he would drop his track and video for his single “Pimpin Ain’t Eazy” and would drag the artist into the mess again with his raunchy lyrics insisting “I don’t see the confusion, I’m f****ing Young MA, as long as she got a coochie”

This time Young MA would respond via her Instagram live referring to Kodak as a weirdo stating in the IG Live “Y’all n—-s weird bro… Obviously that s**t is weird, obviously, he [Kodak] is on some f**k s**t”. It was obvious in the video below Young MA wanted nothing to do with his antics simply brushing it off and distancing herself from his weird behavior.

Kodak wouldn’t let up and his next line of antics was a bit disturbing during his IG live session as they were in the song. Speaking directly to his fans, making his case of him “[doing] more good than bad” and bragging more that he has more people in his corner that love him than hate him. He then, went on to speak on Young MA curving him and calling him a “weirdo” saying “I’m talking about, how you a girl and don’t want your p***y penetrated”.

Now we all know Kodak Black currently has a rape allegation charge pending as the case is still in trial and we know him to still not have much of a filter ensuing to speak his mind disregarding the consequences that might come his way. Now his antics can be amusing such him staring at his IG Live camera not saying a damn word just being weird or having a few such words of his opinion for Lil Wayne, his daughter, and Hip-Hop OG Sticky Fingaz. His latest comments about Young MA would put him in hot water with a lewd of people on twitter and I must say so myself after watching the IG Live clip a few times it gets less funny and you can see how sick his comments were and the discomfort Young MA must have felt after it. At the end of the day I can understand him doing it for jokes but the last stint wasn’t ok and you can say Young MA was being harassed. Now let’s be honest if this was a man who was trying to “shoot his shot” at Kodak Black and doing it all through social media he would probably want to enforce some type of violence towards them as he doesn’t have a preference for men.

We haven’t heard any response from Kodak after all the backlash as we hope he sees his wrongdoing. Overall I hope the media gets passed as it always does with everything that goes viral. Young MA overall is unbothered at this point and is enjoying her best life eating pancakes and sipping her D’usse so let’s cheers to this just being over!


Symere Woods better known by his stage name “Lil Uzi Vert” was born on July 31, 1994, in Philadelphia, PA, and was given the name due to his peers claiming his flow to be “fast like a machine gun”. Some of his biggest influences would be Mike Jones, Wiz Khalifa, Paramore, and Marilyn Manson which explains his sound as he gives off a Rap Rock N’ Roll futuristic type of feel to his music. He started rapping in the 10th grade after hearing his friend freestyle to a remade Chris Brown instrumental track, which would lead him to rapping off beats on the internet and forming a rap group called “Steaktown” which would split up down the line before starting his solo career.

He launched his first project “Purple Thoughtz Vol. 1” in 2014, which caught the attention of different artists. One was ASAP Rocky and the ASAP Mob who he would later collaborate with, but this meeting would link Lil Uzi Vert with Producer/DJ Don Cannon and later release his mixtape “The Real Uzi” in August 2014. Shortly after he would sign a deal with Atlantic Records under DJ Dramas’s imprint “Generation Now” and release his 2nd mixtape “Luv is Rage” in 2015 which received great acceptance collaborating with Wiz Khalifa and Young Thug and earning “the breakout artist of 2015” by HotNewHipHop.

In 2016 he released the single “Money Longer” which garnered him a huge buzz as it landed his first single on the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at 92. Prompting him to launch his album “Lil Uzi Vert vs The World” in 2016 that debuted 37th on the Billboard 200 chart and that same year he would make the list for the 2016 XXL Freshman. In 2017 he featured on Migos hit single “Bad and Boujee” which reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and then released his 4-track EP “Luv Is Rage 1.5” which contained his hit single “XO TOUR LIiF3” which would later appear on his album “Luv Is Rage 2.0” which reached No.1 on the billboard 200, and amass 1.3 billion streams worldwide.


In recent news, Lil Uzi Vert has been having some ongoing issues with his label and releasing new music. “Eternal Atake” which is the name of his next slated album has been on delay for a long time now and has fans wondering when new music will come. At the beginning of the year he released his single “New Patek” which had fans hyped as it might be a sign to his album dropping soon. This, however, was only a tease as Lil Uzi Vert would later announce he was retiring from music and remove all his content from streaming networks via his Instagram Story.

There has been a lot of speculation from his fans on why he decided to retire, label issue with releasing music due to his discography with Atlantic Records, personal problems or it simply being a marketing tool to promote his new album. The last song he released was “Shells” a collaboration with Shabazz PBG which in his verse he would take a shot at his label rapping “Tryna figure out how I’m gon’ get out my deal”. This line lets us know that his issue with Atlantic Records right now is bad and he wants out ASAP.

The latest news we’ve received from the so call “retired artist” was via Instagram Live where he took time from his retreat to tease an unreleased song that he deemed was old and also very vaguely expressed “They won’t let me feed yall” hinting again that Atlantic Records isn’t letting him release music. That same week Lil Uzi Vert cut his dreads serving a new look and appeared in the Hammerstein Ballroom as a special guest at Meek Mill’s latest concert event performing two of his hit singles “XO TOUR LIif3” and “Dreams and Nightmares.”

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He should really just drop on SoundCloud

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We will be waiting for his album “Eternal Atake” which is rumored to come out this year, but a release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. Fans hope that Lil Uzi’s label issues get cleared up as the wait for him to release music continues.


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