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Rise to Relevancy: Megan Thee Stallion

Does The New Artist have more bars than your favorite female artist?


A Star was born on a Houston rooftop in a video cypher. A lone confident black woman in Daisy Duke’s with gold heels shining amongst ten other rappers. The name of this rapper who’s attitude you can feel through her explicit bars on Drake’s “4PM in Calabasas” instrumental is MEGAN THEE STALLION. At this time she was just beginning her rap career professionally, but her rise is to relevancy would lead her to being the hot commodity in the rap industry right now especially for a female mc.

Born Megan Pete in 1995 hailing out of Houston she has no issue repping her city as she states in a Rolling Stone interview “I feel like I have to put on for my city because we have so many legends and so many greats”. Megan Thee Stallion got her firsthand inspiration to rap as a kid from her Mother’s rap career under the name Holly Wood. Her mother would release music from 2001-2007 one of her biggest hit singles was dedicated to the late Houston legend DJ Screw, which received airplay on local hip hop station 97.9 The Box. Writing her own raps by the age of 14 she was listening to southern rap legends like Three 6 Mafia and the late Pimp C although her sound garners comparison to Female MC Legends like Trina and Lil Kim.

Her Sexually charged lyrics and unapologetic southern flow over sensual trap beats are a stamped signature for her sound which allows her lyricism and delivery to shine. This is evident in her 2017 mixtape release “Make It Hot” especially in standout track “Pull Up Late” and then the later released track “Stalli Freestyle” which has amassed over 1.9 million views on Youtube. These releases would catch the ears of 300 Entertainment and later have her inking a deal with the label in November of 2018 which has helped birth the success of artist like Migos and Young Thug. After she would go on to release her 10 track EP “Tina Snow” which would help her rise to stardom grow quickly gaining more fans and followers.

Although music is her main priority now, Megan Thee Stallion is still enrolled at HBCU Texas Southern University as a Junior and once she graduates hopes to open assisted living facilities around Houston for students who have a hard time finding a job after college. It’s safe to she’s gaining steam as one of the Best Female MC acts out right now unbothered by the backlash of her lyrics being too offensive coming from a lady. Megan Thee Stallion is helping to Redefine what femininity means to her and pushing her sexuality on her own terms in this industry.


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