“Free Meek” Available on Amazon Prime


“Free Meek,” an Amazon docuseries was released for streaming today. The series chronicles the insurmountable obstacles rapper Meeks Mills had to endure due to probation restrictions. The unfairness of his case was the catalyst for national outrage.

At the age of 18, Mill was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm and assaulting a police officer. Eleven years later Meek is still impacted by the restrictions of his parole agreement. Due to the nature of his profession, travel is a requirement.  Mill continually violated his Parole as a result of travel restrictions. The series exposes the unfairness and corruption of the criminal justice system.

Meek is one of many black men affected by mass incarceration. His situation confirms that regardless of a black man’s successes the system is not designed for his progression. Those that are entrapped by the system at a young age are purposely designed to stay in it.

Who Is Dame D.O.L.L.A.?

Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard, stage named ‘Dame D.O.L.L.A’ was born on July 15, 1990, in Oakland, California. Damian is most well known as the point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers and has been given nicknames such as Big Game Dame for his proficiency on the court. For the short moments, he’s not on the court, Damian is honing his second talent in the realm of hip-hop.

His music career started with the release of his debut album ‘The Letter O’, which dropped on the 21st of October 2016. The album was successful as it finished it’s opening week 7th on the Hip-hop and R&B chart. It featured Jamie Foxx on the track ‘Plans’ and even Lil Wayne on the track ‘Loyal to the soil’.

Damian promptly followed up just a year later, to release his second studio album ‘Confirmed’ on the 6th of October 2016. The album excited many with the involvement of Lil Wayne on the track ‘Run it up’, and 2 Chains on the track Anomaly, giving listeners something to look forward to.

Damian Lillard’s passion for music is clear, with money most likely not being a factor considering what he makes from the NBA alone. Damian’s initial contract with the Portland Trailblazers was for $139 million, the 45th largest sports contract in the world. It doesn’t end there, earlier this year it was announced that Lillard signed a 4-year Super-Max contract extension for $196 million, the biggest contract in Portland Trailblazers history.

The NBA star is now hyping the release of his third album today titled “BIG D.O.L.L.A.” The title is a play off of his name Dame D.O.L.L.A which stands for ‘Different on Levels Lord Allowed’. The album has features from with yet another Lil Wayne collaboration on the album, as well as Jeremih and Mozzy, we are sure this project won’t disappoint. As Lillard himself said, ‘It’s my third album and my best’ make sure you check it out below!

Watch The Throne 8 Year Anniversary: Top 10 Songs


Remains a strong installment and arguably the best album of this decade, and has aged gracefully into classic status. There’s also a special bond you feel when listening to the album that run’s deep. Two friends and longtime collaborators, both of whom can look back on truly legendary discographies, operating in free creative space to produce their best work.

On the album’s eighth birthday we’re gonna honor it by ranking some of the albums best song cuts with illustration from RapGenius.com

10. New Day

“Produced by Kanye West and RZA, this song samples Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”. It is an uncharacteristically personal and emotional song from Jay Z, in which both rappers speak to their unborn sons in a manner reminiscent of 2Pac’s “Letter To My Unborn Child”. Both have since had daughters.”

9. Why I Love You

“Why I Love You” is the closing song of Watch the Throne. It deals with betrayal and the question of how you can keep admiring someone despite what they do to you.”

8. Gotta Have It

“A lecture on success, money, the desire to get them both; and how you deal with those who try to take them from you. The song is one of many on Watch The Throne that addresses black-on-black violence, and has strong overtones of black empowerment – as mirrored in the heavy use of James Brown samples.”

7. Made it in America

“Originally titled ‘Sweet Baby Jesus,’ here we have Kanye, Jay, and R&B crooner Frank Ocean collaborating on a number that sums up the superstars’ feelings about black history, America, Jesus, and revisiting their respective rises to fame.”

6. The Joy

“In this final bonus track off Watch the Throne (originally released nearly a year earlier as a G.O.O.D. Friday entry), Kanye and Jay reminisce about the good old days of contraception, obscure ‘60s movies and the Virgin Mary”

5. No Church in the Wild

“”No Church in the Wild” is an existential renunciation of traditional, organized religious worship.”

4. Welcome To The Jungle

“this track finds Hov lamenting on personal losses and overcoming struggles. Exploring issues of celebrity and the struggles of fame”

3. Who Gon Stop Me

“This song off 2011’s Watch The Throne is one of the more memorable from that album: a propulsive synth-driven beat meets some of the best lines on the album.”

2. N***as in Paris

“This song gains thematic weight from the long, rich history of African-Americans in Paris and the rest of France, dating back to the early nineteenth century. Paris has historically been a place where black artists could go to escape vicious racism and gain the appreciation denied them in their homeland.”

 1. Murder to Excellence

“Murder To Excellence” is the thematic centerpiece of Watch The Throne. The song, like the album, contains lyrical expressions of the spectrum of black experience and blackness in contemporary American society.

The song consists of two parts that discuss two movements. “Murder” speaks about how the cycles of poverty and violence between black communities that many African-Americans find it difficult to escape and how they should learn to love each other and unite to fight greater purposes like racism and unfair police treatment.

“Excellence” treats a more positive subject. Despite all odds, some African-Americans have escaped the stereotypical “ghetto” and risen to become a new American elite. Jay and Kanye are examples of this. Gradually but surely, the experience of blackness in America is improving in a big way.”

Do Ya’ll agree with the list? Comment Below!

The Crossover of Hip-Hop & Politics

The current state of politics in the country is in dire need of a renovation. There are a variety of celebrities who are advocating for change in politics and legislation, and many use their social and artistic platforms for a greater good.

Recently, there’s been an increase in the number of rappers and hip-hop artists who are using their voice to reach the younger audiences and encourage political awareness. One of the most recent notable acts of an artist becoming more involved in politics is rapper Cardi B. She recently joined forces with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to shoot a campaign video. The rapper took to social media to thank the current senator for a meaningful conversation on the changes he’d provide for the country. Cardi had taken to social media before linking with Sanders to ask her followers what questions they’d have for a democratic presidential candidate. This was an excellent example of a rap artist using their time and means to connect with their audiences on political issues.

Aside from outside political activities, hip hop artists are also using their medium of music to talk politics. Rapper Eminem famously did a freestyle rap in a BET awards segment in 2017 in which the rapper dissed Donald Trump and his followers. Notable artist like Joey BadA$$, Run The Jewels, Childish Gambino, and many more have dropped entire albums/songs that examine political issues like racism and oppression.

Jay-Z and rapper Meek Mill, who has recently gained plenty of momentum as an advocate for reform in the justice system, have taken some of the matters into their own hands. The two have teamed up to launch REFORM Alliance, a criminal justice reform organization that will aim to “drastically reduce the number of people who are under control of the criminal justice system by changing laws and public opinion”. Hopefully, this organization will flourish in no time, and give people who are lacking the opportunity to speak a voice.

This whole movement of rappers and hip-hop artists becoming more involved in the political process may be surprising to some fans. However, it should be noted that to some degree, hip-hop has always had a political essence in terms of giving voice to communities that may have felt silenced or oppressed. This sudden wave of politics and hip-hop crossing over should be no surprise. It only seems to be growing because the message of involvement and being present in how the country is operated is coming across more and more to an open and equally as the determined audience.


The Brew Podcast Cites Joe Budden As Top 3 MC

As we all know the Hip-hop culture is an opinionated sport when the discussion of who’s the best is brought up. These discussions can become very heated, to say the least, and we can all agree we’ve been part of these debates and give our heartfelt opinions. Today, a Top-50 MC’s list curated by The Brew Podcast, caught steam all over social media but it was for the wrong reasons. Take one look at the top-3 and you have to think they were trolling knowing it would grow some viral legs.

The triggering list circulated throughout social media sites, and “YOU GUESSED IT” Joe Budden’s name came to be trending on Twitter, due to his overrated rank placement. Joe Budden’s name was put over Top Tier fan favorites like Biggie, Eminem, 2Pac, J. Cole. Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, Drake, Black Thought, Royce Da 5’9″, and more. Of course many felt compelled to voice their displeasure of the list, and some found time to troll along with The Brew Podcast. Now we can’t just dismiss Joey’s skills on the mic entirely, but the fact that he was positioned as the third-best rapper sure did leave a lot of people flabbergasted and open the door for mayhem.

Although Joe Budden’s Top 3 placement was the trendy topic of the list it wasn’t the only narrative steaming from the list. Critics felt some type of way about Eminem’s extremely low ranking, Fabolous being in the top 6, and some really argued about Future not being on the list. Despite all the hot takes, the list certainly served its purpose brought about the convo about who’s the all-time best MC, only at the cost of Joe Budden’s name being slandered.

Besides Joe being in the top 3 do you agree with the list? Anything you would change? Let’s hear it in the comments below!

Rick Ross VS 50 Cent: A Brief History Of The Beef

In an interview with Big Boy, promoting Rick Ross’ new album ‘Port Of Miami 2’, Big Boy posed the question of whether or not he would ever collaborate with 50 Cent, given the chance. It’s no secret that the two rappers have been beefing for the past few years, thus making Rick’s answer that much more expected.

“Honestly, I’m a businessman. If 50 Cent still had value, I may have been done it. But not being funny, homie just ain’t that dude no more”, he said, “We was riding through L.A. smoking to ‘Hate It or Love It’ yesterday. That shit was dope. We was saluting Cool & Dre, that’s Miami who did the production. Game, 50 Cent… That was dope. If he was still making music like that, of course.”

He continued by saying, “Drake could hit me, and say, ‘Rozay I got 50 on the record.’ And if he was still dope like he was eight years ago? Rozay will lace that.”


The beef between the two originated after Fifty gave praise to than Rick Ross #1 album “Trilla” but warning him to keep his distance from Fat Joe who he had a history of beef with. Sometime after Rick Ross “Mafia Music” was leaked and a shot was sent at Fifty during the song.

“Curtis Jackson baby mama, I ain’t askin’ for a cent. Burn the house down nigga, you gotta buy another. Don’t forget the gas can, jealous stupid motherfucker,”

50 cent responded with ‘Officer Ricky’, a diss track highlighting photos of Rick Ross’ 18-month career as a correctional officer that was leaked in 2008. Also, both DJ Khalid and Lil Wayne got smeared in the mix. Since then it has been an on and off feud between Rick Ross and 50.

After Fifty’s Diss track he decided to take it a step further. He would go on to interview The Baby Mother of Rick Ross where all the tea was spilled about him being a Correctional Officer, took her on a shopping spree and then videotaped him taking Ross’s son to Floyd Mayweather’s house. He didn’t stop there he would mock Ross, even more, dropping a cartoon “Officer Ricky” and leaking a sex tape of another baby mother of Rick Ross which didn’t end well for his pockets but nonetheless Fifty crossed all lines regardless and we never got a response from Rick Ross after.

50 Cent’s latest clap-back at Rick Ross

In an interview with Complex News’ Speedy Morman, 50 Cent was asked he thought of Rick’s comments. “I don’t know what his value is to music culture at this moment,” said 50. He was then asked if he would ever consider collaborating with Ross, 50 Cent bluntly responded, “I never made music with him. I don’t have an interest in making music with him.”

He went on by saying, “A lot of these guys, even when you make reference to music culture and stuff like that, they’re one-trick ponies, so they’re going to be gone. In hip-hop, they say it’s not what have you done, what have you done for me lately, right? So you could get next to the guys that got momentum and try and survive based on that. But, it’s not a lot going on there.”

Seems like there is some unresolved tension between the two still. Much speculation where to go from this but seems like the two rappers were taken light jabs at each other and looks to leave it at that.

UPDATE: R. Kelly Has Been Found And Denied Bail


Reported via Complex, R. Kelly attended his court hearing in New York yesterday morning after his lawyer lost contact of him. Seems the R&B singer was eventually found because now, he has been denied bail after pleading not guilty. In a brief overview of his New York case, they’re accusing Kelly of being the head of a sex-trafficking enterprise “to recruit women and girls to engage in illegal sexual activity,” as well as intentionally exposing a woman to an infectious venereal disease. And if that wasn’t enough he’s also being accused of violating the Mann Act, the law prohibits the transportation of women and girls across state lines for the purpose of prostitution or any other immoral purpose.

R. Kelly is still facing charges in Chicago as well, where he’s been accused of child pornography and is expected to reappear in court on September 4th for a hearing on the pending charge. We’ll keep you updated on the case as R.Kelly has a chance of serving a long time in prison for his alleged sex crimes against young girls.

The Plug Has Officially Been Pulled on Woodstock 50

Due to a series of misfortune events, the monumental and historically peace-loving Woodstock music festival has officially been canceled. Cofounder, Michael Lang nixed Woodstock 50 after partnership disputes, multiple location changes, and permit issues.

The event was supposed to take place from August 16th to the 18th the same dates as the original event. Plans took a downward spiral when the original investor, Dentsu Aegis, cancelled the event on April 29th. The company put out a statement claiming that despite the time and commitment invested, it didn’t feel that the festival could be executed appropriately. Lang objected to these claims and insisted that the concert would take place as planned. He stated that Dentsu did not have the authority to cancel the event. The partnership quickly fell through and legal action ensued due to the rift.

Shortly after confirming a new partnership with an investing firm called Oppenheimer & Co. Watkins, Glen International canceled its contract, leaving the festival without a venue. The Vernon Downs Casio was a potential option, but the locals strongly objected due to the wildness of Woodstock 99.  The festivities tainted the town with violence, rape allegations, and looting. The town officials unanimously voted to have the festival banned.

Merriweather Post Pavilion located in Columbia, Maryland was an attempt at plan B, but the timing was a major issue and festival promoters were unable to produce a notable line up.

XXL 2019 Freshman Cyphers Ranked

The 2019 XXL Freshman Cypher and Freestyle series is over for the inductees who made the list. Between the freestyle and cypher there were dope punchlines and also some comical ones that had us laughing or scratching are heads like what the hell did I just watch.

Between the cypher and solo freestyles we ranked the artist from worst to best based on flow, originality, and lyrical prowess all together. Now it is noted that Gunna didn’t preform in either the freestyle or cypher as he stated that’s not his forte. Also some artist didn’t participate in the freestyle as well so that effected there ranking as well(Tierra Whack, and Blueface).

10. Lil Mosey

Starting at the bottom of the list unsurprisingly is Lil Mosey. Lil Mosey earned himself the last spot after his unimaginative, mumble freestyle which only served as an idea of what to expect for his cypher. Lil Mosey opened the very first cypher alongside YK Osiris, Megan Thee Stallion, and Da Baby, setting the bar low. His cypher featured a lazy delivery with incredibly basic lyrics that added up to an unmemorable freestyle.

9. YK Osiris

Second, to last on the freshman list we have YK Osiris, who by just a sliver upped Lil Mosey. Unfortunately for Osiris, he received an overwhelming amount of hate before his freestyle even released, with viewers ranting about the thought of him singing. Confusingly enough Osiris is not even close to the first Freshman to sing on freestyle or cypher of XXL giving him unfair start. Osiris’ freestyle featured an average verse with barely any decent notes to speak off. His cypher was nothing special revolving around nothing more than the most basic ideas you could have in a Rap/ R&B track.

8. Blueface

The next freshman needs no introduction, being the most viral off-beat rapper of the century we thought we knew what to expect. While the lack of freestyle was a letdown, Blueface’s cypher following YBN Cordae was more than we asked for (not to mention the pair ‘hitting the woah’ during Rico’s verse). While sharing an old school ‘J Cole’ style instrumental with Cordae, Blueface had memorable bars, a steady cadence and most of all, was on beat. The lack of freestyle is the only factor preventing him from fetching a higher ranking.

7. Tierra Whack

Tierra disappointed us the most with the simple act of not doing a freestyle when it’s not uncommon for her to freestyle at all. While we may never know why Tierra tried compensating for it in her cypher delivering a verse overflowing with bars and flow. She continued the tradition of rapping acapella while coincidentally being the last freshman to rap. Tierra could’ve gotten a higher ranking had she done a freestyle, although many are satisfied with her cypher alone.

6. DaBaby

Da Baby’s long-winded freestyle and even longer cypher showed DaBaby putting in what he does best, work. His freestyle featured humor, seriousness and outright cold-blooded bars, while at the same time a less memorable flow than he was bragging about. DaBaby’s cypher, on the other hand, offered a speedy delivery and a diverse flow, leaving much to be appreciated. Not much more we could ask for.

5. Comethazine

Approaching the better half of the freshman class is none other than Comethazine. Starting off Comethazine’s freestyle was disappointing in terms of length, being just over 40 seconds in total. Fortunately, his cypher offered a much better display of what he is capable of, with aggressive delivery and angry tone, he brought his lyrics to life better than most of his fellow freshman. Comethazine’s character alone was definitely a star in his group cypher.

4. Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch was definitely one of the more well rounded freshman on the list. Offering a consistently good flow throughout both his freestyle and cypher, Roddy had the viewers attention by adding a new vibe to his group cypher. His melodic style on the beat coupled with his fluid delivery was refreshing all round. The only criticism we could give is a desire for more meaning lyrically, which otherwise would’ve earned him a higher spot.

3. Rico Nasty

Earning the 3rd spot is a female emcee whose style is one of most varied in hip-hop right now. Rico Nasty offered a different definition of what a cypher should be, delivering a rapid-fire flow on a beat made for her solely. Having great chemistry with equally varied artists Cordae and Blueface made their cypher so much more iconic to watch. The only hint of criticism would be the lack of focus in the topic she had on her freestyle which otherwise, was great considering the mediocre competition.

2. YBN Cordae

If there was anything to get excited about with the release of the XXL this year, it was YBN Cordae’s name on the cover. While fans were hoping to see Cordae in the same group as Tierra, we got to see something just as interesting when he shared an instrumental with Blueface. His lyrically conscious cypher lacked… well nothing, it was all we could’ve hoped for! It had the impact Cordae’s bars are known for earning him the runner-up spot. The only factor preventing him from earning the top spot was his underwhelming freestyle, but we can safely say he made up for it in the group cypher.

1. Megan Thee Stallion

In the number 1 spot, we have Megan Thee Stallion, performing higher than the expectations of most and offering a personality that sets her apart. Her freestyle animated her sassy persona making her that much more memorable. Her cypher offered one of the best cadences out of all the freshman and was easily the most well rounded. As opposed to offering solely sexual energy that many expected, she proved her worth delivering a bit of everything. Fortunately for XXL Megan carried what would’ve been a dead beat opening cypher for the 2019 list.


Meek Mill Winning 2019 So Far!!!

A Pennsylvania appeals court is ordering a new trial for musician Meek Mill, 10 years after he was convicted of drug and weapons crimes. Mill is seen here this week announcing the launch of the Dream Chasers record label, in a joint venture with Jay-Z.

It seems that this year is the year of making moves for rapper Meek Mill! The Philly-based rapper tweeted last week about joining forces with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Label to launch the Dream Chasers label. Mill will be the label’s president, being in charge of assembling the team and ultimately running the label.

This is not the first piece of good news that has come the rapper’s way. It was also recently announced that Mill’s conviction for a drug and gun case was recently overturned. This is huge news in the fact that this has been a case and conviction that have followed the rapper for over a decade. A violation of parole for this case also landed the rapper back in jail in 2017.

The overturning of the conviction was voted by three judges this month, and the reasoning behind this conviction was suspected police corruption. The judge who ruled for Mill’s violation parole, Genece Brinkley, was always speculated to have had a vendetta against Mill. Since Mill’s release from jail in 2018 due to the parole violation, the rapper has become an activist for the extremely needed reform of the justice system.

The overturning of the original case Mill was convicted for will now give him the chance to have his day in court again, with a retrial featuring a new judge. The original witness for the prosecution will not be called to testify. However, Mill’s legal team is still waiting for a response from the District Attorney’s office on whether a retrial will even occur in the first place, or if the charges on this case will be dropped.

It looks like things for rapper Meek Mill are looking up this year. Though the rapper is by no means giving up recording music, he has expressed assignment to get into the more business aspect of the music industry. And this recent news of the overturned conviction and no longer having a criminal record is definitely something to celebrate about. Mill used his time in jail to learn more about the justice system and be able to start a conversation once he was released. Since then, the rapper has been making huge moves, and it seems he has no intentions of slowing down.


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