Today marks the 1st Anniversary since we lost one of the most down to earth artist to grace the Hip-Hop scene. For a lot of us, we grew up with Mac and seen growth in his music, especially Post “K.I.D.S.” and “Blue Slide Park” era. Although this growth would ultimately be drug-driven escapes knowing that Mac wasn’t scared to be vulnerable is what made his music much more touching and gave a feeling someone who can relate was battling their demons as well but wanted to continue to inspire.

In Honor of his death here are ten of his most prominent psychedelic tracks with illustrations of each one.

10. Suplexes Inside of Complexes and Duplexes ft. Jay Electronica (Watching Movies With The Sound Off)

A Trip through the wacky wonder mind of Mac with a Story from the Caveman who doesn’t come out Jay Electronica.

9. Colors & Shapes (Faces)

“This song is about LSD and the perception of life it gives to those who take it. The man in the introduction is Timothy Leary, who was one of the inspirations for the psychedelic movement of the 60’s”

8. Grandpa Used To Carry A Flask (Delusional Thomas)

“This track sums up the Delusional Thomas tape. Mac feels that his drug use is a portal to death, and eventually he will die from it. However, he lives life in the moment because he is so successful.”

7. Angels (When She Shuts Her Eyes) (Macadelic)

“The syrup is a gateway to where ever he wants to go. He personifies the syrup, the syrup is a woman that can get him high and take him as far away from reality as he wants to go, even if the distance she can take him can be dangerous hence “ don’t be afraid”.”

6. Grand Finale (Faces)

“The hook and the title of this song, can be seen as a double entendre.”

“Grand Finale is the last song of the mixtape Faces, which would constitute the idea of this being its “Grand Finale”
“Grand finale” also refers to Mac’s death. Mac wonders what it would be like when he dies, and hopes he’ll leave in style.”

5. Jump (GO:OD AM)

“Mac takes in a positive world vision, and he compares life to a dream. When you’re falling in a dream, a fall can seem to last forever, like a free fall. Mac encourages to take the “jump off the edge” in life; to take risks; to live life to the fullest.”

4. Clarity (Macadelic)

“An interesting song where Mac raps either about the sense of tranquility and peace that love brings him….or drugs, a recurring theme throughout this mixtape.”

3. Youforia (Watching Movies With The Sound Off)

Mac revealed in an interview with Billboard that this song is about a vagina:

“Youforia” is a song about a vagina. I swear to God. Because I realized that fucking everything is about the vagina. That is the mecca of life, is the vagina. Think about it, it’s the most powerful thing in the world”

2. Funeral (Faces)

“In Funeral, Mac explores the concept of death and the idea that every second could literally be our last on this planet. Mac spends some time reflecting on his childhood in the first verse and then takes some time to explore life’s meaning in the second verse. This is similar to the descriptions of a man’s life flashing before his life moments before his death. The power and meaning behind this track are amplified by the fact that Mac has presumably had some close encounters with death through his drug use.”

Honorable Mentions: 

Polo Jeans ft. Earl Sweatshirt (Faces)

The Question ft. Lil Wayne (Macadelic)

Angel Dust (Faces)

Vitamins (Macadelic)

Ascension (GO:OD AM)

Friends ft. Schoolboy Q (Faces)

1. Festival ft. Little Dragon (GO:OD AM)

“After all God has exclaimed of Mac persevering through life and how his actions would sadden saints, she gives Mac one more chance to say if he really wants to come to heaven or not. Not only the song, but also the album end on this depressing note (other than the outro), leaving us to wonder what Mac’s final decision is to be.”



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