A Michigan couple, Rob Mathis and his wife Reyna did not expect to see racist memorabilia and framed KKK Documents when they toured Officer Charles Anderson’s home which was up for sale.

Mathis explained via Facebook that as he walked through the house he and his wife thought was “Perfect”, he began to notice” Confederate flags on the walls in the dining room and even the garage”. Mathis even posted a picture on Facebook of what appears to be a framed original KKK document hanging in the Officer’s home. See the original Facebook post below:

Muskegon Police Officer Charles Anderson was placed on Administrative leave Today as the department investigates whether or not he is a white nationalist, and has racist memorabilia in his home.

Clearly, if Anderson is indeed a White Nationalist and harbors racist views he should be terminated and flagged so that he never works in Law Enforcement again. It’s a bad time to be a White Supremacist as the recent Terrorist attacks in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso Texas has forced not only Major Corporate media platforms, But President Trump as well to publically condemn white supremacy. In an address from the White House on Monday, President Trump referred to White Supremacy as a “Sinister Ideology that must be defeated”.

White Nationalist, including KKK members invading law enforcement branches, is no new practice, it’s actually common knowledge to most. It goes without saying that People of color will not be safe as long as racists continue to mask themselves as ethical Law Enforcement officers. As recently as a couple of days ago, in an interview with CBSNews, a Police Sargeant in St Louis admitted, “Yes, There are White Supremacists on the Force”. 

America’s dark and racist past continues to reveal itself in modern societies affairs. We will be keeping an eye on the situation with Charles Anderson and the Mathis family, hopefully, the ultimate decision will be swift, and motivated by keeping the public safe.


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