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Democratic Donor Ed Buck arrested after 3rd victim overdoses and nearly dies in his Hollywood home.


Democratic donor Ed Buck, was arrested after a third man suffered from an overdose in his West Hollywood home. Buck was known to fetishize black men who were victims of homelessness and suffered from addiction. His attraction to colored victims of brokenness is clearly not just a personal preference, but a means to satisfy his sickness and delay the consequence.

Experience has shown us that broken people of color are disregarded by the system and seen as disposable. This ideology is clearly no secret. Police brutality, disproportionate sentencing, and wrongful arrests back the disregard for black life in America. A similar case occurred with Daniel Holtzclaw, the white police officer who raped over 18 women of color. He purposely used their criminal backgrounds to suppress their claims. A white man of wealth and power can use this ideology to his advantage.

Buck had a sexual fetish in which he would pump his victims with heavy narcotics until the point of overdose. His disregard for his victims is clearly evident since this happened three times. The two victims who died were found naked surrounded by sex toys and drug paraphernalia. The third victim was lucky enough to make it out alive.

Activists had to demand the arrest of Buck because there was clearly no regard. The first death was ruled accidental, and the second death lacked evidence as per prosecutors.

The deceased victim’s mother is filing a wrongful-death lawsuit against Buck and the district attorney.  Her attorney made it clear that if roles were reversed the situation would have played out differently.

Hussain Turk stated, “If the dead body of a blond-haired, blue-eyed white man was found in the home of an older black man, he’d be lucky to even make it to the police station alive.”


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