Notorious up and coming rapper Megan Thee Stallion recently took to Twitter to announce all the ways in which she’s going green. The rapper also announced on the same platform she will be following a vegan diet. Just as a refresher, going vegan is adopting a plant-based diet free of all dairy, meat, and other animal-derived foods.

Using the Twitter platform, the rapper posted a couple of tips for her followers on going green. “Hey Hotties these are a few things I’m starting today! If you’re already an eco friendly hottie please comment more ways to help,” the rapper wrote, followed by a few pics of ways to grow green. Some of the tips included using reusable bags, using a refillable water bottle, cutting down on the consumption of meat or ditching it altogether, and of course, recycling. The comments were flooded with fans and eco-friendly advocates giving their tips as well as commending the rapper for her announcement.

Is being eco-friendly hot? We think so! Recent headlines regarding climate change are pretty grim, so of course, many are advocating for an eco-friendly lifestyle to help protect our gorgeous Earth. We particularly love how Megan is using her platform to reach her followers.

In another great move, the rapper hosted a beach cleanup in Santa Monica on June 6th. Fans were able to work alongside her in cleaning up litter and whatnot. And it looks like this may become a little eco tour on behalf of Megan thee Stallion, as she took to name Houston, Texas as the next stop.

Climate change is all over the news and becoming a huge topic in any conversation. Eco-friendly advocates like Megan thee Stallion are using their social platforms to reach fans and make them aware of what they can do, and we’re huge fans of that! Restoring the earth with our fave rappers? Don’t mind if we do!



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