Crown Jewel here to Solidify Their Spot with: Neurosis


Crown Jewel Clique’s own Tim Daly put their own spin on the Nas classic beat “NY State Mind” with “Neurosis” the song also comes with an assisted verse from label-mate SaySo. The two lets you take a trip through the respective minds of their reflection of the NY culture. The two Crown Jewel Clique artist give you that Authentic NY sounds as if their flow came straight out of the ’90s.

For those that don’t know Tim Daly, he resides out of Bronx, NY. He along with other rap fan fanatics formed Crown Jewel Clique in 2008 for “The Misfits”. The brand’s goal “is to bring dope, unique sounds while remaining quintessentially New York”. The artist on the label consists of Tim Daly himself, Sayso, and Young Skreetware. To Learn more about them you can check out the website For more Tim Daly info check out his social media and list of fire tracks on his SoundCloud listed below.

Twitter: @BodhisattvaTim

Instagram: @TimDaly718


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