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#GreenShirtGuy: Laughing Uncontrollably Is Sometimes The Answer


In Tucson, Arizona, a woman interrupted a City Council meeting to yell about and hold up signs reading, “RESPECT OUR LAWS OR WE WILL DEPORT YOU” to protest sanctuary cities.

The situation was less of a protest and more of a weird attention grab, and what was written on the signs had a degrading tone to it – frankly, “we will deport you” sounds a lot like what someone who is aching for power over someone else would say. However, what would be a pretty depressing scene on any other day turned out to be a hilarious one because of a guy – with, yes, a green shirt.

The #GreenShirtGuy was all over Twitter due to his funny performance, all of which was caught on video with hilarious “The Office” type zooming in. I highly encourage you to watch the video. #GreenShirtGuy, who we now know as Alex Kack (@Alex_Knack on Twitter), calming sat back in his chair during the city council meeting and began uncontrollably laughing at the sight of the two Trump supporters. When the protester said “You’re in direct violation of the oath you took to the United States of America,” someone else yelled, “You’re a direct violation of being a jackass.” It’s safe to say that #GreenShirtGuy’s laughing only quickened and became more hysterical at that point.

Many celebrities have been tweeting about #GreenShirtGuy, including famous comedian Patton Oswalt who tweeted this:

“I love you #GreenShirtGuy. I love you #GreenShirtGuy. I truly, truly, truly love you #GreenShirtGuy.”

Chrissy Tiegan also tweeted about him, writing this:

there is something about #greenshirtguy that completely nullifies any dumb shit that woman is saying. you forget about her completely. he consumes you. in any other context, without him laughing, it would make you sad. but this makes you happy. yelling is fun. but this is better.

our heroes are not big politicians. they are people who yell or literally laugh in the faces of insanity. please, everyone, do either.”

She’s right: there’s something hilarious about ignoring the insanity of other people and just going with the flow – just outright laughing in their faces.

Of course, we need to get back on track and get some gun reform laws passed – background checks, banning of automatic weapons, high capacity magazines, and bump stocks – everything. But it was nice to have a break from all the polarization with some hysterical laughter that perhaps made us all a little less hysterical.

If you’re interested in rewarding Alex Knack for providing us with a little relief, check out the organization he works for. It’s called Tucson Families Free and Together (endorsed by Peoples Defense Initiative), and they are an organization that works “to uplift policies which ensure that our local government is committed to protecting and defending all people and upholding the self-evident truths that all people are created equal and endowed with the unalienable rights of life and liberty.” You can donate here!


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