As we all know Vic Mensa is no stranger to using every bit of his platform to lend a hand to the less fortunate and those who are treated inhumanly. This sparked the idea for him to start his Save Money, Save Life Foundation which host several programs that foster art on the West and South Sides of Chicago, IL.

About a month ago we spoke on Vic Mensa’s politically charged music video “Camp America” by his new band 93PUNX. In the video, Vic hoped to spread awareness regarding the horrid conditions at these ICE detention centers by reenacting them using “America’s prized white children” to show the disparity in treatment.

Vic’s creative decision would ruffle a few feathers as some see the video as offensive, including Vic Mensa’s landlord who housed the nonprofit organization. In an Instagram video and also tweets Vic expresses that the nonprofit’s executive director Laundi Keepseagle was told to terminate the lease they have on their office space because their landlord was “appalled” by 93PUNX latest video. According to Keepseagle, the landlord felt the video was “discriminatory” to white people to which she explained that video was meant to create empathy for the children held in these centers and the children in the video were hired professionally accompanied by their parents. Despite that the landlord persisted into forcing Keepseagle into voiding their lease and when she refused the landlord threatened “everything will be difficult for you here on out.”

Do you think this heinous act by Vic Mensa’s Nonprofit Organization is the latest example of Racism in America? Check out his video and tweets below regarding the situation.


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