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Jay-Z’s Goal Of Partnership With NFL


By now, news has skyrocketed of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation partnership with the NFL that will tap into the social justice issues and entertainment. To further detail it, Roc Nation according to multiple news sources is said to be the co-producer of the Super Bowl halftime show which has been in a state of controversy for the last few years due to the Kaepernick protest of taking a knee.

It’s an alluring connection between the two corporations, taking into account his history of putting the league on blast regarding the disconnect with the players protesting. Nonetheless, the Hip-Hop Icon shared via the Wall Street Journal that his ambition with this deal is to help create a space for players to express their right to protest without it necessarily being done so during games.

In the article from Wall Street Journal Jay-Z stated that Kapernick

“absolutely brought this conversation alive,”. “We like to think that the way we build the [NFL’s social-awareness program] Inspire Change platform, that if anything close to that would happen in the future, then Kaepernick would have a platform where he can express himself and maybe it doesn’t have to take place on the field.”

In the article Jay-Z also noted that he doesn’t shy away from venture opportunities to work with people who don’t necessarily share the same political ideologies because that comes with the territory when doing business with different companies/organization.  “I’m black. That’s my world,” Jay eluded to adding that if he cared about only forming partnership’s with people of his political mindset, “then I couldn’t have any TV shows. I couldn’t put my platform on TV because I’m sure someone who owns the broadcast network has supported someone who I don’t believe should be in office.”

“We’re going through a tough time,” Jay said. “A lot of people are not agreeing with one another. And we have to just push it along a little bit. There’s no magic pill. No one is going to have the solution themselves. You just have to do your little thing to push it along.”

As everyone on social has given their own opinion we must still applaud Jay-Z for at least attempting to solve this disconnect between players and the owners over protesting these issues. Stay tuned as we’ll keep watch of how this partnership will work out for the NFL.


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