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Simone Biles Continues To Cement Her Legacy As The GOAT


Champion gymnast Simone Biles is literally killing it. Not only did she win her sixth title for the U.S Gymnastics Championship, but she also executed clean never seen before moves.

The gymnast landed two moves that have never historically been executed during the competition before. She completed her beam performance with a double-double dismount, and during her floor routine, she flawlessly performed a trip-double with two flips and a twist.

When a gymnast seamlessly completes a rare difficult move, that move is named for the gymnast. Biles has recently been named for two moves, totaling three moves named for her skills overall.

Biles was definitely satisfied with her performance and the hard work behind it.  “I’m really happy with the beam dismount and how it’s come along because if you had asked me after [U.S. Classic] if I was going to complete it, I would’ve said no.” All that hard work did more than a payoff, it made history.


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