The World said goodbye to a Legend yesterday. Stars, activist, and religious leaders from all over the World gathered at Staples Center in Los Angeles for rapper Nipsey Hussle’s homecoming service. It was beautiful to see and hear the stories of Nipsey Hussle’s life told from the people who knew and loved him the most. One Guest speaker who caught everyone’s attention was Snoop Dogg. Snoop talked about his relationship with Nipsey, and how he had come to learn of his incredible vision and entrepreneurial spirit.

Snoop shared a conversation he and Nipsey had, where he explained to Nip that people from different neighborhoods and gangs respected him because he was from the mud just like everyone else. Snoop touched on how as a Crip Nipsey made songs with Bloods, and all these things made him a “Peace Advocate”.

This made me think about what changes might take place in Black communities around the nation if Bloods, Crips, and all other gangs decided to unite under a single cause.

Here are 4 things that could happen if Blood & Crips were to unite:


Less Violence


The obvious change would be less violence and gang-related homicides. So many Black children and young adults lose their lives to gang violence. The LAPD reported almost 500 gang-related homicides in the past 3 years alone. Ideally, a unified front would mean peace between once separate gangs and sets. This should lead to less senseless deaths, meaning fewer fathers being taken away from their children, and fewer mothers having to bury their sons. However, poverty is a problem that would immediately still remain.




The huge problem with Gang violence is that it often claims the lives of vital Risk takers from within the black community. Right now the median income for African Americans is close to zero dollars, no seriously. What if Bloods and Crips were to unite and decided to work together to invest their money back into their communities as Nipsey Hussle did? We would see more and more business’s like Nipsey’s TMC store popping up everywhere, this would eventually lead to wealth being spread throughout the community having an uplifting effect on everyone living there. This isn’t a far-fetched concept, LA already has successful business owners who happen to work together as both Bloods and Crips, it can be done! Just ask the guys at Trap Kitchen


Drop In Black Unemployment Rate


If Bloods and Crips were to unite their resources and invest in their funds what could follow is a dramatic increase in small businesses. Like Nipsey Hussle, being the owner of a business in your community gives you the opportunity to employ people in your community.


Finally, if Bloods and Crips were to unite this could lead to a kind of revelation the Black Community in America has long needed. The revelation I am speaking of is the understanding that “We can solve any problems we have, on our own, if we work together”. I know that sounds very simple but, if African Americans across the nation, especially in our underprivileged and violence-riddled neighborhoods were to come together under the cause of “Community Building” We would be able to change our standing in this country in a matter of 5-10 years. If the leaders of these gangs just asked themselves, why are we beefing with each other? If they just understood they are the same people, just apart of different organizations and that’s okay. The system is out to get both Bloods and crips so why not work together. Different Organizations can get the money together, and keep the order so that the underlying goals of each group is not obstructed in any way. This could lead to gangs in the African American communities all over the Country calling ceasefires and building strong brotherhoods together.


What do you think would happen if Bloods, Crips, and other gangs within the AA communities were to unite?


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