So we’re only 10 Sunday’s away from the premiere of the FINAL and 8th season of Game of Thrones. How are we feeling? A little excited, a little scared, a tinge of – dread, even?

Well in light of the final season vastly approaching, there are a ton of “binge schedule”’s circulating the internet. Most of them began this past weekend if you planned on dedicating 2 episodes a day to your weekend.

See example below from @amazongoddess on Instagram.

If you’re like me, you’ve already binged the first two seasons twice. Okay, three times. Or maybe you plan on trying to get it all done a few weeks before. Either way, binge to your hearts desire, my lords.

If it’s one thing I can promise you, this show is way better the second time around. There is so much content you will not understand the first time without all of the tools. There are a ton of foreshadowing clues that you probably didn’t pick up on, and lots of shade in the dialogue that is even funnier.

But if by chance you decide that binge-watching isn’t your thing, you couldn’t possibly watch all of that again, or you just don’t have time – just remember that Game of Thrones operates by 3 important rules:

Money. Power. Respect.

These are the Trifecta for some of the best shows that create cult followings, and both men and women love them alike. (I.e Power, Breaking Bad, Narcos, The Wire, Sopranos, House of Cards, etc).

Side-note – It might be a Snapple fact that HBO writers have this genre down to a science.

MONEY is one of the most important factors in GOT. It’s the sole reason the villainous Lannister family had so many opportunities for the throne, and the reason the Targaryen’s ruled for so long.

The middle class is non-existent in Game of Thrones. If you don’t have money, you are either a whore, a butcher, or someone who cleans the blood off the streets. If you do come from some kind of money – you are a Lord, a King, or a disappointing descendant of one.

Imagine being born and BOOM it’s all figured out for you? Especially if your mother is a whore, then well – there’s a chance you might be killed for being a bastard. There’s even a chance you have to slaughter your bastard siblings in order to prevent them from taking the throne from you.

Money and bloodlines combined will give you great POWER in Game of Thrones. Unless you are Lord Balish or Lord Varys, then knowledge will be your power. But either way, having power or influence in this show is a means of survival. The meek do not inherit this earth or land in any way.

Power is what allows Cersei to be such an evil witch no matter what. Power is what stops our favorite characters from succeeding against the bad guys. Power is the ultimate goal of the show.

RESPECT, however, is the combination of these things meeting in agreement of a character. Those on top are not always liked by people, but they are respected mostly through fear. Disrespect is always met with a horrible fate, especially during the reign of King Joffrey.

Respect is what builds the toughest armies in GOT. It’s what made all the slaves feel safe enough to rebel and follow Daenerys, and it’s the thing that gave Jon Snow support despite being a “bastard of a dead traitor”.

I wish I could say the third aspect of the first seven seasons was honor. However, being honorable in Game of Thrones only gains the respect of some, not all. Fighting for what you believe in, or fighting for your families name is praised to an extent. But when you are Stannis Baratheon and you find yourself at war with your own little brother for the throne. You have to kill him to get there and the honor kind of goes out the window. Having money, power, or respect will always win over honor.

Game of Thrones is true to its name. It’s one big game of people playing their best hands for this chair of swords that was gathered by a man who forced every leader in Westeros to bend the knee and give him the crown.

Season 8 will be all about the final winner of the game. There’s been a ton of rumors surrounding what may or may not happen. Feel free to check out any of the articles circulating the net about all the different theories. But I will not bore you with long scripted reasons as to why Bran might be the Night King or any of the obvious reasons why Jon Snow might win the whole game.

However, just so we are clear – my own personal theory is that the white walkers are going to kill everyone. This will leave the actual throne looking cold and deserted like it did in Dany’s vision at the house of the undead in season 2. Morbid, I know – but I believe all of Westeros will put up a great fight. I also think Arya will get to kill Cersei, however, the Night King or that white walker dragon? Yeah, they will kill Arya so it doesn’t really matter.

Happy Binging to you all!

Feel free to leave any new theories or new discoveries below.


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