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This Isn’t Funny Anymore……Kodak


Within the past few days, you may have witnessed that Kodak Black tried shooting his shot with Young MA as of late after he commented on Nick Minaj’s IG after she posted a photo of the two (her and Young MA). Kodak commented with “Both Of Y’all a Get It” as The ShadeRoom posted on there Instagram and this was back in February.

A couple of weeks later he would drop his track and video for his single “Pimpin Ain’t Eazy” and would drag the artist into the mess again with his raunchy lyrics insisting “I don’t see the confusion, I’m f****ing Young MA, as long as she got a coochie”

This time Young MA would respond via her Instagram live referring to Kodak as a weirdo stating in the IG Live “Y’all n—-s weird bro… Obviously that s**t is weird, obviously, he [Kodak] is on some f**k s**t”. It was obvious in the video below Young MA wanted nothing to do with his antics simply brushing it off and distancing herself from his weird behavior.

Kodak wouldn’t let up and his next line of antics was a bit disturbing during his IG live session as they were in the song. Speaking directly to his fans, making his case of him “[doing] more good than bad” and bragging more that he has more people in his corner that love him than hate him. He then, went on to speak on Young MA curving him and calling him a “weirdo” saying “I’m talking about, how you a girl and don’t want your p***y penetrated”.

Now we all know Kodak Black currently has a rape allegation charge pending as the case is still in trial and we know him to still not have much of a filter ensuing to speak his mind disregarding the consequences that might come his way. Now his antics can be amusing such him staring at his IG Live camera not saying a damn word just being weird or having a few such words of his opinion for Lil Wayne, his daughter, and Hip-Hop OG Sticky Fingaz. His latest comments about Young MA would put him in hot water with a lewd of people on twitter and I must say so myself after watching the IG Live clip a few times it gets less funny and you can see how sick his comments were and the discomfort Young MA must have felt after it. At the end of the day I can understand him doing it for jokes but the last stint wasn’t ok and you can say Young MA was being harassed. Now let’s be honest if this was a man who was trying to “shoot his shot” at Kodak Black and doing it all through social media he would probably want to enforce some type of violence towards them as he doesn’t have a preference for men.

We haven’t heard any response from Kodak after all the backlash as we hope he sees his wrongdoing. Overall I hope the media gets passed as it always does with everything that goes viral. Young MA overall is unbothered at this point and is enjoying her best life eating pancakes and sipping her D’usse so let’s cheers to this just being over!


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