Top 10 Rappers Under 21 in the Game Right Now

Mainstream rap over the past few years is always looking for the next viral young act from the underground. These rappers are often labeled “Soundcloud Rappers” due to the streaming technology that is used in this era for an artist to reach their audience. Whether they’re label mumble or emo rappers this young group are breaking boundaries and forging new paths for Hip-Hop in ways we’ve never seen before.

In an era that values streaming numbers, social media and the possibility of being a viral sensation, there’s nothing stopping these young artists increasing influence on the culture With that we present 10 ranked 21 and under artist making a buzz in the industry.

10. NLE Choppa

Age: 16 years
Notable songs: Shotta Flow

Starting off the list we have the youngest entry at only 16 years old. Memphis’s newest talent NLE Choppa found himself with a viral hit after the release of the music video for his track ‘Shotta Flow’. The track features intense, rapid-fire flows that stay true to the title of the song, and debuted at 96 on the Billboard charts. ‘Shotta Flow 2’ the follow-up track has already garnered a few million views.

9. Lil Pump

Age: 18 Years
Notable songs: Gucci Gang, Butterfly Doors

With a highly expected entry, Lil Pump is one of the youngest artists to make it at an extremely young age. Even though his music often features repetitive lyrics and basic flow, Lil Pump has gone to become one of the most successful rappers to make it from Soundcloud. With the release of his track ‘D Rose’, Lil Pump filmed a music video with the rapidly growing Cole Bennet and quickly started seeing success. Within just a year the music video had attracted a whopping 140 million views and inevitably multiple record deal offers. Gucci Gang later becomes his most popular track maintaining his position in the new era.

8. Roddy Ricch

Age: 20 years
Notable songs: Die Young, Every Season

Hailing out of Compton California, Roddy Ricch found fame after the release of his track ‘Die Young’ in 2018. The song was written on the day of XXXTENTACION’s passing and is said to be a tribute to the late rapper. The track feature’s smooth flows and catchy melodies which pinpoint Ricch’s overall style. After receiving a mass of attention Roddy Ricch has received interest from esteemed artists such as Dj Mustard, Meek Mill and most notably the late Nipsey Hussle. Roddy Ricch even states that Nipsey is the reason why he is making music today. It has been 2 years since Ricch’s career lifted and he show’s no sign of slowing down.

7. Lil Mosey

Age: 17 years
Notable songs: Noticed, Greet Her

Most likely the youngest flexer to hail out of Seattle, Washington Lil Mosey started getting a buzz on Soundcloud with the release of his track ‘Pull Up’. Shortly after ‘Noticed’ became his breakout single which led to his incredible success. In 2018 he landed a deal with Interscope records as well as the opener spot on Juice Wrld’s ‘Domination’ tour as a start to a prosperous career.

6. Trippie Redd

Age: 19 years
Notable songs: Topanga, Love Scars, Dark Night Dummo

Trippie Redd has been active since late 2015 releasing mixtapes on Soundcloud which gained traction faster than anticipated. Love Scars was among his first tracks and quickly became his breakout hit which lifted his career to a new level. Trippie’s sound is contemporary and unique although he has been compared to Lil Uzi Vert despite their extreme differences in vocal styles. Trippie’s music features an Alternative Rock/Rnb style which he says is inspired by the likes of T-pain and KISS among others.

5. Polo G

Age: 20 years
Notable songs: Finer things, Pop out

Polo G has been active since around 2017 and started releasing his music via Youtube while slowly building his fanbase. In 2018 Polo G’s track ‘Finer Things’ attracted considerable attention which eventually got him a record deal with Columbia. The Northside Chicago Native collaborated with label mate Lil Tjay to release their first Billboard track ‘Pop Out’. The track debuted at 95 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart making waves in the music scene. Polo G’s street style has captivated his audience slightly straying from the new-age trap style most rappers choose to pursue.

4. Lil Tjay

Age: 18 years
Notable songs: Resume, Brothers

Before his profound success, in 2016 Lil Tjay tried passing time while in a youth detention center for robbery. He mostly spent his time writing songs which later attributed to his come-up, and was released in 2017. He released his first track ‘Resume’ in early 2018 which featured a smooth and melodically catchy sound. The track quickly picked up steam and has gained 14 million views within a year. Lil Tjay later released a track titled ‘Brothers’ where talks about being incarcerated, and his appreciated for his family. The track ultimately got him a record deal with Columbia and has since gained over 44 million plays on SoundCloud as his most popular song to date. Lil Tjay has often been compared to A Boogie wit a Hoodie even while having his own unique style.

3. NBA Youngboy

Age: 19 years
Notable songs: Slime Belief, I came thru, Outside Today

NBA Youngboy has been active since around 2014 and has long had to work to get to his current state of success. He had been interested in music from a really young age and was mainly raised by his grandmother due to his father’s incarceration. After Youngboy’s mothers’ passing, he moved in with his fellow rapper NBA 3Three and began committing robberies in order to afford studio time. Youngboy’s strong work ethic is what allowed him to release 5 mixtapes between 2015 – 2016 in a convincing effort to get noticed in the scene. Eventually in 2017 NBA Youngboy signed a 5 album contract with Atlantic Records for 2 million dollars. Youngboy’s success has since grown with the lead single ‘Outside Today’ for his first album peaking at 31 on the Billboard 100 chart.

2. Lil Skies

Age: 20 years
Notable songs: i, Red Roses, Nowadays

Lil Skies is one of the greatest examples of an artist who took many years of work to make it in the industry. Since the age of 12 Lil Skies has been writing and recording taking inspiration from his father who as a rapper originally went by the moniker ‘Dark Skies’. After meeting and befriending Cufboy crew member Landon Cube, Skies was introduced to music video director Cole Bennet. Soon after videos for both his tracks ‘Red Roses’ and ‘Nowadays’ were filmed. Both tracks were in the Top 20 most streamed SoundCloud tracks and the Hot 100 Chart eventually leading him to sign a deal with Atlantic Records.

1. Juice WRLD

Age: 20 years
Notable songs: Lucid Dreams, All girls are the same, Hear me calling

The ‘Lucid Dreams’ singer became one of the most loved in the music scene after discovering his infectious heart-break tracks. His success started with when he filmed a music video with Cole Bennet for his track ‘All girls are the same’ in early 2018. The video quickly gained popularity growing attention from newfound fans awaiting his next track. Juice WRLD released his Track lucid dream which became a hit on Soundcloud eventually gaining 1 million views. Within a few months from the first video, Juice WRLD released yet another shot by Cole Bennet. This time his track ‘Lucid Dreams’ gained mainstream recognition reaching the Billboard Hot 100 chart and peaking at number 2. This amazing feat landed him a 3-million dollar deal with Interscope Records. He released his debut album with the label Goodbye & Good Riddance’ peaking at number 6 on the Billboard 200.

Young $kreetware debuting “Latto Pack” fresh new single off ItsOktoCry!

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY Young $kreetware presenting the new visuals for “Latto Pack” new single off his upcoming project ItsOktoCry!

$kreetware is 1 of 3 artist apart of the Crown Jewel Click movement that also features artist TimDaly and Saysoo. If you don’t know by now the group is “Quintessentially New York” and $kreetware is a great example of that with his new banger. For more on the artist checkout his music on all streaming platforms and his profile on all social media websites.

Instagram – @youngskreetware800

Twitter – @FBG_Dav

A Legend in the making was born Happy Birthday K.Dot: Top Introspective Tracks

Kendrick Lamar without a doubt is one of the torch leaders of this new era of Hip-Hop. His transcendent lyricism and creative vision have cemented him as one of the best to touch a mic. K.Dot’s legendary Discography is one that is rare as most of his albums are narrative driven and each hit a different nerve as they don’t sound the same.

What most love about K.Dot is his Shakespearean conscious rap delivery and Compton-based visuals to further boost his vision. Kendrick introspective tracks often get looked over for his singles, or music video hyped tracks but I feel his introspective songs are what makes him stand out compared to other rappers. He can hold you in a story or talk about a concept that may have you rewinding the track, looking up the lyrics, or research the topic he may be speaking of in a verse.

In Honor of his birthday, we give you some of Kendrick’s Top Introspective Tracks.

12. Poe Mans Dreams (His Vice)

The track is a play on the Southern pronunciation of ‘poor’ but also alludes to Edgar Allen Poe, a famous American writer. This song elaborates the theme of giving into bad pressures which is “His Vice” to “Smoke Good Eat Good Live Good”.

11. Vanity Slaves

Kendrick brings us into a deep conversation about the overcompensation of material products by African Americans and how it skews their image. This thought-provoking piece by a young Kendrick uses a lot of imagery in this piece to convey the strong message behind the word slave.

10. Untitled 03 | 05.28.2013

Debuting via a live performance on The Colbert Report, this track would land on the studio effort “Untitled Unmastered”. With his lyrical prowess, Kendrick dissects the concept of Race in America from the perspectives of Asians, Indian, Black, and White men while trying to stay true within himself.

9. The Art of Peer Pressure

Let’s take a trip through the point of view of Kendrick from the backseat of his homie’s whip. This story is a tale of learning peer pressure the hard way when trying to complete a robbery without getting caught. Influenced by his peers to think this sort of stuff is normal for a teenage boy from Compton Kendrick soon learns how unnecessary all of this really is and should’ve stayed strong and not succumb to peer pressure from his homie’s. This track is a thrilling one as we made a left and right turn into “One lucky night with the homies”.

8. Ignorance is Bliss

This track gave a different side of gangsta rap and ultimately got the Attention of Dr. Dre. Talking about street tactics but putting a message behind by saying Ignorance is Bliss. Kendrick would go to say in an interview with Complex “These kids grow up not knowing what they do, they’re just influenced, and they react the same way.”

7. Fear

Hands down one of Kendrick’s best-written songs to date. A deep conversation about Fear in the black community that comes in many forms and Kendrick tackles this concept so flawlessly. 3 verses that detail the cycle of Fear the first verse is in the narrative of his mother instilling fear into a young Kendrick. The 2nd verse comes from a 17-year-old mind of Kendrick and all his fears of dying through the harsh and predictable environments of Compton that are all too common to him. Last verse we get a then 27-year-old Kendrick who is now more accomplished with success and money but fear still follows him like a shadow. Just another example of how great Kendrick creative vision is when making a track.

6. U

One of the most vulnerable songs in Kendricks catalog, setting the scene deep into the dark caverns of his heart to expose the negative thoughts that plague his mind. Subjecting himself to the most painful criticism a person could hear calling himself “F**king failure” throughout the painful lyricism. In an interview with Kendrick stated:

“That was one of the hardest songs I had to write. There are some very dark moments in there. All my insecurities and selfishness and let-downs. That shit is depressing as a motherfucker. But it helps, though. It helps.”

5. The Blacker the Berry

This track capped a vital and direct moment on To Pimp a Butterfly. The album itself already critiques the system through deconstructing Hip-Hop’s conventions and refusing to play by the rules. This track though is the punching bag an all-out rebellion towards the system where Kendrick shows all his emotions and leaches out against the system.

4. The Heart Pt. 2

The opening to Kendricks final mixtape that opens with an interview from artist Dash Snow asking what keeps him alive to which he answers “Music”. Drawing a sample from The Roots “A Peace of Light” this is probably one of his most heartfelt tracks as his emotion is on full display. You can feel through his voice his pain as he touches on different subjects, about himself, his relationship with the world, and where he currently was at that point in his career.

3. Sing About Me/I’m Dying of Thirst

This song is about Urban life through the streets of Compton. Through first-person, Kendrick takes on the perspective of two people who have a different take on how to survive their trials and tribulations of life before Kendrick gives his own perspective. The first verse is a friend who turns to vengeance through violence after his brother is killed, and the second verse is the sister of Keisha of his track “Keisha’s Song” on the project “Section 80” where she sells herself for money. All too familiar in a broken community Kendrick reflects as a hood poet that it’s his responsibility to tell these stories.

2. Mortal Man

The message behind this song elaborates what it means to be a role model who necessarily didn’t ask for all the attributes that come with success and fame. He finds it to be his responsibility to inspire these kids, but Mortal Man is him questioning the fans belief in him to continue to inspire the culture. One of the most notably is him referencing great leaders like Nelson Mandela, MLK, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Moses, and Michael Jackson than saying “If shit hit the fan, are you still a fan?”. At the tail end of the song, Kendrick interviews the spirit of Tupac. The two West Coast MC’s discuss black culture, racism, fame, and image. Kendrick realizes he’s the new voice in a long line of leaders.

1. Duckworth

The perfect ending from his latest project a personal street tale from Kendrick that entails the what if’s in a particular robbery situation between Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith and Kendrick’s Dad nicknamed “Ducky”. Top Dawg was planning a second robbery at a local KFC that Ducky worked at and due to his generosity Top Dawg re-framed from harming him. This is a significant situation in Kendrick’s life as the result of the incident would lead to Top Dawg signing a 15-year old Kendrick to his label. But the most important thought of this track is what if Top Dawg wasn’t so kind to Ducky’s generosity and actually caused harmed to him during the robbery well I think Kendrick stated the perfect imagery in his last line on the song in which we may have never got to see his life live out.

“Then you start remindin’ them about that chicken incident
Whoever thought the greatest rapper would be from coincidence?
Because if Anthony killed Ducky, Top Dawg could be servin’ life
While I grew up without a father and die in a gunfight”

Honorable Mentions:

Faith, Far from Here, I Am interlude, P&P 1.5, Average Joe, Opposites Attract (Tomorrow W/O Her), R.O.T.C. Interlude, Cut You Off(To Grow Closer), Heaven & Hell, Barbed Wire, No Make-Up (Her Vice), Tammy’s Song (Her Evils), Keisha’s Song (Her Pain), Kush & Corinthians, HiiiPower, Blackboy Fly, Good Kid, Institutionalized, Hood Politics, How Much a dollar, Complexion (A Zulu Love), Untitled 05 | 09.21.2014, Untitled 06 | 06.30.2014, Untitled 08 | 09.06.2014, FEEL, XXX.

Music Industry Album Bundle Controversy

The recent DJ Khaled and Billboard chart drama has been going on within the past week with his recent album “Father of Ahsad” debuting at No.2 on the Billboard charts due to bundle sales being disqualified from his album sale revenue. For those that don’t know bundle sales, they are merchandise deals that music label’s make with companies that include the album. It’s another marketing strategy to produce album sales for their artist for upcoming albums which include poster’s, clothes, and other accessories.

Now album bundling has become popular in recent years with music label’s doing deals with companies to promote albums that generate sales. For example, music bands like Metallica have benefited from this due to ticket bundling their album “Hardwired..To Self Destruct” for their concert which included the album which jumped from No. 42 all the way to the No. 2 on the Billboard 200 in one week.

Many have speculated that this is tarnishing the charts and questioning who really went No.1. Now this has caused a whole fiasco for Billboard now with DJ Khaled planning to sue the company as Tyler the Creator album “IGOR” debuted No.1  over “Father of Ashad” and Tyler’s bundle sales were counted for it while his album wasn’t. Per the New York Times, this was the response from Billboard:

“After scrutinizing the two campaigns, Billboard gave the victory to Tyler. The magazine disqualified most of DJ Khaled’s bundled purchases, suspecting that some of the marketing by and its corporate parent, Market America, had crossed a line by encouraging unauthorized bulk sales.”

This has lead to a conversation being had about how can you truly judge an album or song when most of its sales are the album bundled with other merchandise and not directly bought or streamed. Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group’s president Deanna Brown spoke of the issue with New York Times that Billboard, plans on tightening the rules on merchandise bundling so issues like DJ Khaled and Tyler the Creator album bundles doesn’t resurface again. She stated that both artists and others in the music industry tell the company “week after week, month after month, that they want us to occasionally throw a flag on the field when necessary.”

Well, it seems the flag has been thrown with DJ Khaled’s bundle sales not being counted on Billboard that has caused them to do some reviewing on the album bundling rules. For now, the album bundling rules will stay as is and Tyler the Creator will stay at #1 of the Billboard Charts with “IGOR” which is well deserved for a great album.

As fan’s of artist music do you believe album bundle sales should count as album sale revenue for a artist on the Billboard chart?

Megan Thee Stallion Goes Green (It’s the Wave)

Notorious up and coming rapper Megan Thee Stallion recently took to Twitter to announce all the ways in which she’s going green. The rapper also announced on the same platform she will be following a vegan diet. Just as a refresher, going vegan is adopting a plant-based diet free of all dairy, meat, and other animal-derived foods.

Using the Twitter platform, the rapper posted a couple of tips for her followers on going green. “Hey Hotties these are a few things I’m starting today! If you’re already an eco friendly hottie please comment more ways to help,” the rapper wrote, followed by a few pics of ways to grow green. Some of the tips included using reusable bags, using a refillable water bottle, cutting down on the consumption of meat or ditching it altogether, and of course, recycling. The comments were flooded with fans and eco-friendly advocates giving their tips as well as commending the rapper for her announcement.

Is being eco-friendly hot? We think so! Recent headlines regarding climate change are pretty grim, so of course, many are advocating for an eco-friendly lifestyle to help protect our gorgeous Earth. We particularly love how Megan is using her platform to reach her followers.

In another great move, the rapper hosted a beach cleanup in Santa Monica on June 6th. Fans were able to work alongside her in cleaning up litter and whatnot. And it looks like this may become a little eco tour on behalf of Megan thee Stallion, as she took to name Houston, Texas as the next stop.

Climate change is all over the news and becoming a huge topic in any conversation. Eco-friendly advocates like Megan thee Stallion are using their social platforms to reach fans and make them aware of what they can do, and we’re huge fans of that! Restoring the earth with our fave rappers? Don’t mind if we do!


Geto Boys Member Bushwick Bill Passes Away at 52

Bushwick Bill, a member of pioneering hip-hop group Geto Boys, was announced deceased this past weekend on Sunday evening by his publicist Dawn P he was only 52 years old. The Houston Hip-Hop Icon was fighting a battle with pancreatic cancer which he was diagnosed with in early May.

Bushwick Bill was born Richard Stephen Shaw in Kingston, Jamaica. He was raised in Brooklyn where he was a b-boy and graffiti artist. Bill began making a name for himself in Houston when he first joined Geto Boys in the late 1980s as a dancer, he went by the name “Little Billy” in reference to his 3’9 height. One of Bill’s most iconic songs, “Size Ain’t Shit” appeared on the group’s sophomore effort “Grip It! On That Other Level.” The group starting gaining popularity with their 1991 album We Can’t Be Stopped, which included a cover that featured an explicit image of Bill in the hospital after losing an eye in a shooting incident. Bill would go on to release six solo albums, dropping his debut album “Little Big Man” in 1992.

Earlier this year, The group was planning to do a Geto Boys farewell tour that never came into existence. Bill was allegedly bothered by the name of the tour “The Beginning of a Long Goodbye: The Final Farewell” because he thought it was exploiting his cancer condition to sell tickets.

In this time of mourning we’re sending our love to Bill’s family and friends!


Happy Birthday Ye: Top 10 Albums

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Legendary Hip-Hop Icon Kanye West that turns 42 today. In Celebration we want to give you a Top 10 ranking of the Rap God’s albums over his long successful career.

10. YE

Kanye West’s stint in Wyoming seemed like a low point in his career trying to find himself again. A album created from chaos’s as his career seemed to be going that way with all his antics in social media. A-part of his 7-Track Production Series of 2018 this may serve as the worse one of the group and thus a album that most might forget.

9. Yeezus

A prototype sample of the new sound Kanye was trying to tap into. A sacrificial lamb album that Ye was willing to bear to evolve the sound of Hip-Hop. You can tell in the 10-track effort that Ye was experimenting with his production as most songs on the album were unorthodox as it didn’t have the natural instruments that make your normal hip-hop album. Although it didn’t get the respect this album will be something we’ll appreciate years from now as it was a stepping stone to the evolution of Hip-Hop.

8. Kids See Ghost

The Dynamic Duo Casper Team that was caught by the kids. Kanye and Kid Cudi hold a very special psychic bond that creates 7 thought fragmented tracks that represent the Kid in all of us. If it’s one thing Kids See Ghost is a album of healing and resolve through today’s society.

7. 808’s and Heartbreak

Essentially this album is a response to the death of his late Mother Donda West who whole-handily raised him. 808s and Heartbreak, stands the test of time and acts as one of his most influential albums as he was tapping into a sound unheard of at the time. This began a shift in the culture as autotune and sing rap was becoming much more prominent in mainstream music and has berth some of the dopiest artist of this era (Travis Scott, Juice WRLD, Drake). As the title entails the album was an introspective, minimal electro-pop record steeped in regret, pain, and even more self-examination of Kanye West in his time of healing.

6. The Life of Pablo

Picasso Kanye in a new space in his career (Newly Married, Kids,). TLOP represents a album that is just a album by Kanye not testing the limits to his sound or branch a new gap just great production all around. Kanye is simple freewheeling his infectious energy and drawing inspirations from all over to contribute to this album.

5. The College Dropout

The album that had all of us sign our ears and hearts to Kanye West. The Chicago kid’s introduction to the world that let us know he walked with Jesus as his first album was a work of art sent from heaven. Polo T’s and Backpacks were the wave when this dropped and so many imitations of Ye would be formed as Kanye made it cool not to be a gangster but just a normal person with swag and passion.

4. Graduation

A enterprising step into Legendary status with his 3rd studio album in 4 years. Mr. West proved that his run in the industry wasn’t a sprint but a marathon. Graduation served as the ending to his College Themed Album titles and Ye made sure it ended on a Legendary note. Flawless production from start to finish nothing but thought provoking and inspirational choice of words from the Rap God.

3. My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy

A master piece for the genius maniac. Kanye is inviting us inside his world with beautiful flawless one again production. Kanye is attempting to be honest with his self and trying to see if he’s God himself or something beyond it. A Blessing in disguise driven by darkness twisted by ego.

2. Watch The Throne

Getting Two Legendary Icons to do a joint-album and execute it flawlessly is something so rare of this time. Kanye & Jay-Z set the bar so high with this collaboration that it’s as though they sat the Throne up there and knew everyone would be watching as a album will never reach that magnitude again. 8 Years Later and we still haven’t heard a album with such great SuperSonic Production and Bars so fitting to every track that it’s made to be played in stadiums only.

  1. Late Registration

Chop-Up The Soul Kanye creates this imperfect Soulful Masterpiece that serves as his most accomplished rap album to date. Ye’s ear is that of a golden instrument and serves him well in the production of this album. A super-friendly collaborative spirit Kanye turned into the most fully-formed artist of Hip-Hop. Every sample, featured artist, and skit fit the vision he was trying to imprint. It serves simply as Kanye’s best album as this is something that can’t be recreated and reached the highest form in the Hip-Hop’s sound before he would go on and test new sounds of the genre. If there was a list of top sophomore albums by artist Late Registration is def top 2 and it’s not 2 as 2nd album efforts usually flop for most artist.

Showing the ladies what they need Jus Lavo presents “What You Need”

Jus Lavo is here to share the visual for his latest track “What You Need”

Jus Lavo, orginally from the Bronx but currently residing in Newburgh, NY is building a solid music catalog and social media following which is locally known for releasing short videos of himself rapping on Instagram. His work has garnered features on popular news sites like and Jus Lavo has previously released his “Buy Art Not Cocaine” EP via His music continues to mature with time showing that his grind is starting to pay off. Make sure to follow him on his various social media accounts and Soundcloud to get the latest updates from him.

Twitter: Jus_Ridiculous

Instagram: Jus_Ridiculous


The King of Petty Top Moments

50 Cent truly has no limit to his pettiness. He has turned it into a marketing scheme that makes for great entertainment. His past 20 years in the game his reputation has been built on pettiness without batting an eye when crossing lines and he’ll even dive deep into shaming close friends if needed.

You would think as time goes by Fifty would grow out of his old ways but Charlamagne probably said it best “50’s petty doesn’t have an expiration date”. So with that here are some of 50’s top memorable petty moments.

The Latest Pettiness

50 Cent Vs Rotimi

Within the past week, 50 Cent and his “Power” co-star Rotimi had a war of words over social media regarding a loan that was given to Rotimi by 50. Rotimi had just hit the top of the R&B chart with his new EP “Walk With Me”. 50 responded to that via Instagram with a post caption of “My man you owe an outstanding $300,000 now WALK WITH ME to the bank”. Rotimi would end up paying 50 $100,000 of what was owed but not without trolling first.

50 Cent VS Tony Yayo

Fellow G-Unit member and close friend of 50 didn’t escape the debt collector blast from him either as 50 took to Instagram to address it as well. 50 posted a video of him calling Tony Yayo to speak on the money he claims is owed to him for holding him down with cash for years with no return on investment. In the video talking to Yayo over the phone he simply states “I was calling you ’cause I was thinking about people that gotta give me my money back,”. Yayo immediately knew where 50 was taking this and knew there was gonna be no end and at one point told him “You want me to shoot somebody? Point the finger. I’ll pay you back like that”. Now whether 50 was being serious or not it still made for great entertainment as you can’t help but laugh at this level of pettiness from 50.

50 Cent Vs Young Buck

Now, this beef between the former G-Unit member has been an ongoing beef for about ten years now since Young Buck was kicked out of the team back in 2008. The two would later reconcile their beef and come together in 2015 for the G-Unit Project “The Beauty of Independence EP” and many thought the beef had ended at the point. In recent news though 50 had called Young Buck out for having an affair with a transgender and as always took to Instagram to address it by posting a link of a diss track by the individual which was a remix of Young Buck’s smash single “Shorty Wanta Ride”. Fans would later create a gofundme account to help raise $300,000 for Young Buck to get out of his G-Unit deal and this would just be another perfect opportunity for 50 to troll again as he posted a link for the public to buy a T-Shirt featuring a screenshot page of the GoFundMe account on the front. Young Buck would post on Instagram with a caption “Now…Curtis./Kanan/Boo Boo/ @50cent You Know Your Days Are Numbered” which was has been the last statement from either two stay tune as 50 loves to have the last laugh.

A Trip Down Petty Lane

50 Cent Vs Rick Ross

Now, this beef was straight up disrespectful on Fifty’s end at least. The beef between the two originated after Fifty gave praise to than Rick Ross #1 album “Trilla” but warning him to keep his distance from Fat Joe who he had a history of beef with. Sometime after Rick Ross “Mafia Music” was leaked and a shot was sent at Fifty during the song.

“Curtis Jackson baby mama, I ain’t askin’ for a cent. Burn the house down nigga, you gotta buy another. Don’t forget the gas can, jealous stupid motherfucker,” 

Now the two would exchange dis-tracks but being the petty man he is Fifty decided to take it a step further. He interviewed The Baby Mother of Rick Ross where all the tea was spilled about him being a Correctional Officer, took her on a shopping spree and then video taped him taking Ross’s son to Floyd Mayweather’s house. He didn’t stop there he would mock Ross, even more, dropping a cartoon “Officer Ricky” and leaking a sex tape of another baby mother of Rick Ross which didn’t end well for his pockets but nonetheless Fifty crossed all lines and was definitely the bully in this incident.

50 Cent vs Floyd Mayweather

Now I’m sure no one saw the beef between these two coming, as it seemed like these two had a great friendship and were very supportive of each other. Fifty would be one of Floyd’s right-hand men alongside the ring on fight nights, and the two were the perfect match for each other when flaunting their wealth. The falling out wouldn’t happen till Floyd was sentenced to jail due to domestic violence charges. Floyd would appoint Fifty to organize Mayweather Promotions and 50 went on to license the company under The Money Team (TMT) spending approximately $2 Million for it since there was no LLC or anything incorporated. When Floyd was released from jail he didn’t take a liking to how Fifty organized the company and the disagreement between the two would lead to the disbandment of the company and their friendship.

Upon parting ways King Petty 50 Cent wouldn’t let it end without trolling first. The most notable one was when 50 challenged Floyd to read one full page of a Harry Potter Book in light of the viral ALS awareness Ice bucket challenge. 50 bet Floyd if he could read one full page out loud without stopping he would donate $75’000 to any charitable organization of his choice. 50 would then speak with Jimmy Kimmel and change the rules of the challenge which would be for him to read “The Cat in the Hat” Dr. Suess book on live television.

50 Cent vs Fat Joe

When the release of Fat Joe’s new album “J.O.S.E. 2” had dropped 50 took to YouTube to express his displeasure of it. 50 uploaded a video where he is taken into the hospital due to “noise poisoning” almost dying from listening to Fat Joe’s album. Covered with bandages on his face, Fifty bawls in his son’s arms. Making light of his beef with Fat Joe which has yet to be squashed this made for great entertainment for the culture as King Petty knows how to put on a show.

50 Vs P.Diddy

50 went via Instagram compared Diddy to Satan due to a list of rappers finding faith in God after they signed to Bad Boy. In a series of posts he would talk about how Mase is now a preacher, Loon converted to Islam and is now a devout Muslim, and how Shyne converted to Orthodox Judaism. He would imply that their time working with Diddy was them “dancing with the devil” and it forces them towards religion. I don’t know if Fifty thought about it at the time but this would make for a great screenplay with King Petty being the director for it.

50 Cent vs Ja Rule

Now we all know the history of this beef as it dates back to the late ’90s during the era 50 came into stardom and the two would exchange a number of diss tracks. These two hate each other and there is no resolve in site for this beef and 50 doesn’t hesitate to troll Ja Rule when he gets a chance. His latest moment of trolling of Ja Rule was back in October when he decided to buy 200 front row seats to leave empty for a Ja Rule and Ashanti concert that tickets were selling for $15 on Groupon.  Pettiness at it’s best for 50 as he spent about $3,000 just to be an ass.

50 Cent vs Vivica Fox

Fifty and Vivica dated back in the early 2000s breaking up in 2003, tensions would raise between the two in 2016 when Fifty’s commentary on the show Empire which Vivica was a cast member of by stating the ratings were low due to “too much gay stuff”. She would clap back at Fifty stating “First of all, the pot calling the kettle black is all I’m gonna say,” insinuating that 50 Cent is gay himself. Fifty took to Twitter following Vivica’s comment to address it claiming “Now she thinks I’m gay because I let her lick my A–. ?? LMAO. Wait, I didn’t want her to, she forced me, my hands were tied. 50 shades of grey”. Shortly after his comment he went on to the Andy Cohen show to address the situation as well, and seek clarification on why she thinks he’s gay for allegedly licking his ass.

Legendary Artist/Icon Now Billionaire

“Legacy, Legacy, Legacy, Legacy
Black excellency, baby, let ’em see”

History in the making is now set in stone Hip-Hop mogul Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter according to a report from a Forbes article has now listed him as the first Hip-Hop entertainer billionaire.

It’s no surprise, as Jay-Z has always been ahead of his time given his blueprint to working beyond the music industry and investing in other ventures during his life span. Hov accumulated 14 number one albums to his name, with most being confirmed classics which came under his own label Roc-A-Fella Records/Roc-Nation. He’s always been one to start his own brand rather than promote other’s with his launch of Rocawear Clothing Line, D’Usse cognac which is a joint venture with Bacardi, and the latest Tidal his music streaming company.

There are a few reasons why so many millennials look up to Jay-Z and collaborator Swizz Beatz summed it up perfectly in the Forbes article on his milestone accomplishment. “It’s bigger than hip-hop,” he states. “It’s the blueprint for our culture. A guy that looks like us, sounds like us, loves us, made it to something that we always felt that was above us. If he’s a billionaire now, imagine what he’s about to be. Because he’s only just starting.”

The Forbes article also gives you a break down of how Jay-Z built his fortune, which includes his music catalog worth $75 million dollars as he owns his masters, $70 million dollar art collection, and $50 million in real estate, and more. Check out the article in its entirety below.


Congrats to Hov the Legendary GOAT.


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