It seems that this year is the year of making moves for rapper Meek Mill! The Philly-based rapper tweeted last week about joining forces with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Label to launch the Dream Chasers label. Mill will be the label’s president, being in charge of assembling the team and ultimately running the label.

This is not the first piece of good news that has come the rapper’s way. It was also recently announced that Mill’s conviction for a drug and gun case was recently overturned. This is huge news in the fact that this has been a case and conviction that have followed the rapper for over a decade. A violation of parole for this case also landed the rapper back in jail in 2017.

The overturning of the conviction was voted by three judges this month, and the reasoning behind this conviction was suspected police corruption. The judge who ruled for Mill’s violation parole, Genece Brinkley, was always speculated to have had a vendetta against Mill. Since Mill’s release from jail in 2018 due to the parole violation, the rapper has become an activist for the extremely needed reform of the justice system.

The overturning of the original case Mill was convicted for will now give him the chance to have his day in court again, with a retrial featuring a new judge. The original witness for the prosecution will not be called to testify. However, Mill’s legal team is still waiting for a response from the District Attorney’s office on whether a retrial will even occur in the first place, or if the charges on this case will be dropped.

It looks like things for rapper Meek Mill are looking up this year. Though the rapper is by no means giving up recording music, he has expressed assignment to get into the more business aspect of the music industry. And this recent news of the overturned conviction and no longer having a criminal record is definitely something to celebrate about. Mill used his time in jail to learn more about the justice system and be able to start a conversation once he was released. Since then, the rapper has been making huge moves, and it seems he has no intentions of slowing down.


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