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College Scandal or Just How Systematic Racism Works


So it has finally come to the attention to the rest of the world that white people get to buy their accolades. With that comes substantially paid jobs in high places. Here are the facts of this “College Scandal”.


William “Rick” Singer who owns a college preparation business in Newport Beach , California, and who was also CEO of a mock-up organization Key Worldwide Foundation. Ironically, this fake organization claimed to give money to unprivileged youth for education that would unobtainable otherwise. He clearly has no moral compass. With this “organization” he took money from these privileged white parents and got their privileged white kids into schools they never had to even work for. As a black person im not remotely astonished by this.


The parents involved in this scandal aren’t all strangers to us. Two of them we know, Lori Loughlin from Full House and Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives. Lori Loughlin and her husband had alleged to pay inducement fees up to $500,000, to have their daughters as recruits for the crew team of Southern, even though neither one of these children ever participated in the sport. The parents just sent pictures of their daughters on the row machine. Authorities say they have emails to back their charges.


Felicity Huffman and her husband allegedly made a “purported donation “ of $15,000 to get their eldest daughter into school. She then with to make the same arrangement for her youngest daughter then randomly found some morals and backed out. The feds recorded conversations from Felicity Huffman and cooperating witness.


No,not just the famous people were arrested, they also arrested two entrance exam administrators, one exam proctor, nine coaches from top schools, one college administrator, and 33 parents. When you think of all the people complicit in this college scandal, I really wanna laugh and pull my hair out cause this is a network of people stomping all over everyone right to be judged on their merit.


Speaking of merit , this reminds me of the story of Kelley Williams-Bolar. Bolar served 9 days in jail, and received 3 years of probation and 80 hours of community service, because she lied about her address so her daughter could go to a better school. So she could get better education and be seen on her merits and not the color of her skin.


Then we have Tanya McDowell who was sentenced to 5 years for first degree larceny; 5 years for “ stealing” a better education for her child. She enrolled her child in Norwalk public school and despite living in Norwalk was still tried and convicted. What’s really interesting is that people stopped supporting her with this case because she caught a drug charge. I don’t really see how that has anything to do with the fact that she wanted better for her child. It’s clear she wanted her son to not have to live like her. She wanted him to go to a better school and receive a better education than her.


All of this highlights a clear double standard in a racist system. Due redlining, and being shoved in the ghettos and not being cared about, we suffer with piss poor educational institutions. Teachers who are desensitized to the needs of these inner city youth. They don’t fight for these kids cause most of them are black and brown. The smartest black/brown kid has to fight three times as hard for the education they deserve, because of the fact that they were born in the ghetto. And while we have to do things like lie about addresses so our kids light and hunger for knowledge doesn’t get stomped out, white people can pay for their mediocre children to just walk right into schools they don’t deserve to go to. We talk about how affirmative actions is destroying colleges and now we get to see what’s really destroying colleges people being able to buy their way in.


Black and Brown kids from the ghetto dream of your elite schools, but quite frankly, they deserve better. Cause your schools don’t even see them as worthy to begin with.  What’s worthy to them is revenue and profit. So when y’all open your mouths to tell black/brown people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, I want everyone to remember this “college scandal” add it to the list of systematic injustices that stop us from even standing up to pull up these bootstraps.


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