By Jordin Polite

It was an eventful weekend for the City of Miami which hosted the Rolling Loud music festival at the Hard Rock Stadium. Rolling loud is the largest Hip-Hop Festival in the world. With Hip-Hop now being the most influential genre in music it’s easy to understand why Rolling Loud is one of the most highly anticipated music events of the year. Average ticket prices start around $500, but luckily for those of us who were unable or unwilling to pay the steep admission price to the outside concert, we learned everything we needed to know about the event via social media. There were plenty of people in attendance who went live during sets, recorded some performances, and kept the rest of the World hip to the important details via twitter and other platforms.

We saw Lil Baby crush his set while hurling pounds of weed into the crowd. We promptly heard the news when Kodak Black was arrested on gun charges moments before he was about to take the stage. One of the more disturbing reports from Concert goers was that there was an “active shooter” false alarm that sent crowds of people running, creating an extremely dangerous situation. Apparently there were many hazards and people had to “tear down fences” to leave. As stated by many people in attendance via twitter, had there been a real terrorist attack many people may have lost their lives due to the lack of exits. However, this wasn’t the only disturbing report.

A couple of high profile rappers were almost killed as assassination attempts were made on their lives. NBA Youngboy, a popular rapper out of New Orleans was targeted in a shooting near Trumps Miami resort hotel leaving 1 innocent bystander killed and 2 others wounded. NBA Youngboy made it out okay and his security reportedly shot and killed the gunman however a woman with Youngboy at the time was hit but will recover. Early Friday morning a drive-by shooting took place on the 1-95 in Miami, popular rapper Young Thug was driving in a Ferrari next to a bus that a DJ was traveling in, at the moment It’s unclear who the target was. On Saturday, Upcoming Chicago rapper AAB Hellabandz was shot and killed outside a Miami nightclub. With all that happened it seemed as the perpetrators of the violence were trying to make a point to rappers who came down to participate in Rolling Loud and the night life that follows it.

A few days ago  in Atlanta Offset, 1/3 of the award winning rap group “Migos” was targeted in a Drive-by shooting outside of a studio. It was reported that during their trip to Miami this past weekend, Offset and his wife Cardi B performed at two separate clubs as a precaution because people are trying to kill him. All of this, and it has only been a little more than a month since we lost Nipsey Hussle to gun violence. It’s unclear what the reason for the increased assassination attempts on rappers is about. However, one this is for sure, you can bet that more high-profile rappers will be taking even more security precautions during their everyday activities, and rightly so!


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