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Why We Love K.I.D.S.



August 13th, 2010 Mac Miller would drop his 4th mixtape “K.I.D.S.” and this was deemed by many his coming out party as he would steal our hearts with this debut. Since its release, it has received over 1.1 million downloads and 1.5 million streams from its official host, DatPiff.com

Mac didn’t catch my ear till a few months later when I first listened to “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” but once he caught my attention I knew I was hopping on this train and not looking back as a special bond was grown with his music. I believe K.I.D.S. was beloved by all due to the relate-able content on the tape most of us were either starting college or still in High School and the tape just spoke a tale of being free and young. Also, him being able to mash-up the theme of the mixtape to the crazy movie K.I.D.S.  a coming of age film directed by Larry Clark was spot on.

Almost a decade later, the mixtape still feels like a breath of fresh air and carefree as ever. Something that tends to be absent in today’s youth musical climate of Trap Music Mac was able to bring about to the brimming youth of happiness at the time. From the videos like “Nikes On My Feet” to his flow on a track like “Good Evening”, the mixtape was a definitive moment for Mac Miller that expressed a sense of overjoy. Being that Mac had just graduated High school when this dropped spoke volumes especially to me knowing that a rising rap star in my exact age range who can relate to the wonders of our teenage years. Still upon re-listening to his creative renaissance a decade later those memories during that time resurface immediately to a happy place.

“We just some motherfucking kids”

a simple yet deep message Mac screamed throughout the mixtape. To me, that quote was a life lesson in itself and still is especially in today’s society. We’re all just some kids just trying to survive yes we make mistakes with the pressure around us but we must not be too hard on our self and continue to grow and learn from them.

Mac if you can hear us in the afterlife we miss you and love you and in honor of your legacy we gonna keep “Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit.”

Rest Beautifully Mac!!!


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