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Texas Police Officer on Paid Leave after Shooting Black Woman to Death, moments after she screamed “I’m Pregnant” [Video]


Police brutality was once again on full display Last night in Texas as a Baytown Police officer can be seen on video Using a taser, beating, and finally shooting a woman to Death as she pleads with the officer. The officer who has been on the force for 11 years has reportedly been placed on Paid leave.


The Video was taken by a bystander who happened to see the disturbing altercation. It show’s the victim trying to run away from the officer, she is seen screaming “Why? I didn’t do anything to you” while trying to free herself from the Officer who previously wrestled her to the ground. The officer seemingly could not get a firm hold of the woman and tased her again. At this point, you can hear the woman yell “I’m Pregnant”, right before she breaks free and is Shot to death by the police officer. From what we can tell in the video it appears that lethal force was highly unnecessary, and you rarely see Police Officers handling a woman in such a manner. Although we need more information about the incident including why the officer was trying to arrest her in the first place, it appeared that she had something in her hand moments before she was shot. However it appears this officer did not follow protocol, and as a result a woman is now dead.





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