It was reported on July 3rd that A$AP Rocky had turned himself into Sweden authorities after an aggravated confrontation with random men stalking them on the streets of Sweden that turned violent. The result Rocky and his A$AP Mob entourage had left the one Sweden man bloodied and beaten. A video later surfaced on social media, which showed Rocky and his team actively avoiding the men, repeatedly telling the Sweden man and his friend to stop following them, and disrespecting women prior to the altercation. However, the Sweden man didn’t heed Rocky’s warning, he kept pestering A$AP and his mob. With the tension rising between both parties The Sweden man’s group took to throwing their headphones at one of them, which was the boiling point and they could no longer let it pass by.

Once turning himself in for questioning after the incident the Sweden authorities proceeded to arrest him, and to make matters worse they refused access to members of the U.S. Embassy. Seeing how bad the situation had got the A$AP Mob kicked off the “Free Rocky” campaign. As reported via A$AP Ferg’s Instagram he stated Sweden Prosecution Authority has made a decision to keep ASAP Rocky jailed for an additional two weeks in solitary confinement with no visit or phone call privileges and if found guilty of assault could face a potential 6-year prison sentence.

The whole ordeal is a bad mishap but as you can tell A$AP Rocky wasn’t in the wrong as it’s aggravated assault at the least according to what the video exposes. We’ll keep our positive thoughts that the best result will come out of this incident for A$AP Rocky.


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