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Tory Lanez: For the Love Of Competition


What does beef, friendliness, and competitiveness have in common? Not a damn thing if you ask me but in the case of rap those three words have been missing from the game for a quite a while. For years Rap Beef use to stand for hatred between rappers in the industry and the diss records were more personal subliminal’s were thrown that crossed the line, and usually accolades are flexed between the rappers as famous beef songs like “Ether”, “Hit Em Up”, “Back 2 Back” and “The Story of Adidon” contained some of those attributes. Never have we seen in quite a while rap beefs filled with friendly competitiveness in the industry. When it comes to friendly competitive rap beef it brings rap back to its pure form letting artist show off their poetic skills while murdering the opponent on a classic beat. What’s most important is after the beef is done artist shake hands and remain friends after and for the most part do a song together in the long run. You can relate this to the NFL most players battle it out on the field but once it’s over you’ll now see players swapping signed jerseys as a sign of respect for one another.

Tory Lanez the Canadian rapper/singer rejuvenated the friendly competitive rap beef concept in late November 2018 when he boasted he was better than rapper Joyner Lucas who’s known for his lyrical ability and standout song “I’m not racist” during an IG live feed. The noise reached Joyner Lucas airwaves immediately and prompted him to initiate a challenge with Tory Lanez which’d featured diss tracks “ZEZE freestyle” and “Lucky You freestyle”. Both rappers went all in the diss tracks displaying notable bars and during the beef Tory Lanez would enter online disputes mostly those who sided with Joyner Lucas winning the beef. Notably Royce Da 5’9 who sided with Lucas got into the clash which didn’t last long between him and Tory Lanez. The encounter itself though brought a lot of energy to the rap world as they love the competitiveness from both rappers on the diss tracks. Overall this is something that kept fans swaying with opinions on who won the beef and keep the competitive nature in rap alive.

Now enter 2019 and Tory Lanez isn’t finished boosting for the love of the sport of going at someone bar for bar. This time the Canadian rapper/singer is trying to get the attention of the juggernauts like Pusha T and J.Cole stating in a tweet “Don’t tell me nothing about Cole or Pusha T either .. some of my favorite rappers but…. I gave them both equal opportunity to go bar for bar with me . And they weren’t READY”. This was a statement made after he claimed himself to be the best rapper alive in a tweet just before that.

Within days, a few rappers would clap back at the rapper the most notable was Don Q who dropped off his “I’m not Joyner” diss track. Don said it was going to be a “ugly affair” and didn’t disappoint. One of his most quotable lyrics would be his claim to Tory stealing bars from him “This is when it gets spicy, you went to Funk Flex and started spittin’ just like me, speak up if I’m lyin’, and he also claims the rapper to have based his style from Drake’s early era in his career. Tory Lanez accepted this challenge and clapped back with a diss record of his own “Don Queen”. Approaching the track airing out Don Q’s dirty laundry with his bars being pure savagery one of his most quotable lines on the track “It hurts when you kill a nigga you love, Ironic that the salt thrown from the niggas that’s slugs, chewin’ these niggas with no in injestion I got a real message for my brother Quincy, my nigga, it’s time to get tested, it’s couple hoes in Starlets I know you infected”. Don Q did comeback with another diss track “THIS IS YA KING” but it wasn’t well received and after many fans on social media claimed Tory to have won this beef. After his feud with Don Q Tory didn’t stop with his antics still trying to spark a beef with J. Cole. He would go on another IG Live feed this time sharing it with DJ Akademiks stating he would take down the whole Dreamville roster to get a shot at Cole. Now you know the dreamville roster didn’t take this lightly especially J.I.D. who would go on a rant on twitter stating his displeasure along with some of his dreamville affiliates on the roster.

A diss track never emerged after Tory’s statement but best believe Dreamville is ready for war to be waged against him if anything pops off.

First, we must applaud Tory Lanez for his extreme confidence in himself to want to battle every rapper in the game as it has become great entertainment to see him duke it out. The friendly art of competition seems to be heating up in the rap game as we wait for the next beef to start with Tory Lanez being the anchor of it all. We’ll stay tuned in to see who the rapper wants to spare with next and get his lyrical exercise in.


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