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Flaws by Sarah Grooms

A creative look at self acceptance.


I’m not perfect , I don’t pretend to be .
Who I am , is who I’m meant to be.
I will not shadow myself out because you don’t like me. My weight , my height , my skin color , my hair texture is what makes me . My flaws are imperfections that are perfect to me . You can not change me . I will remain a black girl proud and true , fat and dark you think I give a fuck how you feel about me ?  

I rose from nothing to stand as this black queen do you think acknowledging my flaws will crumble me ? I didn’t become this queen by not acknowledging me . My flaws built the confidence you will not break ! How dare you question this woman you did not make ?

But then I gotta take that back cause for every person who broke me down , made me all the more stronger . Cause for every flaw y’all pointed out made me all the more determined .

This queen I built didn’t come so easily . I’m not going to lie and say you bastards didn’t almost succeed in breaking me . I hit the point of welcoming death more times than I can count . I cried myself to sleep wishing for a out . I cut to  watch the pain bleed out , thinking I could control something that way . Thinking if I hurt me how in the hell could you hurt me ? I’ve seen that dark place and it’s not easy to beat . It’s hard to fight something that’s so hard to see .

But see I faced my flaws in that place . My goal wasn’t to destroy them but be one with them . Because who I am , is who I’m meant to be . I’m not perfect and I will never pretend to be . This black queen , you could never destroy me .


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