If it was your last night to live, what would you do?

Would you sleep with someone unexpected, make peace with others, or spend the last few moments with those you love most?

When the wildlings and members of the Nights Watch show up with the news that the night king and his army are less than a fortnight away, things get hectic in Winterfell.

Jamie pledges to fight for the living to kick start the episode. Dany makes the decision to spare her fathers killer and let him fight beside her against the dead. He also then apologizes to Bran for crippling him. Bran not only accepts his apology, but he notes that without that fall, he may not have become the 3 Eyed Raven.

Side note – He also pretty much says they are not going to make it out alive but, it’s not like he can tell the future or anything.

This wasn’t the only apology that Bran received because Theon returns to Winterfell willing to protect Bran at the forefront of the battle and says it is because he owes him his life after taking Winterfell. So basically even though Jamie gave a nice apology, Theon came in with the proposed change of action and repayment. Bran still forgave them both either way considering he’s the least emotional in the seven kingdoms.

In the spirit of people making amends, Dany reaches out to Sanza again in hopes they can agree to work together for the love of John. While Sanza seems to like Dany for a moment, she swiftly reminds Daenerys she will not be bending the knee to her any time soon. She basically gave her the “you cool and all but you not my queen, sis” and it was a reminder that Sanza has always been getting smarter with the seasons.

But all that aside, this episode was another 55 minutes of preparation for the final war. Here’s a list of the main events (apart from the above) worth mentioning.

Main Themes from this weeks episode

  1. The main point of the episode was the last 10-second clip of the Dead army arriving at the outside gates of Winterfell.
  2. Next up is John telling Dany about his identity. As most people assumed – she only cared about him being heir to the throne. She didn’t even mention anything about her being his aunt which, isn’t all that surprising considering historically Targaryen’s were into the whole incest thing.
  3. Lady Brienne becomes a Knight thanks to Jamie, despite tradition being that only men could be Knights. Girl Power!
  4. Tyrion is the only person to believe that they are all going to make it out alive tomorrow.
  5. Last but definitely not least – there is just no way around it – the north is racist! It hinted to it last episode but it’s without a doubt obvious now. If they make it out alive, Greyworm and Missandei are getting out of there and going back to the beaches. The whites can keep the nasty cold.

This episode had some pretty good quotes. My favorites are below, what are yours?

“Our enemy doesn’t tire, doesn’t stop, doesn’t feel” – John Snow

“Everyone seems to forget that I’m the first one to kill a white walker” – Samwell Tarly


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