Shinobi Ninja hails from Brooklyn, New York. Made up of members Baby G (Edara Johnson), Alien Lex, Duke Sims, Kid Shreddi, Axis Powers, and Terminator Dave, the band fuses the genres of rock, hip hop, and heavy metal for a truly unique listening experience. Baby G mainly mans the vocals, but the rest of her bandmates follow up with some backing vocals as well. First formed in 2008, the band came together when several of the members met in a recording studio in Manhattan. They are an unsigned independent group which means they are releasing their own work. One of the very unique projects the band released in January 2010 was a Nintendo-style video game album for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.  

Having released their most recent album in 2017, Bless Up, the band now has four albums and two mixtapes under their belts. But what is their sound like? The band has called themselves and their music various names, ranging from ‘rock hood’ to ‘industrial metal’. They border on an eclectic mix of hard rock with a sprinkle of hip hop. It is hard to compare them to a particular artist, but I believe this is what makes their music more intriguing to give a listen to.  

When giving a listen to a couple of songs from their most recent album, it’s obvious the band’s music is made to be headbanged to, but there is also a hint of rap weaved in through the vocals. There are moments where the band’s sound borders on heavy metal, but listeners are brought back with a slight pop edge. Some of the recommended songs off Shinobi Ninja’s recent albums (to get a taste of their sound) include “Bending Spoons” “Bang Bang” and there latest track “Places to Go”. Also, check out a cover of “This is How We Do It” on their website at for another example of their varied sound! 

Stream Shinobi Ninja’s music on Spotify or visit their website for all the news on merch, videos, and any upcoming tour dates!  


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