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Dorian’s Devastation In The Bahamas: What Is Being Done To Help?


Last week, Hurricane Dorian stormed the Bahamas with winds of 185 miles per hour (a Category Five storm), leaving 70,000 people homeless and at a loss for how they will rebuild their lives. The death toll is currently at 43, and there are hundreds and thousands of people still missing. According to UNICEF, 18,000 families are currently struggling to recover from the effects of the Hurricane.

But how much attention are we really paying to people in the Bahamas affected by this travesty? It’s true that when black and brown communities are affected by a natural disaster, we pay less attention. When the Notre Dame in France burned down, millionaires all came together to pay what they could to see it rebuilt. Why do so many people care more about rebuilding the Notre Dame than rebuilding people’s lives?

Although it’s unfortunately true that the Bahamas are not being rebuilt nearly as quickly as the Notre Dame, some people and organizations have been fighting hard for the families and communities who lost a lot in the wake of Dorian. When the disaster was still occuring, a Grand Celebration cruise ship rescued 1,500 evacuees. In addition, many celebrities have begun supporting the survivors, including Ludacris and Tyler Perry, and organizations such as US Agency for International Development and Britain’s Royal Fleet Auxiliary have been sending aid to the Bahamas. One little six year old boy from South Carolina named Jermaine Bell had used the money he was saving to go to Disneyland to evacuees staying in his hometown, saying that he wanted to “live to give.”

We’re not sure how personally invested Donald Trump has been in the natural disaster; when it was occuring, he was insulting people on Twitter. Misleading information has also been spread about how much Donald Trump is personally invested in what has happened to people in the Bahamas. A rumor has been circulating the internet stating that Donald Trump personally donated 1 million dollars to those in the Bahamas affected by Dorian. The rumor was shared in a meme-like picture format, which reads “President Trump donated $1 million dollars to the relief fund for The Bahamas. No politicians have donated ANYTHING. ZERO.”

Troublingly, many Facebook users shared this image, but this message is completely false; there has been no news outlet reporting that Trump donated 1 million dollars to help victims of Hurricane Dorian, and it’s unfortunate that so many Americans and Facebook users are a victim of this misinformation easily spread on social media.

Want to help donate to disaster relief for the Bahamas? Support organizations like UNICEF, HeadKnowles, Global Giving, Team Rubicon, World Central Kitchen, or go to HELP ME DONATE to find more organizations you can sponsor – and more places in the world that need help.


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