HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Legendary Hip-Hop Icon Kanye West that turns 42 today. In Celebration we want to give you a Top 10 ranking of the Rap God’s albums over his long successful career.

10. YE

Kanye West’s stint in Wyoming seemed like a low point in his career trying to find himself again. A album created from chaos’s as his career seemed to be going that way with all his antics in social media. A-part of his 7-Track Production Series of 2018 this may serve as the worse one of the group and thus a album that most might forget.

9. Yeezus

A prototype sample of the new sound Kanye was trying to tap into. A sacrificial lamb album that Ye was willing to bear to evolve the sound of Hip-Hop. You can tell in the 10-track effort that Ye was experimenting with his production as most songs on the album were unorthodox as it didn’t have the natural instruments that make your normal hip-hop album. Although it didn’t get the respect this album will be something we’ll appreciate years from now as it was a stepping stone to the evolution of Hip-Hop.

8. Kids See Ghost

The Dynamic Duo Casper Team that was caught by the kids. Kanye and Kid Cudi hold a very special psychic bond that creates 7 thought fragmented tracks that represent the Kid in all of us. If it’s one thing Kids See Ghost is a album of healing and resolve through today’s society.

7. 808’s and Heartbreak

Essentially this album is a response to the death of his late Mother Donda West who whole-handily raised him. 808s and Heartbreak, stands the test of time and acts as one of his most influential albums as he was tapping into a sound unheard of at the time. This began a shift in the culture as autotune and sing rap was becoming much more prominent in mainstream music and has berth some of the dopiest artist of this era (Travis Scott, Juice WRLD, Drake). As the title entails the album was an introspective, minimal electro-pop record steeped in regret, pain, and even more self-examination of Kanye West in his time of healing.

6. The Life of Pablo

Picasso Kanye in a new space in his career (Newly Married, Kids,). TLOP represents a album that is just a album by Kanye not testing the limits to his sound or branch a new gap just great production all around. Kanye is simple freewheeling his infectious energy and drawing inspirations from all over to contribute to this album.

5. The College Dropout

The album that had all of us sign our ears and hearts to Kanye West. The Chicago kid’s introduction to the world that let us know he walked with Jesus as his first album was a work of art sent from heaven. Polo T’s and Backpacks were the wave when this dropped and so many imitations of Ye would be formed as Kanye made it cool not to be a gangster but just a normal person with swag and passion.

4. Graduation

A enterprising step into Legendary status with his 3rd studio album in 4 years. Mr. West proved that his run in the industry wasn’t a sprint but a marathon. Graduation served as the ending to his College Themed Album titles and Ye made sure it ended on a Legendary note. Flawless production from start to finish nothing but thought provoking and inspirational choice of words from the Rap God.

3. My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy

A master piece for the genius maniac. Kanye is inviting us inside his world with beautiful flawless one again production. Kanye is attempting to be honest with his self and trying to see if he’s God himself or something beyond it. A Blessing in disguise driven by darkness twisted by ego.

2. Watch The Throne

Getting Two Legendary Icons to do a joint-album and execute it flawlessly is something so rare of this time. Kanye & Jay-Z set the bar so high with this collaboration that it’s as though they sat the Throne up there and knew everyone would be watching as a album will never reach that magnitude again. 8 Years Later and we still haven’t heard a album with such great SuperSonic Production and Bars so fitting to every track that it’s made to be played in stadiums only.

  1. Late Registration

Chop-Up The Soul Kanye creates this imperfect Soulful Masterpiece that serves as his most accomplished rap album to date. Ye’s ear is that of a golden instrument and serves him well in the production of this album. A super-friendly collaborative spirit Kanye turned into the most fully-formed artist of Hip-Hop. Every sample, featured artist, and skit fit the vision he was trying to imprint. It serves simply as Kanye’s best album as this is something that can’t be recreated and reached the highest form in the Hip-Hop’s sound before he would go on and test new sounds of the genre. If there was a list of top sophomore albums by artist Late Registration is def top 2 and it’s not 2 as 2nd album efforts usually flop for most artist.


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