So last week, Avengers: Endgame premiered and boy do I have some thoughts to share! But first things first: SPOILER ALERT! Yes, this post is gonna be filled to the brim with spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the movie: you better RUN!

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That being said, let’s move forward with the review!

As soon as the movie started, you could feel the whole movie theater shaking with excitement, this was a big event. People were very invested in this story and that is totally expected, this is the conclusion to ten years of movies! The MCU really went all out with this one.

For starters, the opening scene is eery and we see the moment Hawkeye loses his family. It was heartbreaking to watch. And then, we move forward to the moment Captain Marvel saves Ironman and Nebula and the Avengers to face Thanos and get the gauntlet! And boy do we get a surprise!

Once they arrive at the tiny planet were Thanos was literally retired, they find him badly hurt and discover that he has destroyed the Infinity Stones. He doesn’t even fight back when Thor cuts his hand and decapitates him, storming off. This all felt very anticlimactic and was a shock for the audience, but the biggest shock came right after when the “five years later” slowly appeared on the screen. I screamed y’all. I did not see it coming! It took me completely by surprise, I couldn’t believe they just went ahead and did that! Everyone was shocked.

Then we have a scene of a rat bringing back Scott from the Quantum Realm. Yes, I know. A goddamn rat, unbelievable. Truly the unsung hero of this movie. Scott gets back and goes to talk with Natasha and Steve. He tells them that for him, it has only been five hours and not five years which opens the discussion of how can they use this information to try again and bring back those who were dusted. We then discover two things:

  1. That Tony Stark is living a happy life with Pepper and his daughter Morgan.
  2. That Banner and the Hulk are one and now he just looks very weird because he is green but also he is… You know, Banner.

Banner tells them he doesn’t know about Time Traveling and Tony simply doesn’t want to be involved in it because he doesn’t want to risk losing his family, which is totally understandable. So Banner, Scott, Natasha and Steve attempt time travel and fail miserably. But, Tony discovers a way to do it, much to his own disgust. There is a bit of drama there because Tony has to choose between the greater good or the ones he loves. We know this isn’t an easy choice to make, especially given the circumstances. But Tony is truly a hero and goes and helps them.

Now the next part felt like a gift to the fans. The team is brought back together and we see how each of them was affected by what had happened. Hawkeye became an assassin that goes around the world killing Mafia members and the like. Thor became reclusive, got out of shape (fluffy, but still hot), plays videogames and bullies kids in Fortnite and still blames himself for not being able to save the world from Thanos. Once assembled, they travel back in time and this is where things get really exciting and epic.

We get to see them travel back in time, which means, they go back to previous movies. And it is epic.

Honestly, my favorite part was when they re-lived the first Avenger movie. It was epic and it gave us also a chance to see our Loki once again. I am a sucker for Loki. It also gave us a pretty epic scene of the Cap saying “Hail Hydra” (We were shook!) and also, Tony had the opportunity to see his father and talk to him, which was a very touching moment.

All of these scenes of them going back in time, especially the ones between Thor and his mother, felt like a treat and were something I didn’t see coming, at least not in that way but it pleased me and made the whole movie so much epic. It was perfect.

The moment were Clint and Natasha go to get the Soul Stone was a real tear-jerker and the whole cinema gasped as they battled over who was going to be sacrificed, in the end, Natasha goes down and honestly I did not expect it. I don’t know why, I simply didn’t see it coming and although at that point it had become quite obvious to me that she was going to die, I still had some hopes. But she sacrificed herself and went as a legend.

Once that is done, the real fun begins. Now I’m not going into details regarding this but in a nutshell: Past Thanos finds about their plans and follows them to Earth and attacks them to steal the stones. But they were able to make the first snap and bring back the people.

Everyone is back and the most epic battle begins. All of the characters are back and we are treated to so many epic moments. Some of my favorites were:

  1. Captain America holding Thor’s hammer.
  2. Captain Marvel arriving at the battle.
  3. The girls protecting our baby Spidey
  4. Thor using Mjolnir and Stormbreaker to fight.
  5. Wanda facing Thanos, and Thanos being scared AF.

And finally, the moment that had our hearts beating out of our chests: Ironman snapping his fingers.

So. Fucking. Legendary. The people were yelling and standing up from their seats, it was a madhouse and honestly, I was yelling and clapping too. Took the stones, made a gauntlet, snapped his fingers and save the whole world… But at what cost. That is right, our favorite cocky hero was gone. With Pepper telling him that “they” will be okay (referring to her and her daughter), Ironman closed his eyes and finally died. At this point, I was a mess. I cried so much during his funeral that I had trouble being able to see the movie! I couldn’t even breath!

Thor hands Asgard to Valkyrie and goes off to space with Guardians of the Galaxy and it promises to be HILARIOUS! and in the final scene, Steve takes the stones back in time to where they belong and guess what? He stays in the past! with Peggy! This was very bittersweet because Steve did get his happy ending and we see him as a smiling old man who hands over the shield to Falcon but also, damn, this is the end of the Cap. Honestly, I’m already missing these idiots. The closing scene of Steve and Peggy dancing in their living room left me DECEASED. I came out of that theater a MESS.

Yes, we stayed and watched the credits knowing that there wasn’t a post-credit scene. We just couldn’t get up, we were filled with emotions. I cried, I laughed, I got angry and then I got very sad once again. Endgame was everything I expected and more. The epic end to an epic saga.



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