“Free Meek,” an Amazon docuseries was released for streaming today. The series chronicles the insurmountable obstacles rapper Meeks Mills had to endure due to probation restrictions. The unfairness of his case was the catalyst for national outrage.

At the age of 18, Mill was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm and assaulting a police officer. Eleven years later Meek is still impacted by the restrictions of his parole agreement. Due to the nature of his profession, travel is a requirement.  Mill continually violated his Parole as a result of travel restrictions. The series exposes the unfairness and corruption of the criminal justice system.

Meek is one of many black men affected by mass incarceration. His situation confirms that regardless of a black man’s successes the system is not designed for his progression. Those that are entrapped by the system at a young age are purposely designed to stay in it.


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