50 Cent truly has no limit to his pettiness. He has turned it into a marketing scheme that makes for great entertainment. His past 20 years in the game his reputation has been built on pettiness without batting an eye when crossing lines and he’ll even dive deep into shaming close friends if needed.

You would think as time goes by Fifty would grow out of his old ways but Charlamagne probably said it best “50’s petty doesn’t have an expiration date”. So with that here are some of 50’s top memorable petty moments.

The Latest Pettiness

50 Cent Vs Rotimi

Within the past week, 50 Cent and his “Power” co-star Rotimi had a war of words over social media regarding a loan that was given to Rotimi by 50. Rotimi had just hit the top of the R&B chart with his new EP “Walk With Me”. 50 responded to that via Instagram with a post caption of “My man you owe an outstanding $300,000 now WALK WITH ME to the bank”. Rotimi would end up paying 50 $100,000 of what was owed but not without trolling first.

50 Cent VS Tony Yayo

Fellow G-Unit member and close friend of 50 didn’t escape the debt collector blast from him either as 50 took to Instagram to address it as well. 50 posted a video of him calling Tony Yayo to speak on the money he claims is owed to him for holding him down with cash for years with no return on investment. In the video talking to Yayo over the phone he simply states “I was calling you ’cause I was thinking about people that gotta give me my money back,”. Yayo immediately knew where 50 was taking this and knew there was gonna be no end and at one point told him “You want me to shoot somebody? Point the finger. I’ll pay you back like that”. Now whether 50 was being serious or not it still made for great entertainment as you can’t help but laugh at this level of pettiness from 50.

50 Cent Vs Young Buck

Now, this beef between the former G-Unit member has been an ongoing beef for about ten years now since Young Buck was kicked out of the team back in 2008. The two would later reconcile their beef and come together in 2015 for the G-Unit Project “The Beauty of Independence EP” and many thought the beef had ended at the point. In recent news though 50 had called Young Buck out for having an affair with a transgender and as always took to Instagram to address it by posting a link of a diss track by the individual which was a remix of Young Buck’s smash single “Shorty Wanta Ride”. Fans would later create a gofundme account to help raise $300,000 for Young Buck to get out of his G-Unit deal and this would just be another perfect opportunity for 50 to troll again as he posted a link for the public to buy a T-Shirt featuring a screenshot page of the GoFundMe account on the front. Young Buck would post on Instagram with a caption “Now…Curtis./Kanan/Boo Boo/ @50cent You Know Your Days Are Numbered” which was has been the last statement from either two stay tune as 50 loves to have the last laugh.

A Trip Down Petty Lane

50 Cent Vs Rick Ross

Now, this beef was straight up disrespectful on Fifty’s end at least. The beef between the two originated after Fifty gave praise to than Rick Ross #1 album “Trilla” but warning him to keep his distance from Fat Joe who he had a history of beef with. Sometime after Rick Ross “Mafia Music” was leaked and a shot was sent at Fifty during the song.

“Curtis Jackson baby mama, I ain’t askin’ for a cent. Burn the house down nigga, you gotta buy another. Don’t forget the gas can, jealous stupid motherfucker,” 

Now the two would exchange dis-tracks but being the petty man he is Fifty decided to take it a step further. He interviewed The Baby Mother of Rick Ross where all the tea was spilled about him being a Correctional Officer, took her on a shopping spree and then video taped him taking Ross’s son to Floyd Mayweather’s house. He didn’t stop there he would mock Ross, even more, dropping a cartoon “Officer Ricky” and leaking a sex tape of another baby mother of Rick Ross which didn’t end well for his pockets but nonetheless Fifty crossed all lines and was definitely the bully in this incident.

50 Cent vs Floyd Mayweather

Now I’m sure no one saw the beef between these two coming, as it seemed like these two had a great friendship and were very supportive of each other. Fifty would be one of Floyd’s right-hand men alongside the ring on fight nights, and the two were the perfect match for each other when flaunting their wealth. The falling out wouldn’t happen till Floyd was sentenced to jail due to domestic violence charges. Floyd would appoint Fifty to organize Mayweather Promotions and 50 went on to license the company under The Money Team (TMT) spending approximately $2 Million for it since there was no LLC or anything incorporated. When Floyd was released from jail he didn’t take a liking to how Fifty organized the company and the disagreement between the two would lead to the disbandment of the company and their friendship.

Upon parting ways King Petty 50 Cent wouldn’t let it end without trolling first. The most notable one was when 50 challenged Floyd to read one full page of a Harry Potter Book in light of the viral ALS awareness Ice bucket challenge. 50 bet Floyd if he could read one full page out loud without stopping he would donate $75’000 to any charitable organization of his choice. 50 would then speak with Jimmy Kimmel and change the rules of the challenge which would be for him to read “The Cat in the Hat” Dr. Suess book on live television.

50 Cent vs Fat Joe

When the release of Fat Joe’s new album “J.O.S.E. 2” had dropped 50 took to YouTube to express his displeasure of it. 50 uploaded a video where he is taken into the hospital due to “noise poisoning” almost dying from listening to Fat Joe’s album. Covered with bandages on his face, Fifty bawls in his son’s arms. Making light of his beef with Fat Joe which has yet to be squashed this made for great entertainment for the culture as King Petty knows how to put on a show.

50 Vs P.Diddy

50 went via Instagram compared Diddy to Satan due to a list of rappers finding faith in God after they signed to Bad Boy. In a series of posts he would talk about how Mase is now a preacher, Loon converted to Islam and is now a devout Muslim, and how Shyne converted to Orthodox Judaism. He would imply that their time working with Diddy was them “dancing with the devil” and it forces them towards religion. I don’t know if Fifty thought about it at the time but this would make for a great screenplay with King Petty being the director for it.

50 Cent vs Ja Rule

Now we all know the history of this beef as it dates back to the late ’90s during the era 50 came into stardom and the two would exchange a number of diss tracks. These two hate each other and there is no resolve in site for this beef and 50 doesn’t hesitate to troll Ja Rule when he gets a chance. His latest moment of trolling of Ja Rule was back in October when he decided to buy 200 front row seats to leave empty for a Ja Rule and Ashanti concert that tickets were selling for $15 on Groupon.  Pettiness at it’s best for 50 as he spent about $3,000 just to be an ass.

50 Cent vs Vivica Fox

Fifty and Vivica dated back in the early 2000s breaking up in 2003, tensions would raise between the two in 2016 when Fifty’s commentary on the show Empire which Vivica was a cast member of by stating the ratings were low due to “too much gay stuff”. She would clap back at Fifty stating “First of all, the pot calling the kettle black is all I’m gonna say,” insinuating that 50 Cent is gay himself. Fifty took to Twitter following Vivica’s comment to address it claiming “Now she thinks I’m gay because I let her lick my A–. ?? LMAO. Wait, I didn’t want her to, she forced me, my hands were tied. 50 shades of grey”. Shortly after his comment he went on to the Andy Cohen show to address the situation as well, and seek clarification on why she thinks he’s gay for allegedly licking his ass.


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