This list contains some of the best but least talked about anime on Netflix right now. Along with some notable mentions; Be sure to let me know if you think I missed anything.

10. K: The Missing Children


This anime starts off pretty slow, but it has an interesting and somewhat mysterious storyline, backed by great action scenes involving characters with unique powers. Definitely worth a watch!



9. The Irregular at Magic Highschool


This anime is unlike any other available on Netflix. It starts off really slow paced,  It takes place in a high school for the magically gifted, but the school has discriminatory practices in place that separate the magically strong from the “weeds” or weeker magicians. The Main Character is an ultra-talented magical genius and teen spy who decided to attend high school to protect his sister who is royalty. The storyline is somewhat drawn out but this is definitely an underrated, creative gem.



8. Castlevania

This is a very entertaining anime about Dracula, and his attempts to kill every human on earth after his Human wife is kidnapped and burned at the stake by Church officials. A group of skilled hunters including one from a long family background of vampire killers, unite to take on the seemingly immortal Dracula.



7. Sirius The Jager

This is another creative anime, This show follows a strange group of Vampire hunters who have blended in with everyday human beings, and only show their true fangs at night when they prey upon unsuspecting humans. Yuliy is the strongest vampire hunter in the group but it may have something to do with his werewolf blood.



6. Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

This anime is a classic from the Saint Seiya saga. It’s older so the action and graphics are not the greatest, but it’s a great storyline and most definitely worth watching!



5. Children Of Whales


This anime takes place about a group of children who live on a moving “city” called a mud vessel. These vessels move across what seems to be an eternal sea of sand. The inhabitants do not know much about the outside world, but the kids learn that they have powers



4. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure


This anime may not be underrated to some, but believe it or not many do not know of its existence, or they know about it but haven’t watched it! JBA is a story that follows the bloodline of very handsome, and powerful men, who use their powers to fight off evil in whatever era it may appear.



3. Kakegurui


This anime is unlike any that I have seen before. It takes place at a school full of elite kids, whose parents are extremely wealthy. The only catch is these kids aren’t learning English or math, they’re learning how to gamble. Not just your average game of blackjack either, the stakes can be anything from your families fortune, to your eye, or a finger.  The Main Character is a mysterious girl who transfers to the school known for its extreme gambling, who has an insatiable appetite for taking risks, and an uncanny knack for winning! This show is sure to leave you entertained.



2. Baki


Baki is an interesting anime about a teen underground fighter, whose father is known as the strongest man in the World. Baki wins an underground tortument which makes him a prime target for some of the most dangerous fighters around when the new tournament roll around. Definitely for viewers 18+ an older.


Notable Mentions


Gurren Laggan – (Although recognized by anime experts as a classic, many people still don’t know about this anime or have at least

B: The Begining

Soul Eater


1. Magi


Magi makes for a truly fun viewing experience. The animation is awesome along with the storyline, and character development. With many parallels problems going on in the World today, Magi follows the adventures of Aladdin and Alibaba, as they travel around conquering the jinns of different dungeons while trying to stop al tharmin, which is pretty much their version of the Illuminati.


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