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Mueller Report Spills the Tea


When the Mueller Reports were first released April 30th 2019 the first impression was that this report may be an opportunity to implicate President Donald Trump on obstruction of justice.

The report, over 448 pages long, was highly redacted but it was a solid consistent narrative giving context to what the press was saying happened as far as collusion that the president had previously noted as “fake news.” But the problem is Mueller doesn’t pointedly charge the president of obstruction but he’s basically writing this report to pass the ball to congress to THEN try and make an argument of obstruction for him.

Earlier this week, President President Trump was looking to assert executive privilege on the unredacted report from Mueller in efforts to protect from implicating himself from Congress. As constitutional collision begins to rise as Trump again exercises his privilege for his own gain.

Wed May 8, Rep. Jerry Nadler announced that General WIlliam Barr is being held in contempt of congress. The committee voted 24 to 16 to hold Barr. This vote and Trump’s exercising executive privilege is only escalating the feud between congress and the Trump administration.

Jerry Nadler stated, “I am concerned that the department is headed in the wrong direction…if congress is not entitled to the full unredacted Mueller Report one must wonder what document we would be titled to.”


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