After a year of high caliber features, to J Cole announcing his last guest verse, the trailblazing rapper has been working behind the scenes on an entire project. In between working on a plethora of collaborations, as well as directing a flow of ‘Return of The Dreamers 3’ recording sessions in Atlanta, Cole has been working on his long-awaited project: ‘The Fall Off’. The EP is intended to be Cole’s message, uncensored with no holds barred, and has been in the works for roughly 3 years.

At the Day n Vegas festival that took place recently, J Cole’s ‘Fall Off 2020’ promo gave us an insight of what’s to come for the highly anticipated album. ‘1985’ was the intended intro track showing us the scope of what the project might offer. The track appeared as the conclusion of the album ‘KOD’, warning rising artists in the game about the realities of the industry. In various interviews Cole explained how he’s no longer holding back, nor is he playing it safe to be politically correct. “These are fuck it’s”, said Cole in a matter of fact tone, during a profile with Vulture in 2018.

For the well informed, ‘The Fall Off’ is J Cole’s 6th studio album. Purported to be one of the most culturally detailed albums of the decade, it should have no problem reaching expected heights regarding charts and sales. If that’s not convincing enough, the achievements of Cole’s previous EP that enlisted no help in terms of features just might, though the numbers should speak for themselves.

The body of work has been hinted at since his release of ‘4 Your Eyez Only’ in December of 16 when he dropped two singles independent of the album. ‘False Prophets’ and ‘Everybody Lies’ both initially appeared on J Cole’s 40-minute documentary ‘Eyez’. The simplistic visuals and relaxed setting in both music videos set a tone Cole has always known how to perfect. All in all ‘The Fall Off’ is set for release in 2020 and is expected to be one of J Cole’s best performing releases to date.


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