Naruto known as one of the all-time best animated series has a lot to like about it from story lines, fight scenes, and often the emotional cut scenes between some of the most precious characters. Nothing got you hyped for Ninja warfare like the soundtracks to the opening theme songs and the visuals that accompanied them.

We’ve ranked the opening themes between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series based on the quality of the song and how well the visuals helped convey the story arc and the show overall.

10. Naruto Shippuden Op. 3

“Blue Bird” by Ikimono-Gakari

One of many filler arc’s during Naruto Shippuden this opening theme is powered behind strong lyrics with a cinematic transition between images with a blue bird. Presenting new enemies that’ll shape the development of Naruto and his fellow friends giving another stepping stone into the series.

9. Naruto – Op. 2

“Far Away”  by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

A opening theme fitting for when the series first took-off during the Chunin Exam arc for the young students. The lyrics in the song describe a sense of angry youth which goes well with the visuals as the exam gave the aspiring ninjas a chance to show off their skill. Within the imagery are a lot of foreshadowing plots within the story that teases the viewer. Revealing most of the side characters that’ll have a important role throughout the series this got you prepared for what was to come in the series.

8. Naruto Shippuden Op. 13

“Niwaka Ame ni mo Makezu” by NICO Touches The Wall

Centered around the long-running 4th Great Ninja War arc this focuses on the 5 Kage (The strongest characters in the series) and their battle against antagonist Madara. Visually striking we get great spiritual elements that represent the Kage in their fight along with Sasuke and Obito. The lyrics confide with the visuals contrasting light and darkness in the series. Naruto is believed to be the force of light that will make a difference in the war. Thus he dawning a new transformation by the end of the opening is no surprise.

7. Naruto Shippuden Op. 4

“Closer” by Joe Inoue

This opening theme is inspirational as it channels more of the side characters from the series. This particular arc tapped into Team Ten which consisted of Asuma, Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji. Forecasting the battle of Team Ten and the new antagonist. The arc would mark the death of the team’s Sensi Asuma and coming to grips with him being gone.  There is a deep sense of more so focus on Shikamaru as he the leader of his team has a hard time dealing with the death of his Sensi.

6. Naruto Shippuden Opening 5

“Hotaru no Hikari” by Ikmonogakari

A cheerful gloomy feel to the opening theme song that focused on Sasuskes return to the series with his new teammates. Teasing plot developments in the story for Naruto’s rival one of many arcs in the series that takes the focus off Naruto. Even though the song is about love it fits perfectly well for one of the more darker stories in the anime.

5.Naruto Shippuden Op. 1

“Hero’s Come Back!!” by Nobodyknows+

The first opening into the sequel part of the series broadcast a new look for the main characters after the two year time-lapse. A inspirational sound to the Hip-Hop theme song that renewed the excitement for the series sequel. With different animation styles being delivered we get a glimpse of what’s to come for a more mature Naruto and friends.

4. Naruto Op. 5

“Seishun Kyousokyoku” by Sambomaster

The best opening theme of the first series of Naruto which is considered the climactic arc before the “filler hell” as some would call it. Sasuke Going rouge in his quest for power Naruto and friends are sent on a mission to save him. Visuals capture the assembled team of the mission facing off against the new antagonist. More importantly, this opening highlighted the end of an era between the bond of Sasuke and Naruto as we once knew it to be early in the series.

3. Naruto Shippuden Op.8

“Diver” by NICO Touches the Walls

Taking place shortly after The Pain Arc this opening is very simple in presence but the metaphors of the overall video are what makes this top 3. Naruto is seen drowning in despair surrounded by his enemies. Lost thinking about his beloved friend Sasuke who has taken an unforgivable path keeps him sinking even more. Until the help of his family and friends save him from that despair. Free from it all he sees Sasuke still lost in despair and hatred with no support system, Naruto is still determined to save him even if he’s an enemy now. This would sum up the character arc of the two rivals before entering the war.

2. Naruto Shippuden Op.16

“Silhouette” by Kana-Boon

The best opening that aired during The 4th Great Ninja War Arc which features the main event of The Allied Shinobi Nation facing off against antagonist Obito and Madara. The visuals in the opening are stunning showcasing the main fighters in the arc on the battlefield and briefly going through a time-lapse of the main characters maturity development in the series even from the antagonist. The opening sums up all the action taking place during one of the climax parts of the war.

Honorable Mentions

Naruto Shippuden Op. 9 “Lovers” by 7

Naruto Shippuden Op. 19 “Blood Circulator” byAsian Kung-Fu Generation

Naruto Op. 4 “GO!!!” by Flow

Naruto Shippuden Op. 14 “Tsuki no Ookisa” by Nogizaka 46

Naruto Shippuden Op. 6 “Sign” by Flow

Naruto Shippuden – Op. 15 “Crimson Lotus” by Guren

1.Naruto Shippuden Op.7

“Toumei Datta Sekai” By Motohiro Hata

This intro aired during The Pain arc which many considered to be the most critically acclaimed one. The Symbolical intro marked the death of Jiraya Naruto’s beloved master who trained under him for years which act as a prominent father figure to him. Jiraya, in the beginning, is shown writing one of his most prized books “Naruto” which his former student Minato (Naruto’s Dad a.k.a. 4th Hokage) would name the beloved main character after. Pain the main antagonist in the saga who kills Jiraya is a former student of his and was the inspiration for his book. A series of misfortune events for Pain leads him into the wrong path in finding peace. The intro leads us into Naruto finding himself in the wake of his master’s death after reading “Naruto” thus setting his legacy into avenging his master’s sibling student who has waged war against his village.


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