Just the other day while participating in Cassonova’s Social media challenge, Papoose reminded everyone how serious his worldplay is, in what appeared to be a freestyle the rapper spit while driving his car. Since Pap dropped alphabetical slaughter well over a decade ago, he cemented himself as one of the best MC’s. No one wants smoke with Pap, and while he might lack the discography of other artist on this list, Papoose is still making music and his Album “Underrated” that dropped earlier this year shows that he is a Top Tier Lyracist.


Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco is a lyrical genius. Fiasco would bless the Music Industry forever back in 2006 when he dropped “Food and Liquor” one of the greatest Rap Albums ever recorded. Throw in “The Cool” and “Lasers” both of which went gold, Fiasco has an impressive discography. But it’s his raw talent with words and ability to reflect some of the most complex social issues into his music that seperates him from the average rapper, and catapults him into that top 15 all time teir. His Last Album Drogas Wave sold only around 4,100 units its first week, but is a great listen.


Joey Badda$$

I still remember coming across a video on Worldstarhiphop claiming that this 16 year old rapper is bringing that 1999 NYC flow back. That video titled Hardknock Featuring “CJ Fly” was my introduction to joey Bada$$, and that was when I became a fan. He proved with two great mixtapes 1999 and Summer Knights that his rise to popularity wasn’t a fluke. Like almost ever other rapper on this list Joey has his devout following but more respect needs to be put on his name as a top lyracist and artist, Especially following his highly underrated Album “ALL-Amerikkan Bada$$”.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is becoming more popular and garnering more attention both in the US and Internationally. After surprising almost everyone with “SYRE” back in 2017. Jaden returned with his 2nd studio album ERYS in july of 2019. While the ablum sold just short of 24,000 units. Peole are starting to realize that they can no longer brush Jaden off as Will Smith’s son from the Pursuit Of Happiness. Jaden’s actually one of the most creative rappers around at the momnet and continues to produce great music. Apart from making great music and carrying himself like a rockstar Jaden Smith also does so much for the enviornment, and people in need which endears him to his fans ever more. The future is bright for this young artist.



What seperates Fab from most rappers is his longevity. His ability to stay relevant for almost 20 years in the rap game is something only the legends can accomplish. Not only does fabolous have multiple platinum and gold albums, but he has dominated the mixtape era from 2006-2013. Almost every year since 2001 fabolous has given us a hit single/anthem that dominated the airwaves. His consitency puts him at legendary status. Word is that Fab’s 7th studio album “Summertime Shootout 3” should be released this month. We cant wait.

Cyhi Da Prynce

Cyhi is a lyrical artist out of Atlanta who is signed with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music. As far as punchlines he can go head to head with any rapper, which is likely why Kanye had Cyhi write for him several times. Like Lupe Cyhi is adept at conveying history and “reality” in his rhymes, which regardless of what anyone says, that is talent in it’s truest form. Cyhi is often overlooked when it comes to artist comparisons but I wonder who really is the best MC in G.O.O.D?


Jeezy is arguable the most underrated Hip Hop legend of the 21st Century. The Pioneer who helped birth Trap Musik has so many hits. With 2 Platinum, and 2 Gold albums his discography is legendary. It includes classics like “The Recession”, “Thug Motivation 101”,  and “The Inspiration”. Last month Jeezy  released his latest album TM104 The Legend Of The Snowman and it’s been on of the best albums realeased this year, providing a fitting end to the Classic Thug Motivation series. His name deserves to be mentioned when people discuss who the GOAT rappers from the South are.


Curre$y is also a rapper who deserves way more respect than he gets. First nationally bursting onto the scene with Lil wayne back in 2008 with his single “Where the cash at” also ft remy ma. Since then Curre$Y has gone through many phases of his career, all the while staying true to himself, and his sound. Instead of alterning his music he decided to remain underground and start his own lable. It worked and now almost 12 years later Curre$y has a loyal fan base, 12 Studio Albums, and 57 Mixtapes. The amount of music he’s put out alone makes Curren$y a rap legend.


Unfortunately because of many factors including misogony female artist usually don’t recieve the recognition they deserve. However it won’t take long to figure out how skill and talented of an artist Rapsody is, once you hear almost any song she’s ever made. Her previous and 2nd studio album Laila’s Wisdom was classic in my opinion, and while it didn’t sell great, it was nationally recognized and awarded with a Grammy nomination. Rapsody is one of if not the best female rappers in the game right now. She definitely desereves more credit that she gets.


YBN Cordae has definitely exceeded expectations. Everyone should respect that Cordae is not only lyrically gifted, but he knows how to make provacative and impactful music at such a young age. YBN Cordae’s debut album “The Lost Boy” ended up selling about 25,000 units its first week and opened at 13th on the Billboard 200 chart. Cordae showed his lyrical superiorty to not only artist in his age group but many older rappers as well. Between YBN Cordae, Jaden Smith, and Joey Bada$$ the future of HipHop is in great hands. Time to put some respect on this young man’s name.


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