In recent months unofficial music has repeatedly been released on streaming services, and websites like Spotify, Apple Music, and Reddit. Most notably artist as of late to suffer from this feat are Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, and Kanye. While the artist may be frustrated as to why and how the song got leaked fans are usually thrilled especially if it’s been a while since the artist released new music.

The unauthorized releases eventually get removed soon after being uploaded to streaming services and websites. So most importantly these user’s aren’t getting paid for the illegal upload but the accounts are under fake names so no legal repercussions are handed out. So with all this one would say if this isn’t for clout or money than why do artist songs get leaked for?

The answer is simple people are fanatics for these artists and are itching for them to drop new music. DJ Eightbit who claims to have leaked artist songs stated in an article with Complex there is no stopping it “It will keep happening because there are die-hard fans of the artists out here, it’s just the nature of things”.


Playboi Carti – “Kid Cudi/Pissy” Pamper ft. Young Nudy

Kanye West – “New Body” ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla Sign

Quavo, Murda Beatz – “Ride Out The Storm”

Young Thug – “Days Before” ft. Mac Miller

21 Savage – “Switch Up”

This, however, is a troubling concern for an artist as no matter how many extra precautions they take to suppress their music safely on hard drives that cannot be accessed by outside sources, they can still have music files leak. I think the more concerning part for an artist is how easily some of this music is uploaded on these streaming services. For example, is the distribution of music company Distrokid which provides the platform for the artist to upload their music to streaming services. Under the name Lil Kambo, a fan who confirmed they leaked “Kid Cudi/Pissy Pamper” by Playboi Carti stated it takes about 2-3 days for the song to upload and they say “It didn’t detect for copyrights when uploading, but still could be taken down for copyright”. The good thing is after multiple copyright violations the website does a great job of not allowing the account user to upload more music. Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop the die-hard fan from making another account and uploading unofficial songs.

The leaking of artist songs seems like it will be an ongoing issue as long as die-hard fanatics have something to say about it. Honestly as a fan I feel like you may be doing the artist a disservice as Lil Uzi Vert once stated that fans who keep leaking his songs are making it harder on him to drop his anticipated album that’s been on delay “Eternal Atake” which could imply that the music labels don’t take the leaking of songs likely.  Overall die-hard fans always want the next hot song from their favorite artist and will go to limited lengths to get it done and share it with the world.


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