Amidst tumultuous protests and violent outbursts among civilians and police, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam has decided to officially withdraw the controversial extradition bill that was the catalyst to the rift.

The extradition bill would allow fugitives of Hong Kong to be transported to mainland China. The controversial bill would place the people of Hong Kong under Chinese Jurisdiction. Although Hong Kong is ruled by China, there is separate governing systems and different currency. The bill would threaten the people of Hong Kong’s freedom.

Despite the withdrawal, protesters feel it is too late to turn things around, as the premise of the protests has extended far beyond the original reason. Many question why three months of civil unrest was needed to push the withdrawal.

The withdrawal is one of the five demands requested by protesters. Other demands include an inquiry into police brutality, renounce the term rioters in lieu of protesters, release of protesters arrested during the chaos, and the ability to vote for Legislative Council and the Chief Executive.

Despite having one of the major demands met, the political unrest is far from over.


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