The current state of politics in the country is in dire need of a renovation. There are a variety of celebrities who are advocating for change in politics and legislation, and many use their social and artistic platforms for a greater good.

Recently, there’s been an increase in the number of rappers and hip-hop artists who are using their voice to reach the younger audiences and encourage political awareness. One of the most recent notable acts of an artist becoming more involved in politics is rapper Cardi B. She recently joined forces with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to shoot a campaign video. The rapper took to social media to thank the current senator for a meaningful conversation on the changes he’d provide for the country. Cardi had taken to social media before linking with Sanders to ask her followers what questions they’d have for a democratic presidential candidate. This was an excellent example of a rap artist using their time and means to connect with their audiences on political issues.

Aside from outside political activities, hip hop artists are also using their medium of music to talk politics. Rapper Eminem famously did a freestyle rap in a BET awards segment in 2017 in which the rapper dissed Donald Trump and his followers. Notable artist like Joey BadA$$, Run The Jewels, Childish Gambino, and many more have dropped entire albums/songs that examine political issues like racism and oppression.

Jay-Z and rapper Meek Mill, who has recently gained plenty of momentum as an advocate for reform in the justice system, have taken some of the matters into their own hands. The two have teamed up to launch REFORM Alliance, a criminal justice reform organization that will aim to “drastically reduce the number of people who are under control of the criminal justice system by changing laws and public opinion”. Hopefully, this organization will flourish in no time, and give people who are lacking the opportunity to speak a voice.

This whole movement of rappers and hip-hop artists becoming more involved in the political process may be surprising to some fans. However, it should be noted that to some degree, hip-hop has always had a political essence in terms of giving voice to communities that may have felt silenced or oppressed. This sudden wave of politics and hip-hop crossing over should be no surprise. It only seems to be growing because the message of involvement and being present in how the country is operated is coming across more and more to an open and equally as the determined audience.



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